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The Hotpoint Top-Load Washing Machine HTW240ASKWS comes under the GE (General Electric) umbrella through the brand name, Hotpoint. Because of this, it is typically listed under the Hotpoint name, but this unit also appears on the GE website. The Hotpoint HTW240ASKWS is a reliable washing machine that has a generous 3.8-cubic-foot capacity.

As mentioned, Hotpoint is part of GE Appliances, so understanding the brand involves looking at both companies to some extent. Hotpoint began in 1903 when Earl Richardson developed a compact and lightweight electric iron. That invention eventually became called the ‘Hotpoint,’ leading to the brand name. By 1918, Hotpoint merged with General Electric Company, which led to the Hotpoint appliance line.

This analysis will differ from other online Hotpoint washer reviews as it will delve deeper into the background of Hotpoint and GE, then look specifically at the HTW240ASKWS model, and ending with a summary of pros and cons to help you determine whether it is a beneficial investment.

Who Is Hotpoint?

Hotpoint stands out from other companies and product lines due to its numerous industry firsts throughout the years. In 1924, it created the first fully enameled all-white electric range. In 1950, it developed the first electric clothes dryer that was “moistureless.” Three years later, it created the first refrigerator that sat on wheels. Then the 1960s marked the first 90-day Replacement Guarantee as well as introducing the first low-speed agitator washer. With such a reputation for innovation, buyers can safely assume that Hotpoint products use the latest technology and features.

This Hotpoint washing machine is one of many appliances available through the brand, along with dryers, microwaves, electric and gas ranges, fridges, air conditioners, and more. Additionally, some of its well-known sister companies are Monogram, Café, Profile, and Haier.

About The Hotpoint HTW240ASKWS Top-Load Washing Machine

The Hotpoint HTW240ASKWS has an MSRP (manufacturer selling retail price) of $629, but some retailers will sell it for around $566, which is a 10% discount. The machine top-loading washing machine has always only been available in white with a gray backsplash.

This Hotpoint Top-Load Washing Machine has a capacity of 3.8 cubic feet. It is measured at 27 inches deep, 44 inches high, and 27 inches wide, but you need 54 inches of height for the lid to lift to 90 degrees. The maximum spin speed is 700 rpm, allowing for efficient removal of water for minimal drying time.

Washing Features


The stainless-steel basket in the Hotpoint Top-Load Washing Machine is similar to that of other competitors. The stainless-steel finish allows for a long-lasting nature, therefore it resists rust, and doesn’t snag, peel, or chip clothes. The heavy-duty agitator ensures all clothing gets thoroughly clean.

The four water level options are part of PreciseFill, where users can choose a level or allow the machine to sense the load automatically to fill it to the appropriate level. At the end of the cycle, this Hotpoint Top-Load Washer has a deep rinse to ensure that there is no stubborn soil, fabric softener, or detergent on the clothing.

Controlling this top-load washer is simple via the rotary electric controls and the cycle status lights that let you view the progress at a glance. There is also a convenient bleach dispenser that dilutes the bleach by mixing it with wash water, so it does not ruin your clothing.

Energy Efficiency

The Energy Guide for the Hotpoint HTW240ASKWS Top-Load Washing Machine is favorable. It has an estimated yearly electricity use of just 187 kWh. This translates into an estimated yearly cost of just $22 when used in conjunction with an electric water heater, placing it among the more affordable models of its type. With a natural gas water heater, the estimated yearly operating cost is just $12.


This washing machine has 10 different cycles to choose from, including rinse/drain and spin. There is a separate dispenser for bleach. It features rotary-electric controls and a heavy-duty agitator. When using the machine, you can choose from six wash/rinse temperatures, four water levels, and two-pulsed wash/spin speed combinations. There is a cycle for delicates, one for casual items, and for both colors and whites, you can choose from light, normal, and heavy soil.


This Hotpoint Top-Load Washing Machine comes with a one-year limited warranty on labor and parts for the entire appliance. While it may seem restricted, a year warranty is the standard warranty available in the industry, and the fact that Hotpoint’s warranty covers the entire appliance places it ahead of some competitors as some companies do offer a longer warranty.


Considered as a ‘basic washing machine,’ this unit is perfect for users that do not wish to have all extravagant features but prefer to have an appliance that gets the job done at an affordable price. Hotpoint HTW240ASKWS Top-Load Washing Machine has a range of 10 cycles, 6 temperatures, and 4 water levels, which is more than what some other units in the same price range have in their repertoire. Although the warranty is just one year, it is highly inclusive. In addition to the low price for this washer, it is reasonably efficient, helping to save money over its use, and further savings can come from proper selection of water level and temperatures.

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