• 25/09/2021


The only GE fridge on this list, this fridge is energy-efficient and is a bit small, making it great for a couple living on their own, or a family with one or two children. It’s a little over twenty-two cubic feet, with over seven cubic feet dedicated to freezer space. This fridge also has quite a few features not seen on any other fridge on this list.

This fridge can be found at Home Depot and Lowe’s, and it has a standard one-year warranty on parts and labor. There is also a five-year extended warranty on the sealed system. This is better than the limited warranties offered on Frigidaire fridges, but with all the bells and whistles this fridge comes with, buyers might be wary to put so much money on a fridge with so many parts that are liable to break.

This fridge is a bit on the pricey side, but still isn’t the most expensive fridge on the list. At $2, 970, this fridge is pretty reasonably priced for all that it comes with, but the price tag may be off-putting for those who may be working with a budget. However, it is fairly cheap to operate, costing about $6.70 every month to run.

One unique feature that this fridge has that the others on this list don’t have is the coffee maker. It’s a built-in Keurig coffee maker that’s operated the same way that the water dispenser is operated. This is a great feature for anyone who needs a hot drink and shot of caffeine in the morning (which is all of us, really), and saves you the trouble of having a separate coffee maker in the house.

Features of the GE PYE22PMKES french door refrigerator

As stated above, this fridge runs small, making it ideal for small families and couples. The small size makes it easier to fit into kitchens of all sizes and won’t require any kind of kitchen remodelling or furniture moving that more massive fridges might need.

Coffee Maker

The coffee maker is perhaps the best feature of the fridge. Not only does that make the morning routine easier for Mom and Dad, it saves the money and trouble that go into having both a fridge and a coffee maker in the kitchen. Though that will require some maintenance and cleaning, the convenience is a huge plus.

Wi-Fi Capabilities

Another great feature is the fridge’s ability to connect to the Wi-Fi and, by extension, household members’ phones. This is a very cool, high tech feature that allows members of the family to use a mobile app to control the temperature, handle the ice dispenser, change the settings to make them childproof, or control the coffee maker.


The settings can also be childproofed, which is great for a home with small or curious children that might mess up the settings the adults have set. The settings can be remotely accessed from the user’s smartphone, as stated before, which makes it even easier for parents to ensure that their settings aren’t tampered with

Two-Tiered Freezer

The freezer is also two-tiered, which makes food storage even more organized and prevents the flavors of the food from mixing with each other. The freezer, being over seven cubic feet, leaves plenty of room for frozen foods and leftover. This makes this a good fridge for busy families who might be need a lot of freezer space.


On the downside, the fridge does run a bit expensive, which can be an issue for lower-income families or anyone on a tight budget. As stated above with other fridges, a layaway or rent-to-own setup might be best for those who would otherwise have trouble paying.

This fridge probably won’t work well for those who aren’t that in tune with technology. Older couples who may still be using their flip phones, or anyone who doesn’t want to go to the trouble of having their phone connected to their appliances wouldn’t see much use in having such a fancy fridge with so many features.

The ice bin is a bit small due to the built-in appliances, Top Ten Reviews does on to say. It only holds about a pound of ice. This may just be a small sacrifice to have a water dispenser, ice dispenser and coffee maker built into the fridge, but it’s something for buyers to think about.

Again, the price can be a bit off-putting for families who are tight on money, but families who would really benefit from all of the extra features might want to consider different ways to pay for the fridge. All the different technological features might also make this fridge not so good for those who aren’t that tech savvy. Older couples or those who don’t have smart phones wouldn’t get that much out of a fridge with smartphone compatible features, so the big price tag might not be worth it.

The one-year warranty might also make some buyers think twice before spending so much on a smart appliance, but those who really see a lot of use in the different features might be willing to take a chance.


This fridge is really good for smaller, tech-savvy households. The built-in coffee maker and mobile app features make this a perfect fridge for a family of smartphone users or those who will get lots of use out of the extra specs and features.

The freezer size is fairly large for the fridge size, which is good for busier families who may need lots of freezer space for frozen foods, leftovers and meats. The two-tiered freezer feature also makes it easier to organize foods, and keep meats separate from other foods. The ice bin runs a bit small, but it’s worth it for all the extra features the fridge comes with.

Families who want to leave a small environmental footprint and those who want to shave a few dollars off their electric bill will also love how energy-efficient it is. The fact that it comes with a coffee maker will also help families save some money by combining two appliances into one.

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