• 13/04/2021


Used by millions of active job seekers and recruiters in America. Free to use for job seekers!

Nexxt.com (previously known as Beyond.com) is a recruitment media company that connects active job seekers with accomplished and growing companies, as well as helping them discover new career opportunities. With its simple and easy-to-navigate design and features ranging from career advice to resume writing assistance, it’s no shock to find that Nexxt.com is one of the most used job sites in America. Take advantage of everything it has to offer, Nexxt.com boasts a strong connection to millions of job vacancies, thousands of businesses and hundreds of websites worldwide.

Job Seekers

Your Nexxt.com’s experience begins with your own personal homepage which allows you to develop and post your CV and customize job updates. This gives you better and quicker access to apply for jobs online. In addition to searching for jobs conventionally i.e. entering in your desired job title and location, Nexxt.com has incorporated 4 different focuses to help users filter through their options:

  • Career (EntertainmentWorkers.comFinancialJobSite.com etc.)
  • Local (ChicagoCareerSite.comBeyondLosAngeles.com etc.)
  • Diversity (HispanicJobSite.comLGBTJobSite.com etc.)
  • Global (TotalJobs UK, JobStreet Asia etc.)


Nexxt.com wants to help companies connect with the right candidates. Nexxt.com is tech-enabled, featuring a suite of resourcing tools to give recruiters the ability to create customised campaigns and strategies, such as:

  • Candidate Search
  • Job Promotion (3-month trial)
  • Retargeting
  • Advertising and Sponsorship
  • Email Campaigns
  • Text Messaging
Talent Pro $199 An entry level plan for small business hiring, including 1 Job Slot, Best-in-Class Customer Service, Company Logo and Description etc.
Recruiter (Recommended) $299 A simple solution for growing companies, including 5 Job Slots, 150 Candidate Vews/Month, Nexxt Apply or External Apply, Talent Network etc.
Recruiter Premium $499 An advanced package for recruiting teams, including 10 Jobs Slots, 250 Candidate Views/Month, Multiple Candidate View Options, Talent Network etc.

Customer Support

If you wish to connect with Nexxt.com, you can contact them through a number of different ways, including by telephone, visiting their head office, or email. The site has a form which users must complete before they can get in touch with a representative. However, before contacting them, we suggest having a read through their FAQ section where they have dozens of popular questions pre-answered.

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