• 15/06/2021


Life Shield Security has paved the way for modern home security brands and keeps going strong.

Life Shield has been around since 2004, and they are pretty aware of how to provide you with the best home security system. They are named to be the ‘pioneer’ in wireless home security systems, this title is enough to have customers consider them as a trustworthy pick when it comes to defending their home against intruders. Its customer review ratings are polarized but with an A+ BBB rating and so much experience behind their backs, Life Shield is definitely a competitor for the №1 place in the home security industry. The brand operates throughout all the United States by providing customers with a great price-to-value and advanced safety options for those who wish to grasp them.


Easy Installation Doesn’t support Home Automation
Mobile access to any plan Equipment is somewhat limited
Fire/Carbon Monoxide protection
Simplified interface


Getting Life Shield Security for our home isn’t costly at all. Compared to most rivals, they are leading the way by a head start. The security Essentials plan starts at just $20.99 and comes with a $199.99 kit price. Depending on our add-on choices, the kit price may vary so keep that in mind. The Essential plan gets you a control base, a keypad, keychain remote, 1 motion sensor, 2 wireless ones, a yard warning sign, and window stickers to fully complete your Life Shield outlook. You even get a free wireless tablet to control the security system, a Fire Sensor, and a mobile app to go with the pack.

The Advantage Security plan costs $24.99/month which isn’t that much higher than the Essentials. We have five added items to our list here – video monitoring kicks in, an indoor camera joins the mix, and we also receive 30-day video storage without additional costs. This plan also comes with a pet-friendly detector so that cats and dogs will not set the home alarms off constantly. The wireless sensors’ number is increased to 4 here so that’s a big plus, too.

All of Life Guard plans can be signed without a contract which grants us flexibility and more room to explore the system. Cancellation is available as long as we cover the requirements provided by the company. However, if we fail the credit history check in the beginning, a 36/60-month contract should be accepted as a safety measure for both us and the provider. A 30-day guarantee for our money back is in place if we happen to not like the system as well. Beware of the auto-renewal option, too, as it will go off unless we strictly tell it not to.

Essentials $20.99 36-60 months
Advantage $24.99 36-60 months


When it comes to equipment, Life Shield Security doesn’t support fancy additions like most competitors. They tend to focus on the old-school security features and this may turn out to be a good thing. Especially for customers without the need to control everything in their household. The base control panel lets us choose which target options to focus on while the wireless tablet is responsible for remote actions towards the installation.

The motion sensor feature is active at all times and detects all movement along with possible threats to our home. Window and door alarms don’t leave much space for the intruders to break in. However, the high-end wireless alarm systems won’t be activated by people you know and trust, thanks to the Recognition feature included.

The keypad and keychain remote are familiar additions to our security system and work just fine under any circumstances. However, we recommend using the mobile app for better navigation and swift actions rather than sticking to the keychain remote. Especially when we are further away from our estate.

As for ultimately secure systems, the advanced plan at Life Shield brings other equipment pieces – more motion sensors add up to higher security levels and the wireless camera reports every potential danger to the Life Guard station. The glass break sensor acts immediately upon a broken window so we got that covered, too.

Mobile Access

An incredible side of Life Shield is the support of a mobile app for all subscription plans. While most other leading brands offer mobile control only for their more advanced plans, Life Shield grants you a mobile app access even with the basic subscription. The optimized mobile application works well with iOS and Android, and lets you set up monitoring settings, system activity, and receive customized notifications if anything shady happens when you are not around.


Installation with Life Shield is easier than tic-tac-toe. All equipment sent by the company comes with input settings so you don’t need to wonder how to get them to connect properly. No wiring, no drilling, and just a power source for the cameras are needed to get our system going. However, there isn’t a detailed guide on how to proceed with the installation so if you’re feeling insecure about it, there is always a professional install available for $99. On the other hand, smoke detectors are just a peel away from setting up so you can mount them any place you find fit.

Customer Support

Support at Life Shield can be reached via email or telephone but their active hours depend on your location. Usually, live contact is open from 9 AM to 10 PM EST, with Sundays offering a timeframe from 10 AM to 9 PM. An install-line assistant is missing, however, so we should be aware of that before DIY-ing the installation on our own.

Comparison to other Home Security service

LifeShield is among the “people’s” security brands, or at least they can be perceived as such. The free equipment and innovative tools come at competitive prices for customers around the country. They lack home automation, so this places them in a different category. Some security systems providers aim to cover all possible security needs but LifeShield still hasn’t reached the top. They do get better and polish their services, so we can expect a fully complete service in the future.

Even if some clients choose other top-rated security systems providers, LifeShield remains a solid and affordable choice. Additionally, they are extremely transparent about their business, which is a positive sign. Implementing DIY features and free equipment is welcomed by the majority of their users, even though their equipment list isn’t that long.

LifeShield Security is for the casual folks who want to keep their estate as safe as possible. The company doesn’t sugarcoat things, doesn’t overwhelm you with features, and most importantly – understands clients and helps them in any way possible. It stores a lot of potential so we’d follow their development in the upcoming years. They may surprise us even more!


To conclude the review, Life Shield is on the right track to maintaining its pioneer status in the future. The service is cheaper than most leading security vendors, it is user-friendly, and can be operated remotely via mobile devices, too. The change of ownership in the past can be seen as a problem but so far we don’t expect the company to fall down in ranks. The month-to-month subscription plan is amazing to check the system’s eligibility and decide whether you are satisfied with it or not so trying them out won’t be any problem.

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