• 28/02/2021


The Magic Bullet is a unique blender due to its compact design that appeals to those who want to make single servings of their favorite recipes. While traditional blenders feature large pitchers that you pour out of, the Magic Bullet MBR-1701 is perfect for those who like to make smoothies or similar items for one person at a time, with a high level of customization. It also takes up minimal space in your kitchen with its base that is just 4.5” in diameter and 6.5” high.

This particular version of the Magic Bullet is actually a 17-piece set, letting you easily make separate recipes for multiple people without having to do dishes in between. That kit includes four party mugs, a tall cup, and a short cup, plus the high-power torque base, two stainless-steel blades, two shaker-steamer tops, two stay-fresh resealable lids, four colored lip rings, and a ten-second recipe book. This set costs between about $50 and $90, depending on where you buy it and whether it is on sale at the time.

Features of the Magic Bullet MBR-1701 Blender

The Magic Bullet blender does best at creating single-serving smoothies, although it is also a great choice for preparing small or medium batches of salsa, guacamole, sauces, and more. Because it is smaller and less powerful than more expensive blenders, you will want to stick to softer or smaller recipes. Even so, the Magic Bullet can handle chopping, grinding, blending, and grating.

This appliance has a wattage output of 250 watts, which is much less than most other blenders. That figure is, however, proportional to its smaller size and capacity. It also features just two blades, less than most other blenders. Once again, this is proportional to capacity and size. The blades are high-quality as they are made from sturdy stainless steel. The flat blade is perfect for whipping, milling, and grinding while the cross blade is ideal for chopping, grinding, grating, or blending. The inclusion of the recipe book is also a nice touch as it gives you plenty of ideas of ways to use the Magic Bullet.

The selection of lids and bases that come with the Magic Bullet truly separate it from the crowd. The shaker and steamer tops let you steam foods in your microwave. This feature lets you blend up ingredients in the Magic Bullet before heating them with ease. The cups are not only microwave-safe but also freezer-safe, so you can also prepare smoothies or homemade ice cream in them and then store in the freezer. The included party mugs and colored rings let you take advantage of the single-serving size for individualized drinks. The cups themselves are high-impact plastic.

The Magic Bullet is also very easy to clean due to its sleek design. The parts are dishwasher-safe, so you do not have to worry about handwashing anything unless you want to. It is relatively loud, especially given its small size, but most people expect to deal with some noise when buying a blender.

Interestingly enough, there is no control panel for the Magic Bullet, something that is rare to find. Instead, you just plug it in and to use the blender, you press it down. While this is nice from the perspective of convenience, it is not ideal for those who want adjustable speeds or different settings for varying uses.

In terms of value, the Magic Bullet is among the more affordable blenders you will find, but it also has a relatively short warranty. It has just a year of coverage, while most other popular blenders offer at least several years.


The Magic Bullet is a much more affordable blender than other professional-grade ones, partly due to its size and partly due to its power. It is less powerful than many other blenders, especially more expensive models, but it offers enough power to create smoothies, salsas, pasta sauces, and more. The lower power is fine for most people since the smaller size means there are fewer ingredients to move around, requiring less power.

The price is particularly appealing given all that it includes. Instead of just providing the base and a single cup for blending, the price includes multiple lids and cups, including lids for things like steaming in the microwave. The cups can also withstand a range of temperatures, from your freezer to your microwave. The Magic Bullet is a very strong option for those who like to enjoy smoothies and do not want to deal with bulky blenders that take up valuable counter room. Since the lids fit the cups and party mugs, you can easily blend your smoothie in the Magic Bullet’s cup, then take it with you in the same container, adding another layer of convenience.

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