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The Amana AF refrigerator is an affordable, fairly large fridge with plenty of childproof and energy-saving features. With an average price of about $1,800, this makes it a reasonably priced fridge considering all the space and features that it comes with.

The fridge has eighteen cubic feet of fridge space, and seven cubic feet of freezer space, for a grand total of twenty-five cubic feet of space. Despite not having the largest freezer space on the market, it’s still a decent size if the household has a chef in the family and usually eats fresher food.

In terms of additional specs and features, the fridge comes with quite a few alarms and lockouts that not only prevent child tampering, but also food from going bad and the water filter from getting too dirty.

Lots of additional space in the doors as well as great customer service – they offer phone, email and live chat customer support services – make this a great buy for families.

This is a very good fridge for families because not only are there several childproof features on the fridge, but also it comes with additional features to prevent food spoilage and lengthen the life of the fridge. This is especially useful for forgetful owners or those who won’t be able to easily afford repairs or replacement fridges.

Features of the Amana AF12539ERM french door refrigerator

This Amana fridge was certainly built with families in mind. It’s a relatively big fridge with French doors that allow for additional storage, as opposed to smaller single-door fridges. As stated above, there are several features meant to protect the fridge from neglect or curious hands, which is perfect for homes that have little kids or moody teens who don’t have the care of their appliances as a top priority. There are lockout features on both the water dispenser and the temperature control panel to prevent children from tampering with either.


In addition to those features, there’s also an alarm that sounds if one of the fridge doors is left open for too long. There’s also an alarm that alerts the user if the water filter needs to be changed. These features are excellent in preventing food spoilage or going any time without a water filtration system.

Some USP features that the fridge has is the Fast Cool Option to quickly cool everything in the fridge, as well as the Adaptive Defrost Option to make sure that the defrost cycle in your freezer runs only when you want it to run.

Adjustable Shelving

Some, less flashier features of the fridge are the shelves. Like most fridges, this Amana has adjustable shelves that let you adjust the height of them. The fridge also comes with two temperature-controlled crisper drawers, a third drawer for larger items, a drawer specifically for dairy products, as well as plenty of space in the doors to accommodate gallons and large food items. The freezer drawers are also compartmentalized to prevent flavors from mixing. The fridge also has a one-year limited warranty.

A Few Drawbacks

On the negative side, this fridge doesn’t have a whole lot of freezer space. This means that it won’t be possible to store a lot of frozen foods, or preserve much food in the freezer. This might pose a problem for busier families that rely on frozen foods, but this shouldn’t be an issue for families that just use their freezer for some meats and frozen veggies.

Also, for those who want to use their water dispenser for larger containers (think super-tall portable water bottles for exercise, or empty gallons for long road trips), this fridge won’t accomodate that. The water dispenser in this fridge is best used for smaller bottles, cups and bowls. The shelving isn’t adaptable either, as Top Ten Reviews also writes. The shelves can’t be adjusted, folded, slid out of place or anything.

Unfortunately, and perhaps most importantly, this fridge is no longer available at many chains, including Home Depot which Top Ten Reviews links to, which means that a family might have to do a bit of searching to find it in stores. The fridge can be found at PC Richard & Son and eBay, but it is a bit of a hassle since so many places have stopped carrying it. Also, regarding energy the fridge consumes quite a bit of power, with Top Ten Reviews estimating that the fridge costs about $90 to run annually.

Families that eat a lot of frozen foods may need more space than this fridge can provide. The smaller space makes this freezer ideal for families who eat fresh foods and use the freezer for meats and frozen foods that will be quickly eaten. The fact that it isn’t available in all stores might make this harder for some families to find; as stated before, the fridge can be found on some online vendors such as eBay, as well as other store chains such as PC Richard & Son.

The shelves and water dispenser may prove problematic for the few who may need lots of flexibility with their fridge space. Chefs, bakers and others who may need to frequently adjust shelves to make room for their creations might not like the lack of easily adjustable shelves. Athletes or truckers who may need larger containers to hold lots of liquids will struggle with the water dispenser, and


This fridge’s setbacks, aside from the smaller freezer space, are very small and likely won’t be an issue for most families. This is a great fridge for four- or five-person families, as it can accommodate quite a bit of food without taking up too much space in the kitchen. The fridge is also pretty affordable, which a family with multiple kids and a tight budget will definitely benefit from.

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