• 13/04/2021


Advanced Home Warranty is quickly growing to become a leading name in the industry in the upcoming years.

Advanced Home Warranty is among the excellently rated home warranty brands at the present moment. Their comprehensive list of covered appliances and systems is more than enough to keep us away from pricy repair costs, and it all comes at a cheaper price than one would expect from a widely-renowned company. It is a perfect combination of brilliance and affordability, suitable for most homeowners in the United States. They have been around since 2014 which makes them a new addition to the pack but we see a lot of potential in them.


Advanced Home Warranty offers two distinctive plans to their customers – the Basic and the Total. And while some competitors prefer to separate appliances from systems in multiple plans, AHW decides to mix them up – this actually sounds extremely logical and we wonder why we don’t see it done more often by leading brands.

The Basic plan here covers Heating, Plumbing, Electrical, Dishwasher, Microwave, and Garage Door Opener. The prices start at $33.33 per month which adds up to $370 for a whole year. This is due to the fact that we get the first month free, no matter which plan we decide to go for. In addition, we can use this free month to check which plan suits us better and make an informed decision afterward.

The Total plan covers a wider variety of services – all of the basics are present but we also add Refrigerator, Clothes Dryer, Air Conditioning, and Clothes Washer to the picture. The price doesn’t go up as much – $40 for their monthly fee and $450 for a yearly contract (again, the first month comes without charging).

You can expect their services at your disposal 30 days after you deposited the required amount to get them started. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you lose your free month in waiting. It starts right after. If we wish to cancel our subscription, there is a $50 fee but keep in mind, the Refund Policy is active only during the first month.

Although Advanced Home Warranty has set-price plans, their fees may vary depending on your location and preferences. The neat thing about working with a modern home warranty vendor is the flexibility factor. We can add or exclude contract options if we feel like it’s the right thing to do.

The square feet size of our house shouldn’t matter with Advanced Home Warranty, too. Unless we are living in a mansion or a castle, their prices remain the same – they just need to know what appliances/systems you need taken care of.

Claims and Service

Most of today’s warranty companies follow a similar approach to making their claims clear to customers. When it comes to claiming repairs, customers must be ready to show records of previous maintenance of any appliance/system in the contract. This prevents abuse of corrupted items and installations and also gives Advanced Home Warranty a better idea of how to proceed with our claim.

What is amazing is their Claims Department availability. They are open for services 24/7 so we can reach them at any time of the day. Their service fees are lower than most rivals in the business, with a $60 deductible for any repairs we might need. In addition, the provider uses only in-network crews which adds to their efficiency levels immensely.

You should expect a professional technicians team to arrive no later than 2 days after a claim is made. While there are certain fixes which need an immediate reaction, Advanced Home Warranty plays it safe and keeps it transparent – sometimes, they can’t send 250 teams at once on different locations across the country. And this is why we have the 2-day waiting period.


As we have mentioned, Advanced Home Warranty is fairly new to the scene, and this is why they haven’t been BBB accredited yet. There isn’t much customer review information on them on the Internet but one thing can be taken as a guarantee for their trustworthiness. The company is part of the Choice Home Warranty family, an established vendor in the warranty field for over a decade.


Advanced Home Warranty may very well be the home warranty solution to a lot of US citizens nowadays. They are fresh, heavily equipped, provide low fees and amazing reaction times when it comes to customer services. An overall solid provider to rely on!

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