• 13/04/2021


What is the GoWISE Air Fryer?

The GoWISE Air Fryer is a great choice for families who have multiple people to prepare food for. The design of it is small and compact, but it still has the capability to hold a lot of food. It has a 3.7 quart cooking basket that can cook things such as French fries, chicken, pizza, and even a cake. Although it is important to note that some of the accessories required for baking, sautéing, and roasting are sold separately.

This fryer features a modern LCD touchscreen control panel that is much easier to use than the old fashioned manual dials that lots of other air fryers are equipped with. You can adjust the temperature, time, and cooking method all with just a simple touch of a button. The rapid air circulation technology that it is equipped with will evenly circulate hot air through the fryer too so that your food comes out crispy and evenly cooked.

The alarm indicator will let you know once your food is finished cooking, so until then you can just sit back and relax while the fryer does all the work for you. It even has an automatic shutoff function that will turn the air fryer off once you remove the basket to take out your food which helps prevent you from accidentally leaving it on for too long and it overheating.

The cooking basket that it has is nonstick, meaning that you won’t have to spray it down with any cooking oil or work hard to scrape food off of it when you clean it. However, this basket is not dishwasher safe, so you do have to wash it by hand every time that you finish using it. The nonstick coating on this basket has also been found to flake off after a lot of use, so that is one thing to take into consideration before purchasing this fryer.

This air fryer is only available in black and has a nonstick bottom to it that prevents it from sliding or moving around on the counter. The exterior of it also stays cool to the touch while its cooking so that you won’t burn yourself if you happen to touch it.

This air fryer is very budget friendly, especially when taking into consideration the large holding capacity and modern touch screen control panel that it has. It also comes with a limited one year warranty that will cover any defects in the fryer for up to one year after you purchase it.


This air fryer has a lot of modern features and capabilities all for a very affordable price. It’s a great option for families because of its large holding capacity, but since it is so compact in size and can fit just about anywhere, this could be great for just about anyone. The touchscreen control panel and ability to roast, bake, and sauté in addition to frying foods really sets it apart from other air fryers out there.

However, the fact that the basket is not dishwasher safe may become inconvenient if you’re someone who hates washing dishes by hand, and the possibility of the nonstick coating not lasting forever can potentially make cleaning this basket even more difficult. Since these are the only major cons and since the fryer is very affordable, I would still recommend it, but the cons are definitely something to think about before purchasing.

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