• 24/02/2021


Job search guidance, resume tips, and network advice are just a few features available at Monster.

As one of the biggest job boards in the world, Monster advertises over 1 million job vacancies to 60+ million job seekers and holds 150 million resumes with up to 50,000 new resumes added every day. The jobs listed on Monster range from hourly local jobs to jobs in every career field imaginable. The site gets an average of 1.5 million visitors per month worldwide.

Monster offers a different range of services to its job seekers and recruiters. For example, they will post job listings for recruiters on their social media pages i.e. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Available in 56 countries, Monster has styled itself to be a leading online career site, particularly in Europe and Asia.

Job Seekers

Some of Monster’s additional services to help job seekers include interview and career advice, resume tips, networking assistance and salary information. As well as searching for jobs conventionally i.e. typing in their desired job title and location, Monster has gone beyond that by making 5 different categories to help users filter down their options when finding their dream job:

  • Jobs by City (London, Manchester etc.)
  • Region (International, Home Counties etc.)
  • Industry (Internships, Admin etc.)
  • Company (Virgin Active, BAE Systems etc.)
  • Salary (£20,000-£30,000, £80,000+ etc.)


Monster aims to give their recruiters an easy, fast and effective experience while searching and hiring their perfect candidates. The site offers three successful, yet different packages, guaranteed to help and please recruiters.

All Power Ad Solutions include the following benefits:

  • Job Ad (job posting on Monster site and on the Mobile app – one UK region)
  • Career Ad Network (Monster creates a banner ad with key details from the job post, and places it throughout their network of hundreds of targeted websites)
  • Social Network (Monster will create a social campaign with the job posting details and target it to active Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram users – reaching those who best fit the company’s criteria)
  • Ad Booster (the company’s logo will be displayed on the ad and on the job search result page, it also includes a job refresh to the top of search results every seven days)
Power Ad 30 £130 30 days
Power Ad 60 £95 60 days
Power Ad Plus £270 30 days

Customer Support

For UK users, Monster has an online form that they use to address their issue or question. Monster’s customer support team aims to send users a reply within 24 business hours. Note that sometimes their reply gets marked as spam, so make sure to check your junk email folder if you filled out the online form.

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