• 13/04/2021


The Home Service Club outshines its competition when it comes to personalized home warranty solutions.

The Home Service Club is among the frequent additions of the Top 10 Home Warranty Brands in recent years. Only one state is missing from their full coverage of the USA and this is only the beginning of the long-benefit-list we are pleased to share with you. The company strives for affordability when it comes to their warranty plans. Having a dedicated independent contractor list, The Home Service Club takes care of their customers as monthly surveys are conveyed in order to understand what the public needs for their estate. The company’s motto – “No worries. Just service.” is enough to stress out how determined they are to bring its customers nothing but quality repair maintenance.


Monthly/Yearly prices at The Home Service Club vary depending on your state of residence but they start as low as $35.99 a month. Their two plans are divided into Standard and Comprehensive Coverage and we will get to explore both of those to the maximum possible extent. No matter which plan you choose to go with, The Home Service Club assistants are always available to advise you and give you an exact quote depending on your preferences.

The Standard Coverage plan offers Heating, Air Conditioning, Water Heaters, Central Vacuum, Electrical, Plumbing, Garage Door Openers, Ice Maker (Freestanding), Refrigerator, Cooktop, Range, Oven, Built-In Microwave/Oven, Food Centers (also built-in), Dishwasher, Trash Compactor, Clothes Washer, and Clothes Dryer. Getting all of those for the upper-mentioned monthly fee is among the most competitive pricing in the industry.

The Comprehensive Coverage gets us additional items/systems in the image of Water Dispenser, Water Leakage, Sump Pump, Hot Water Pump, Ductwork, Whirlpool Motor/Pump Assemblies, Alarm/Telephone Wiring, Doorbells, Gas Leakage, Smoke Detectors, and Pest Control. The pricing on this plan depends more heavily on our exact choices of appliances/systems covered so it’s best to ask for an individual quote once you contact the home warranty provider.

Possible add-ons to our plans are Second Refrigerator, Additional Water Heaters, Stand-Alone Freezer, Bathtub (Jetted), Pool and Spa, Roof, Sewage, Water Softener, and Well Pump. Clients can customize their plans according to their needs, with enough room to maximize their money-to-value percentage. The term benefit limit is set at $9,000 while the company retains the right not to cover any damages done by improper use or maintenance. A cancelation of our contract is possible within 30 days its start, with no additional fees.

Claims and Service

The Home Service Club offers its customers three service fees to choose from – $65, $95, and $125. All of those are equipped with 30-day service/waiting period which is the industry average. This said, we advise most homeowners to stick with the lowest service fee as it provides the same terms as the highest paid one. The difference may come in weekend/holidays/busy timeframes but other than that, all of the three are solid.

The claim department is at hand 24/7 so any issues we might stumble upon are covered in the quickest manner. No maintenance records are needed to reach their services which can be a big plus in some situations. The Home Service Club relies on a top-tier level of professionalism and all in-network contractors in place are thoroughly inspected before being hired. Unless we exceed the annual repair cost limit, we are entitled to limitless claims throughout the year.


Although it was founded in 2008, The Home Service Club doesn’t have an NHSCA membership yet. There can be multiple reasons for that but we would rather discuss their online rating. While they maintain a C+ BBB rating, the company’s TrustPilot ratings are way above average – 8.1/10, which makes them an eligible pick for any estate in our possession. Their positive customer reviews outweigh the negative ones by a lot and this is enough for us to try them out.


The Home Service Club brings a neat combination of experience and innovation to the home warranty table. They are available at all times, present us with comprehensive plans on both monthly/yearly basis, and are capable of acting swift on any claim we send to them. We will continue monitoring their development and let you know how well they do in the future, too.

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