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This Frigidaire fridge, unlike the other Frigidaire on this list, is far cheaper both in price and in maintenance. The average price is about $1,560, and costs about $60 annually to run. That makes the monthly cost a very low $5, which makes it very affordable for lower-income families.

This fridge runs on the bigger side, with a little over twenty-seven cubic feet, with almost nine cubic feet dedicated to freezer space. This makes it the biggest fridge and freezer on the list so far, which is excellent for bigger families of six members or more. It can be a problem for families with a smaller kitchen or who may need the space but may not need the additional features like the water and ice dispenser.

The fridge can be bought at many store chains such as PC Richard & Son, and refurbished models can also be found at Sears Outlet stores. It has a one-year parts and labor warranty.

Some other nice features that this fridge comes with is the ability to control the humidity of the crisper bins in the fridge, as well as adjust them. This makes the fridge ideal for those who prepare lots of fresh food and works with lots of produce on a regular basis. The fridge also has plenty of light provided by LEDs, which makes it easier to keep track of what you have, which can be at times difficult with other French door fridges.

Features of the Frigidaire Gallery FGHB2866PF french door refrigerator

As stated above, this fridge is perfect for bigger families. Not only is it bigger, it’s much more affordable than the Frigidaire seen earlier in this list. The fact that it only costs $5 a month to run is also good for those trying to save on their monthly electricity bill.

Humidity Control

The humidity control also ensures a longer fridge life for produce being kept in the crispers, which will also save lots of money in the long run. This feature would be especially appreciated by families that prepare dishes with fresh fruits and veggies several times a week.

Adjustable Shelving

Just like the other Frigidaire on this list, this fridge has adjustable shelves. These shelves can be moved and adjusted to make room for other items, which can be great for a family that may cook a lot or may otherwise need the extra space. The crisper bins are also adjustable, allowing you to put them into different positions to suit your needs.


On the downside, this fridge does take up a lot of space. If a family has a smaller kitchen, the size of the fridge may cause problems when it comes to installation or find a spot in the kitchen for it. The interior of the left fridge door is also limited in space, as Top Ten Reviews mentions.

The water and ice dispenser take up a lot of space, leaving a few small bins on that door for usage. This is a big fridge so that lost space probably won’t be missed, but it can be an annoyance if you don’t use the dispenser that often. The icemaker is also in the refrigerator, and is actually in the top shelf area. Though the icemaker is relatively small, it still takes up about a quarter of the shelf space, which can be irritating, especially if you don’t use the icemaker as often as you use that shelf space.

The full-width drawer temperature can’t be adjusted, either. Top Ten Reviews notes that it’s kept at a constant temperature that’s colder than the rest of fridge. While this is nice for certain food products that need to be kept very cold to lengthen their life, it can be problematic for those who want full control over the temperature of their fridge.

Just like with the other Frigidaire, this fridge has a one-year limited parts and labor warranty. Though this fridge isn’t as pricey as the aforementioned $3,000+ Frigidaire, that’s still a pretty short warranty for a rather expensive fridge with so many bells and whistles. Once the warranty expires after just one year, any issues that you have with the fridge must be paid for out of pocket.

Though it’s to be expected in a less-expensive fridge, this Frigidaire lacks the Even Temp technology seen in the other Frigidaire mentioned on this list. This means that the cold isn’t as evenly distributed, which can limit what foods you put where.

Despite also being in the same general price range as the Amana on this list, this fridge also lacks the childproof lockout features. This can be a problem for families with curious kids who like to mess with new electronics in the house. The lack of alarms alerting the user if the door is still open, or that the water filter needs to be replaced, can be a downside for those who would like those extra features on their fridge. Forgetful people who might need a reminder to change the water filter, or who many not notice that they’ve left the fridge door open will not see those useful features in this fridge.

Lastly, the limited warranty can be a problem. If you’re worried about paying for repairs or replacement parts out of pocket, then a fridge with a one-year limited warranty may not be for you.


All in all, this is a great fridge for big families with a member who likes to cook. The large size and adjustable crisper bins and shelves make it easy to store plenty of produce to make fresh meals, and the chilled crisper bins make it possible to lengthen the lives of your fruits and veggies. The size as well as the adjustable crisper bins and shelves are really its main selling points.

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