• 13/04/2021


The Char-Broil Performance 475 is a gas grill that gives excellent features for its price. It is suitable for anyone that is on a tight budget and still wants a high-quality product.

This grill provides a grilling area of 475 square inches for primary cooking. It also has a secondary space of 175 square inches that can be located on the Swing-Away Rack that is above the main cooking area. The heat consistency of this grill is average compared to other grills. Portability is not a selling point of this grill, but for a 4-burner gas grill, it is light at 104 pounds.

The box and packaging add 8 pounds to the shipping weight. The design of this grill looks a lot similar to the Char-Broil TRU Infrared 4- Burner. It is a basic design that provides all the basic functions with high-quality materials. The grill is made of materials that make it strong with a shiny appeal. Wheels can also be used to move the grill with ease. This grill can be purchased for $200.

Features of the Char-Broil Performance 475 gas grill

This grill is very well built with good materials even with its low price. An additional accessory that can be bought with this grill is the heavy-duty grill cover. It is made of a 300D polyester material, with durable PVC coating, and straps that keep the grill secured. The primary cooking surface of the grill is 25.6” wide and 18.5” deep. This grill is ideal for steaks, burgers and for any food that requires smoking.


The assembly of this grill is very minimal as it comes ready to use from the factory. The only things that need to be attached are the side shelves and the cart. The cart is made of a sleek rust-resistant metal that is attractive to the eye. The grill is made with stainless steel in some parts such as the lid, handle and control panel. The remaining parts of the grill are made of a black zinc coated iron. The base is covered with two black panels. The double door on the grill emphasizes the exterior and gives easy access to the tools and accessories.


The controls for the burner and the electronic ignition switch are located in front of the grill. The ignition switches powers up fast and automatically. The control knob regulates the gas flowing through the burner to emit the flames.


The four stainless steel-burners on this grill jointly produce a cooking power of 36,000 BTU. This matches the cooking power of other grills that cost a lot more. With a cooking space of 475 square inches, the burners distribute the heat evenly and are easy to clean. The porcelain-coated cast iron grates are a good choice because it retains heat better than other materials like steel. They also last longer because they are easy to clean and resistant to rust. The porcelain-enamel coating also makes it easy for the food to be removed from the grill. These grills hold heat in it well and perform more efficiently than steel grates. The side burner disperses a heat of 10,000 BTU over its 175 square inches area. It uses an electric ignition mechanism that lights up at fast speeds.

Additional Features

It has a thermometer on top of the lid that tells the temperature in the grilling area to help in monitoring the progress of the food. Stainless steel heat tents protect the metal burners by preventing the food from dripping juices. The side burners which can be used for warming up side dishes to go with the food can also be used as a workspace when the lid is down. Food is kept warm with the aid of a swing away warming rack, it swings back when the grill is open. The removable grease pan also gathers all the spilled grease during cooking. This makes the cleaning of the grill faster and easier.


The warranty does not give the same coverage for all the parts. The stainless steel burners have a five-year warranty. The firebox and lid have a two-year warranty while the other parts and paint have a one year warranty.


The Char-Broil Performance 475 is a well-made grill that was made to be functional, effective, and cheap. This grill makes it comfortable to either cook for a large or small number of people. Some of the best features of this grill are summarized below:

  • The side burner gives more space for cooking if the primary cooking area is full. It is good for cooking sauces or side dishes, depending on the meal. It also has a lid to cover it when not in use.
  • The set-up of the grill is frustration-free and quick. The instructions are well written that make assembling easy to understand.
  • The electric ignition system makes the lighting of the grill easy and convenient.
  • The porcelain coated cast iron rack helps in keeping the food warm. This makes it very durable and easy to clean.

This grill is a simple, functional, and durable grill that is worth its retail price. Cleaning is also easy on this grill because of the materials used to build it. The coverage of the warranty is not even, and this is as a result of the price, manufacturers tend to sacrifice the warranty benefits in favor of the price. Overall this is a grill that is a good choice with top-notch features for its low price range, and should mostly satisfy the user.

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