• 12/04/2021


The Cuisinart Hurricane blender is a popular blender for those who want a compact, quiet, and simple-to-use machine. It is particularly great at making smoothies or soups. The competitive warranty from Cuisinart further helps the Hurricane blender stand out from the crowd by inspiring confidence. After all, if Cuisinart is confident enough in the product to offer great coverage, this indicates it is likely reliable.

Depending on the specific model of the Cuisinart Hurricane blender you choose, the MSRP is between $199.95 for the Hurricane Velocity 2.25 Peak HP Blender and $399.95 for the Pro 3.5 Peak HP. There is also a Compact Juicing Blender for $99.95, but most buyers will choose one of the other two Hurricane blenders, with the focus being on the latter, the CBT2000.

The jar on the Cuisinart Hurricane blender is a 60- or 64-ounce Tritan jar that is BPA-free. It works with the heavy-duty base for security, and depending on the Hurricane blender you choose, you can get up to 3.5 peak HP for incredibly smooth results. The measurements also depend on the specific unit but expect 10.05”x8.50”x17.55” or 9.47”x7.68”x17.08”.

Features of the Cuisinart Hurricane Blender

The Cuisinart Hurricane is an all-around star when it comes to blending, doing wonders with turning fruit and vegetables into hot soup or cold smoothies. There is no need to defrost fruit before placing it in the blender, making it amazing for smoothies. Those who use their blenders for soup will appreciate the dedicated Soup button.

That being said, the Cuisinart Hurricane excels at everything it does and has ten different blending levels, letting you customize the smoothness and consistency of your results. This means you can make nut butter, whipped cream, or baby food with the same unit. The unit uses 1,500 watts, helping it deliver that amazing power. The blade features six prongs and is made from stainless steel for durability and performance.

The Hurricane utilizes BlendLogix technology that delivers consistent blending regardless of your recipe. The memory function of this blender also helps it stand out. You can adjust your preset time and the machine will remember those presets for the future. The variable speed control lets you choose from 1,500 to 25,000 rpm or use the 30,000 Turbo Boost. The 3.5 peak horsepower provides owners with commercial-grade power that is the highest in the class.

The size and shape of the Cuisinart Hurricane is very nice as it has a small footprint but holds 64 ounces depending on the model. The small footprint means that you can leave it out on the counter or easily find space for it in a cabinet. The grips on the bottom are also nice and sturdy, even if your counter gets wet. That base has a sturdy gunmetal finish. When it comes time to pour out your smoothie or soup, you will appreciate the plastic jar’s soft-grip handle. The jar has a tight-seal lid as well as a two-ounce measuring cap.

Using the blender is a breeze thanks to the preset buttons that cover the uses you are most likely to need. There is a digital display paired with physical buttons to make it easy to use. Buttons include power, Smoothie, Ice Crush, Soup, Pulse, Clear, and up and down arrows to go through selections.

As mentioned, the warranty on the Cuisinart Hurricane is excellent. The motor has a full ten years of coverage, which helps customers get over the initial sticker shock. This complements a three-year warranty. That long-lasting warranty also helps the Hurricane deliver a good value. Cuisinart’s customer support is also known for being high-quality and friendly.


The Cuisinart Hurricane has a relatively high price tag compared to some other blenders, but this is a professional-grade appliance that deserves that price. Between the three-year warranty and the ten-year Limited Motor Warranty, buyers have even more reason to trust the value of this unit. For further peace of mind, look to the sturdy construction, including the heavy-duty 6-prong blade that has a commercial design.

This blender is the best of the bunch in terms of peak horsepower and it also stands out with its variable speed control. Few other units have a range like the Hurricane’s 1,500 to 25,000 rpm, not even considering the Turbo Boost for 30,000 rpm. The 64-ounce capacity of the Cuisinart Hurricane lets you save time and easily use it to create enough soup or smoothies for your entire family. This blender is incredibly versatile and useful. While it excels at smoothies and soups, it also does a great job making nut butter or baby food thanks to the variable speeds and sturdy design. To round it all out, the Cuisinart Hurricane is easy to clean and even has a dedicated clean button.

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