• 25/09/2021


French door fridges offer many perks. They are usually bigger than their counterparts, which makes them a good pick for families. Samsung RF23HCEDBSR/AA comes with all the benefits of a modern French door fridge, while not being so large as to overwhelm your kitchen.

This Samsung RF23HCEDBSR/AA refrigerator contains all the essentials you might want in a fridge made by such a popular brand. You may be more familiar with Samsung for their smartphones or televisions, but for years now, they’ve been producing quality home appliances, including refrigerators.

This model is huge with its 21.9 cubic feet capacity and 31″ depth, but it’s not the biggest French door fridge on the market. It will easily serve a family of five though, which still makes it suited for larger households. It’s a two-door model with a separate, sizeable freezer at the bottom. Coated in a popular stainless steel finish, it’s a good fit for any modern kitchen.

Some of its best features include the LED display and water and ice dispenser that provides filtered, clean water. It’s built to allow even tall glasses and pitchers, which allows for easy, spill-free pouring.

Samsung RF23HCEDBSR/AA is priced at around $2000-$2500, which is a reasonable price for the efficient French door refrigerator from a top brand.

This refrigerator contains a number of adjustable shelves and containers. You will have no trouble storing your food safely and quickly in this fridge.

Features of the Samsung RF23HCEDBSR/AA french door refrigerator

As mentioned earlier, this fridge is huge, but not big enough to not fit in most kitchens. The capacity of the entire fridge is at 21.9 cubic feet, but the refrigerator section has 15.7 cubic feet of storage space. Thanks to a variety of storage solutions, you can fit a lot of food in this model.

Inside this Samsung French door fridge, you will find five adjustable shelves. They are spill-proof, which you will most likely find to be a great timesaver. If dealing with a spill, you won’t have to clean the whole fridge – just that particular shelf.

The shelves in this model were designed to fit taller items with ease. The three-way shelf is very customizable: you can use it as a standard shelf, slide-in for more space, or even flip-up for the most storage available.

Storage and extra perks

This fridge comes with three drawers, two of which are temperature-controlled crisper bins. A fun perk that is not always present in similar models is the full-length bin for party platters, meats, and cheese.

The doors hold a total of six in-door bins. Two bins are gallon-sized and made to hold bulky items, such as milk containers. It’s worth noting however that this fridge does not come with a designated dairy container.

Samsung offers innovative Twin Cooling Plus technology. It maintains high levels of humidity within the refrigerator – this keeps your perishable fruits and vegetables fresher longer. However, it also keeps dry freezer conditions which means less freezer burn – this makes your frozen food taste better.

The freezer is spacious and can hold up to 6.8 cubic feet of food. It’s two-tiered, and each of the tiers comes with a large storage bin. With this freezer, you can buy ahead of time and freeze safely.

The water dispenser in this Samsung RF23HCEDBSR/AA refrigerator is located outside and is easily accessible. Above it, you’ll find a simple to navigate control panel. The icemaker, however, is located in the fridge itself, and the holding bin is in the door together with the dispenser. The bin can hold up to 2.7 pounds of ice at a time and produces up to 5.2 pounds of ice per day.

Warranty, energy-saving, price & more

Samsung RF23HCEDBSR/AA comes with a year of warranty, which is standard for this type of refrigerators. The warranty covers both replacement parts and labor costs. However, Samsung takes it a step further and offers up to ten years of extended warranty for the compressor. They also offer five years for the sealed system.

This model is Energy Star compliant – actually, it even exceeds the requirements. Despite that,  it is not the most energy-saving model on the market. It is still relatively efficient and cheap. It’s been measured to cost about $84 per year to run. Similar models are usually closer to $60 per year for this size.

To help you conserve energy and as a result – pay less, this Samsung fridge comes with a built-in alarm. If you leave the door open on accident, be it fridge or freezer, the alarm will sound and alert you to close the door.

Samsung RF23HCEDBSR/AA has high-efficiency LED lightning that saves space, energy, and makes the inside of the fridge look beautiful.

The fridge is available for purchase from a variety of stores, and its price range is anywhere between $2000-$2500. For a model that has this many good features, the price is reasonable.

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