• 14/06/2021


Select Home Warranty is an upcoming home warranty brand packed with amazing plans and professional contractor volume.

Select Home Warranty hasn’t been around for so long but they sure know how to make their way into the home warranty business. The brand has almost full coverage of the United States, with only five states being left out of their services at the moment. The brand’s plans come in three different forms to suit every customers’ need. Both appliances and systems are represented by a massive list of options and we only expect their volume to go higher. The company offers emergency customer service to all active users – customers can call them at any time of the day and get a tech team to their aid, even if it’s 3 AM!


Select Home Warranty’s pricing offers customers three yearly plans to choose from. Bronze, Gold, and Platinum Care are all here to maximize users’ usage of the home warranty and can be used as they see fit. Understandably, the Bronze Plan doesn’t include everything inside a household but it pretty much covers all essential appliances such as Garbage Disposal, Refrigerator, Clothes Washer, Clothes Dryer, Oven, Stove, Microwave (built-in), dishwasher, and cooktop.

The second plan here is Gold which covers Heating, Water Heaters, Air Conditioning, Electrical, and Ductwork. For people who need only their systems without appliances covered, this is the optimal plan to go. It is priced the same as the Bronze Plan which, in our opinion, is an amazing company policy. Even if some systems may need more expensive “treatment” than appliances, Select Home Warranty keeps them equalized.

The Platinum Plan at the company takes the two previous ones and puts them together. All of the appliances/systems listed above are included in this plan, without unneeded expanding of the price.

All of the plans pack a $60 service fee and have a standard term period of 12 months. The cool thing about SHW is that their plans can be designed without an End-Term date. Customers get to choose how long to keep their subscription going and this, of course, can bring loads 0f loyal customer discounts.

However, no plan is so perfectly designed to cover everything so we can add special items to ours. Spa, Pool, Stand-Alone Freezer, Well Pump, Additional Fridge, Ice Maker, Freezer, Sump-and-Pump, Central Vacuum, Furnace, Additional Heating Tools, AC Units, and even Lawn Sprinklers can be added.

Claims and Service

All of those covered appliances/systems must come with a guarantee in order to receive the proper treatment. Select Home Warranty requires maintenance records in order to proceed with finding you a contractor and sending a team your way. Before we get to that point, a standard 30-day waiting period is in place before we get to benefit from our contract. Only contractors from SHW’s dedicated network will come to our aid which isn’t surprising as the company is determined to provide only the utmost professional services to its clients.

The claims service department here is open 24/7 so we can contact the support team anytime we need to. They are well aware that things break and systems fail to work, so they have managed to “knit” a very efficient web of technicians to send as early as possible. All calls to them are toll-free, be it a workday or the weekend. A hired team of technicians will come to our doorstep in no more than four days. Customers will also receive their personal contacts so they can arrange a repair meeting at the most convenient day/hour.


As a relatively new home warranty company (2012), Select Home Warranty doesn’t pack an NHSCA membership yet. They are working on it but they still need to pass a certain milestone to reach it. Their BBB rating is B- while TrustPilot sets them at 6.1/10. Online customer reviews of the brand are somehow polarized but we only expect them to go into the Positive side for the years to come.


Select Home Warranty is not a massive home warranty enterprise but they excel in any aspect of the industry. A straightforward brand, with clear contracts and coverage, SHW is one of the most promising providers right now. We will follow their development to inform you of any future groundbreaking successes of theirs.

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