• 13/04/2021


The T-fal ActiFry air fryer is pretty unique in comparison to many of the other air fryers out there on the market right now. It looks like a short, round dome and has a steam lid that you can watch your food cook through. The steam lid is definitely a great unique feature, but this fryer does have some other unique things about it that are not so great.

In this article, I’ll be discussing the different features of this air fryer and dive a little bit deeper into what makes it unique from other fryers. I’ll also be going over a list of its pros and cons to help you better determine whether it’s a good choice for you.

What is the T-fal ActiFry?

The T-Fal ActiFry air fryer is unique to say the least. It is only available in black and the exterior is both short and round, making it great if you have cabinets that hang lower in your kitchen but not so great if you don’t have a ton of extra counterspace because of how wide the diameter of it is. This fryer is able to hold 2.2 pounds of food at once, meaning that you can cook a few servings at a time which is nice, but the shape of it is certainly odd.

The shape of this fryer is not the strangest thing about it though; the extremely limited control panel is. This control panel consists of a manual dial to set the time and an on and off button. That’s it. You cannot control the temperature at which you cook your food and have to rely on the suggested time settings that T-fal provides for you.

Luckily, this fryer does at least come equipped with optimized hot air circulation technology that evenly circulates the air throughout the fryer so that food cooks through evenly and thoroughly. It also has a steam lid that is see through and allows you to monitor your food while it cooks, a feature that is not very common among most other air fryers out there. This lid can also be easily removed by simply pushing a button which is pretty nice considering how hot the exterior of this fryer does get.

Another big plus that this fryer has going for it is that the clean up process is very easy. The cooking basket that it comes with is both nonstick and dishwasher safe, meaning that you don’t have to worry about scraping food off of it or washing it by hand if you don’t want to.

This fryer does not come with an automatic shutoff function, something that nearly every other fryer out there is equipped with, so you need to remember to turn the fryer off once you’re done using it or else it may overheat. The lack of this feature is definitely a safety issue, especially because the exterior of this fryer does get pretty hot. If you forget to turn it off and then touch it, thinking that it shut off on its own, you can easily burn yourself.

The price of this fryer is moderate in comparison to other fryers out there, but high when you take into account all of the different issues that it has. It does at least come with a one year limited warranty though that covers any defects in the fryer for up to one year after purchase.


This is not an air fryer that I would personally recommend to anyone. There are a whole slew of issues that it has, some of which are pretty inexcusable in my opinion. Even the most affordable, budget friendly air fryers come with a temperature control dial and an automatic shutoff function, so the fact that this fryer lacks both of those things and is priced pretty moderately rather than affordably is unjustifiable.

I do not feel like you get a lot of value for you money with this fryer and its awkward shape also takes up a lot of counter space. While I do like the steam lid feature and easy cleanup process, I don’t feel like either of those things make this fryer worth purchasing.

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