• 12/04/2021


The Char-broil stainless 463376017 grill is built to look unique and stand out from other grills. It is one of the shiniest grills in stores and looks good when placed indoors.

This grill has so many of the same basic features of other premium products at just half the price. The difference in price comes from the feel of the product and durability. But this grill more than makes up for its lack of sophistication by providing an amazing cooking experience. Apart from the large 600 square=inch grilling surface provided, it also has a side burner that can be used for boiling or sautéing.

Food can also be kept warm on the side burner until when it is time to be consumed. Foods cooked with this grill turn out evenly cooked which means it has a great heat consistency. The dimensions when assembled are 54.75 * 22.75 * 46.25 inches, and it weighs 140lbs. This does not make it a very portable grill when compared to other grills, especially those made with portability as the focus. It fits more in the mid-size category. This grill can be gotten at a price of $329.99.

Features of the Char-Broil Stainless 463446017 gas grill

This grill was made with the intention of delivering high-end features at a cost friendly price. The tradeoff with this grill is the materials used are low grade with thin lightweight burners. Other than that, the grill gives an outstanding cooking experience. Fuel suitable for this grill is propane, but if you intend to use natural gas for it a conversion kit can be used for that. This grill is ideal for steaks, hot dogs, ribs, and produced excellent results when used to grill vegetables. For the value, this grill provides, it is worth the listed price.


It is relatively easy to assemble this grill with well-written instructions. Most of the parts of this grill are built with stainless steel. It utilizes a cart design made with stainless steel, top ported stainless steel burners, and stainless steel grates. It has a large grilling space with a sleek design. The side shelf and heat tent is also made with stainless steel, which makes it resistant to rust and long-lasting.


The control knobs of this grill are located in front of a panel.  There are five knobs, four for the main burners, and the last one for the side burner. This grill uses an ignition powered by AA batteries which lights up as it is switched on.


Four burners – all made of stainless steel deliver a heating power of 34,000 BTU. The heat is emitted from the top and it startups with the use of electronic ignition. The ignition is a one push button that sends sparks to all the burners, causing them to light up almost immediately. They are easily adjusted to deliver high or low heat. The side burner delivers 10,000 BTU of heat power. Two cooking grates made of stainless steel wire are equipped with this grill. The grates are coated with porcelain which is designed to make it rust-resistant, and easier to clean.

Additional Features

It has a porcelain-coated grease pan that gathers the grease that might have been spilled while cooking. This is especially important for preventing grease fires. The construction material of the greased pan makes it resistant to wear and easy to clean. The lid-mounted temperature gauge helps to keep track of the pre-heat status and the temperature of the grill. When cooking large amounts of food at a time, the warming rack attached to the lid of the grill can be very convenient. With an area of 185 square inches, it is enough space to keep food warm. Other additional parts that can be added to this grill are the rotisserie kit and cover- sold separately.


The warranty offer limited coverage for different parts of this grill. It covers perforation, manufacturing, and material defects only. Any other defects will not be covered by the warranty. The stainless steel burners are covered for ten years. Cooking grates, lid, and firebox are covered for 2 years while the other parts are covered for a year.

Bottom Line

The Char-Broil Stainless grill 463346017 is a good choice if you are looking for an affordable, spacious grill that heats up fast and cooks well. It cooks all types of food and is good for a large gathering. Some of the best features are summarized below:

  • The stainless steel wire grates are spaced fairly close together. This makes grilling vegetables easier as it prevents them from falling through.
  • A reliable startup is assured with the electronic ignition of the grill. With the single push of a button, the burners light up fast.
  • Large amounts of food can be cooked with a very comfortable cooking space.
  • The side burner gives extra space for other foods. When cooking a meal and side dishes are to be done, this can be a major addition which makes cooking faster and stress-free.
  • The design aesthetic makes it stand out and look good with the stainless steel construction material, which makes it durable.

While using the grill, it is advisable to reduce cooking with excessive heat, because the components of the grill cannot take it. The thin, low-grade stainless steel tends to become discolored after prolonged exposure to excessive heat, even with the inner lining on the hood. Even with that, the pros of this grill outweigh the cons, and so it is a recommended choice.

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