• 25/06/2021


Total Home Protection combines a lot of beneficial aspects of home warranty development for customers across the US.

Total Home Protection is among the trendiest of home warranty providers at the moment. Their high customer rating and the urge to become better and better got them included in the top ranks of competitors. Each contractor working with them is screened thoroughly to bring you the most efficient repair services, with coverage all across the United States. They even do their best to assist customers outside of their contract’s agreement which only shows that they are positively a brand on the rise. They keep it humble with two available home warranty plans and a list of possible add-ons for their customers’ personal preferences.


Contracts with Total Home Protection come in a slightly different form than most rival brands. Their annual subscription actually consists of 13 months – 12 regular + 1 free of charge. There isn’t a monthly option with those guys but they know how to provide the value to your paid fees. We can choose from two plans in order to get full coverage of our household – Gold and Platinum. Both can serve us well depending on our range of repair assistance needed.

The Gold Plan gets us Electrical, Water Heating, Plumbing, Whirlpool Bathtub, Cooktop, Oven/Stove/Range, Built-In Microwave, Dishwasher, Sump-and-Pump, Ductwork, Ceiling Fans, Exhaust Fans, Garbage Disposal, and Trash Compactor.

The Platinum Coverage Plan has all the features from the Gold one adding Refrigerator, Clothes Dryer and Washer, and Heating + Air Conditioning on 2 separate units. The company guarantees repairs and replacement of any included item/system no matter the age, make/model of the chosen item.

Of course, all repairs have some limitations – the cap per claim here is $1,500 so keep that in mind. If we happen to not like Total Home Protection services, a cancelation is possible in a 30-day period after our contract kicks in. Even if we sell our estate, the home warranty can be transferred to the new owner without any additional charging. No inspection is required to get in their good graces so we can freely contact them – standard pricing may vary depending on a few factors – a place of residence being the main one – so customers should make sure to get a customized quote before signing any contracts.

Claims and Service

Total Home Protection repair services don’t come without maintenance records so clients should be prepared for this step. Other than that, the service fee for each claim is $60 which is an industry standard as far as we have seen. This, of course, comes with benefits as all contractors in cooperation with the home warranty provider are experienced and a part of an in-network.

The waiting period before we can get our claims handled is 30 days, with the Claims Service Team operating 24/7. This may be a constant by now but it is important to be stated. Having a repair team sent to you on short notice is important and convenient, and this company ensures that we get the proper treatment. The only downside to having them maintain our household is the lack of a Service Recall Option. This may be a problem for some homeowners so do your thinking before rushing into anything here.


Total Home Protection has been established in 2016 which makes it one of the newest players in the home warranty league. This explains the absence of an NHSCA membership and TrustPilot rating. However, they manage to keep an A- BBB rating which is higher than many competitors in the niche. We expect to see more and more from those guys and we will keep you informed of how they develop their ratings for the years to come.


Total Home Protection may seem like the underdog in the home warranty universe but they are far more than that. Amazing coverage and affordable yearly plans are the way to go with maintaining our household and the company does their best to keep us satisfied. We see potential here and can’t wait to find out how it will turn out.

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