• 25/09/2021


The Frigidaire Gallery FGHD2368TF is perhaps one of the more energy-efficient on the list. Since estimates say that it costs about $79 a year, it makes for a wise chose for those who want to save a bit on their utility bills.

The PureAir Ultra II, PureSource Ultra II and Even Temp USPs make the fridge a fridge that will keep the water clean, the temperature even, and food fresh for longer. These features definitely will preserve food for longer, thus saving you plenty of money on every trip to the grocery store.

The fridge is easily found at Home Depot and Lowe’s. It has a one-year parts and labor warranty.

However, this fridge is smaller and more expensive than the Amana mentioned earlier in this article. It costs over a thousand dollars more – about $3,200 – and has a total of twenty-two cubic feet, with almost seven cubic feet of that space dedicated to the freezer. Though this might be good for busier families who may crack open TV dinners more than once a week, families that prefer fresher food might struggle with the space.

The fridge also lacks some of the extra features mentioned in the Amana above. Things such as the childproof lockout features and the alarms alerting when the door is open or the water filter need to be changed are lacking here. Instead, there is a menu to control the water dispenser. This is a good feature, but for families who are willing to invest in a higher-end fridge to prevent their curious kids from tampering with anything, they might want to look elsewhere.

Features of the Frigidaire FGHD2368TF french door refrigerator

As stated before, this fridge is very energy efficient. It costs less to maintain compared to other refrigerators on the market, which will help those who don’t want to spend as much on maintaining a fridge. This fridge also has plenty of nice features to preserve your food for as long as possible and ensure that you have complete control over interior space.

Some Specs

Going into the fancier specs and features, the PureSource Ultra II feature of this fridge will, as Frigidaire’s website says, “remove 99.3% of lead and 99.9% of cysts from water” to make it safe to drink. The PureAir Ultra II filter ensures that the air in the fridge is clean and fresh, preserving your foods for longer and making sure that flavors don’t mix. The Even Temp feature makes sure that the fridge has an even temperature throughout the fridge, so some parts aren’t getting more chill than others – which is great if you want to avoid freezing things that are put on the top shelf and having to throw away the fruits and veggies kept in the crispers.

Adaptable Shelving

The shelves are also very adaptable and customizable. The shelves can be adjusted, folded, or slid to the back so that there’s more room for bigger items. This is especially useful for people who like the option to adjust their fridge space, such as those who like to bake or otherwise need to be able to change their fridge layout at will. The shelves are also spill proof, which means that any spills or messes that happen I the fridge won’t leak to lower shelves or the crispers. This can prevent a lot of headaches, especially if you’re on the clumsier side or keep a lot of liquids in your fridge (think protein shakes and sports drinks for the athlete in your family, or mountains of soup for the family member that’s on a diet).


On the negative side, the purchase price is a bit steep. With a price of over $3,000, those who are on a tighter budget might want to consider layaway or rent-to-own options. However, the Even Temp feature alone will save plenty of money due to preserving fruits and veggies for longer, as produce kept in the crispers of older fridges run the risk of spoiling quicker. For families who maybe don’t eat fresh produce for every single meal every day and see a lot of their produce spoiling before they can eat it, this fridge might be a wise purchase.

The lockout and alarm features on the Amana are also lacking here, which may cause parents of rambunctious kids to think twice. With a high price such as $3,200, it might be hard for some to shell out that much money without those bonus features; this fridge is ideal for those who really have the environment’s best interests at heart or need a good amount of freezer space for meats, TV dinners or preserving leftovers.

The warranty is pretty limited for being so expensive and having so many features. As stated in the introduction, the warranty is a one-year parts and labor warranty, so if you run into any issues after a year, it won’t be covered by the warranty.

As stated above, this fridge is definitely not for everyone. Those who will get lots of use out of the large freezer space and need that adaptable fridge will not be disappointed with this fridge. Those who want to have a smaller environmental footprint will also like how energy efficient it is.


If you’re part of a busier family that’s always running from a sports game to a dance recital to a PTA meeting, then this fridge could be a good investment. Busier families tend to eat leftovers, TV dinners and easy-to-prepare meals like chicken nuggets more often than not, so a fridge with lots of freezer space and extra features to extend the shelf life of produce might be a great way to save food and money. The spill proof shelves will also make your life easier, as you’ll only have to clean one shelf when that pitcher of lemonade inevitably falls, instead of the entire fridge.

Those with little ones running around might want something this expensive to have more childproof features, but for families with a tight schedule who might need the large freezer space for microwave meals should consider the investment. The adaptable shelves will also make storing unusually tall or larger items easier – like a birthday cake or trays upon trays of fudge squares for your kid’s slumber party – which means less rearranging when the time comes.

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