• 13/04/2021


American Home Shield is the current leading home warranty brand in the United States.

With a history going back to 1971, American Home Shield is one of the most well-established home warranty brands in existence. They have a nation-wide coverage with affordable fees and an incredible level of experience when it comes to appliance/system repairs.

The brand has developed the needed expertise to treat their customers with the utmost care and respect. The appliance and systems coverage here is outstanding, bypassing many competitors by a mile. They also pack way fewer limitations and this is totally understandable. Over four decades in the industry has made them a force to be reckoned with.

All monthly/yearly fees are flexible – this means that we can add or eliminate some of their services if we decide to do so. This results in price adjusting so that customers can get services only for what they really need. Even the service fees are negotiable adding another big plus to American Home Shield’s popularity across all US states.


Prices at American Home Shield are flexible, as we have already mentioned. This enables customers to decide from four overall plans and customize them in the best manner they see fit. The standard contract with them runs for 12 months, starting at $299 which is mind-blowingly cheap for such a respected provider.

AHS covers an array of appliances and systems so let’s take an in-depth look in all we can choose from. As it goes for appliances, we have Dishwashers, Refrigerators, Clothes Washers/Dryers, Ovens, Cooktops, Ranges, Ice Makers, Microwaves (Built-In), Garage Door Openers, Trash Compactors, and Food Processors (Built-In).

Systems coverage includes Heating, Electrical, Air Conditioning, Water Heaters, Plumbing, Central Vacuums, Doorbells, Smoke Detectors, Ceiling Fans, and Hot/Cold Water Dispensers. What is more, customers can decide to opt in for specialty items coverage in the face of Pools, Spa, Guest Units, Septic, and Well Pumps.

Furthermore, monthly/yearly fees are dependent on our state of residence and which appliances/systems we choose to keep maintained by the company. The square foot metrics of our home wouldn’t matter unless we go over 5,000 square feet but even then, we can get benefits from American Home Shield.

While some users may find it irritating that prices here vary, it is actually a good feature of the brand. Why pay for an item you don’t even own when you can simply cross it out of the list? American Home Shield has been around for long enough to understand that customer preferences come first when it comes to their homes. The advanced flexibility factor enables ultimate coverage without spending additional funds per month/year, and this is one of the best plus sides to using this vendor. Free quotes are available on their comprehensive website so you can get a clear idea of how much their services will cost at any given time.

Claims and Service

Starting with maintenance records, American Home Shield doesn’t require any of those to perform a visit and proceed with repairing any appliance/system included in your contract. They also let you choose between three different service fee patterns – $75, $100, and $125. Understandably, the highest service fee presents us with the quickest response team times but the quality remains splendid across all three options.

The claims service department there operates 24/7, without a day off. They wouldn’t even inspect your estate before signing the contract which adds more and more points to their overall score. Well-trained customer service employees will act in a helpful manner to team you up with only In-Network technicians – and with a Contractor network of over 14,000 individuals speaks for itself. There will be the perfect contractor crew for any of our possible repairmen issues present.

The waiting period on their services sticks to the industry standard of 30 days while the Service Recall Period is maxed at 60 days.


American Home Shield is a member of the NHSCA, with around 1,700,000 customers across the US. Having such a massive experience pool, the brand relies on its well-developed reputation to reach its customer base. Their BBB rating stands at a B which is somewhat surprising to us but this may very well be a result of their industry “lifespan”. 48 years isn’t a small period to receive some negative reviews after all. However, most of the customer responses are positive.


American Home Shield is one of the Titans in Home Warranty services. They are proficient, trustworthy, and offer the most competitive prices. Their flexible plans and adjustable fees are just some of the sweet perks we get by signing with the provider.

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