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Frontpoint is quickly growing to become one of the top home security providers in the industry.

Frontpoint is one of those companies which excel at any metric we can imagine. This home security brand offers a do-it-yourself wired and wireless security system. Their affordable pricing and high rating makes them a solid choice for an all-around defense against any intruders. Their special features are designed to work splendidly for our preferences and we can surely say that Frontpoint combines DIY with professional services in the best industry manner possible. Once the installation is complete, you are up for 24/7 monitoring at the highest security level.

Mobile alerts in place Only long-term contracts available
Customizable indoor and outdoor cameras No landline
Disaster protection
Mobile app


When it comes to pricing, Frontpoint doesn’t offer as many different subscription plans as most competitors. They prefer to stick to what’s proven to work perfectly – the benefits here are the easy installation, its user-friendliness, and amazing customer support to help us if we get stuck at any point of the process. Contract options vary from 1 to 3 years with monthly costs starting at $34.99 and capping at $49.99 for an all-features-included plan. Video monitoring is one of the extras and we definitely recommend using it as the price doesn’t go up so much.

The plans at Frontpoint include a lot of handy options to keep our home out of harm’s way. Touch screen control panels are responsible for ease of access and incredibly fast security controls. Crash and Smash protection ensures the proofed state of the panel so burglars can’t get away with breaking it to gain access to your house. The Rapid Response team will nullify their efforts before we can even call for help.

In addition, cellular monitoring overcomes landlines by a lot. No landlines mean no wires to be cut or corrupted. Only security cameras included in the subscription require internet access while everything else can be monitored using nearby security towers. Even if all of our systems fail and we lose Internet/Wireless connection, a backup battery is ready to switch on at any time giving us control over the security system immediately.

Video surveillance with Frontpoint is equipped with HD cameras for both outdoor and indoor security measures. All video footage is live-streamed and even saved to a cloud. We can also access it from an array of devices including PC, laptop, and smartphone.

Basic $34.99 1-3 years
Advanced $49.99 1-3 years


Any security system is enhanced by their choice of equipment. Frontpoint doesn’t spare means when it comes to this category as they use only the most reliable tools to turn your home into a fortress. Wireless indoor cameras are all about motion detection and can react on any unexpected movement right away. Their tech level can be set at intermediate so it is the best combo for casual customers. The video doorbell adds up to their power as it lets you monitor every individual standing in front of the house. It has an advanced detection mechanism and can even be set to recognize people in the dark. So the midnight robbery attempt can be stopped in its tracks.

An interesting addition to the equipment mix is the LED Smart Bulb – it can’t alert you of a break-in but it helps save energy and brings a certain level of convenience to your plate. Part of the Automation package at Frontpoint, the Smart Bulb lets you control how much energy is spent in each room and can even decide on its own.

For example, there’s nobody is in the room? Turn the light down, no need to keep it working on maximum power. It can be very well combined with the Light Sensor which works towards even more energy saving depending on your preferences.

The smart-lock takes away the worries regarding all locked/unlocked doors in the house. It can be set up to lock on its own or controlled via a device to lock any gate to our home from a distance. It all takes place in the Frontpoint App, available for high-speed connection with the security system while offering you a lot of customizable options to personalize.

Mobile Access

Only the basic Frontpoint plan doesn’t include a mobile device app to control our home’s security state. The Home Automation application is compatible with Android, iOS, and Apple Watch – this said, we can monitor our house when we are away without the concern that someone might break in without us being there. A login in the Frontpoint app also comes with a voice recognition control which enables even smoother commands for all Frontpoint equipment features. Amazon Alexa and Google Home work flawlessly with Frontpoint’s advanced system control. A separate PIN code is used to ensure ultimate authentication so nobody would be able to use your smartphone to disable the security installation.


Installing Frontpoint on your own doesn’t take more than thirty minutes according to the company themselves. Even if an issue should arise, we can contact the customer support for immediate help with it. And yes, rookie mistakes can happen but Frontpoint takes care of that, too – any misused setup feature is sent to the Alerts portion of the system and we can see clearly when we’ve gone wrong. This enables easy fixing and can even be supported by the online installation troubleshooter to maximize installation efficiency.

Customer Support

Frontpoint is one of the leading home security providers, therefore Frontpoint customer service is trained in line with that fact. They are available in English and Spanish from 8 AM to 11 PM on workdays and 10 AM to 7 PM on weekends. Of course, emergency call lines are open 24/7 which makes them especially useful in dire situations.

Comparison to other Home Security service

Frontpoint confronts the competitive security systems market with quick thinking and efficient execution. Their DIY procedures are incredible that customers are happy and find it easy to set up their own security systems. The Frontpoint security cost also doesn’t hurt – installing the system on your own reduces prices even further and customers are more than satisfied to use it as a benefit.

Frontpoint Security reviews point to the amazing potential of the security systems provider. They are innovative, smart, and strive to do better with each passing year. Response times from their teams and customer support are also outstanding, turning them into a preferred choice for many customers. Mainly adventurous, determined, and up for a challenge, these clients choose Frontpoint because it suits both their personality and needs. And when the tools to satisfy the needs are so easily used, the picture looks even better.


Frontpoint is, hands down, one of the most proficient home security vendors out there. They support the DIY option for customers, offer great customer support and installation assistance, and their pricing isn’t high compared to the industry standard. There is also a 30-day free trial without a cancellation fee during it. They have won a series of awards for their value and service, and managed to build a respectable name in a difficult industry. Their excellence is enough to assist even the trickiest customers as Frontpoint truly cherishes their clients. An overall incredible security service, designed and implemented in the most effective ways!

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