• 12/04/2021


Shark Pet Perfect II is a cordless handheld vacuum that is ideal for cleaning all the surfaces around the house, and as the name suggests, it is ideal for removing pet hair. This in-depth review will present an honest and trustworthy opinion of this vacuum cleaner.

The Shark handheld vacuum is packed with plenty of helpful features to make cleaning a breeze, its impressive performance and appealing design is the start of its many benefits. As a compact household appliance with a charging stand, it consolidates all the parts of the Shark Pet Perfect vacuum into one tiny area, making it easy to locate as well as avoiding any loss of parts.


This Shark handheld vacuum can be used to clean a range of different messes, however, it performs exceptionally when it comes to vacuuming pet hair. The various tests we ran for this device places it amongst the best hair removing vacuums in the market. Whilst vacuuming, some stubborn hairs required some extra help to get it off the surface and this is where the motorized brush proved to be practical.

With as few as six passes, the Shark Perfect Pet handheld vacuum can remove all kinds of messes off of upholstery, carpet and wooden flooring such as dust, crumbs, and dry food spills. The powerful suction produced by this household appliance can lift a piece of debris weighing up to a pound off the ground. As a cordless device, customers have the mobility to use it in every room in their homes as well as in their cars without any cord restrictions, making it the perfect portable cleaning equipment.



One of the greatest selling points of the Shark cordless handheld vacuum is its charging stand as it has various slots to hold all the accessories that come with the vacuum. Once customers are finished using the device, they can place it on the charging stand to re-energize it for the next use and easy storage. A downside to this hand vacuum is that the charging system takes a whole sixteen hours for users to have complete and uninterrupted functionality. Much as this is comparable to other rechargeable handheld vacuums, it only takes ten minutes of continuous work for the battery to deplete. This is a very short time, especially when cleaning a heavily littered area or a large car, bedroom or carpet mess. Were it not for the ultra-short battery life, it would have been ideal for cleaning during outdoor activities like camping.

Accessories and Parts

The vacuum comes with a long motorized detachable brush. Sometimes when an area is heavily littered and you need the extra force to get the deeply seated debris off the surface, this is where the brush comes in handy. It is easy to fix and detach from the nozzle when needed.

It also has a transparent 1.2-quart dirt cup, allowing the user to monitor the cup as the dirt accumulates. Furthermore, emptying the dirt cup is easy – just one press of a button and the lid pops out.

Customer Service and Warranty

The manufacturers of the Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II SV780 aim to be as transparent with their customers by providing a range of informative materials on their official website. To begin, each product is accompanied by a highly-detailed profile i.e. run time, weight, pricing, etc. with all of the features and accessories included. Additionally, there is a Customer Care section where customers can get help with troubleshooting, as well as read pre-answered questions regarding the delivery process, warranty and returns, and watch useful videos about Shark’s other appliances. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Alternatively, the site features an online form/email where customers can pose their questions to the customer support team. All messages will receive a reply within 48 working hours. There is also a customer support telephone number available (0800 8620453). The attentive customer support team is open Monday – Saturday between 9am and 7pm.

This handheld vacuum holds a limited one-year warranty which is not as generous as other handheld vacuums, some of which provide two to three-year warranties.


The Shark SV780 is in high demand for its amazing performance in pet hair removal. However, there are some downsides to this cordless handheld vacuum, such as its long charging life and a one-year warranty. But on the upside, the brand is compact with an excellent mountable charging unit that consolidates all the accessories, and the brand offers attentive and user-friendly customer support. With all that taken into account, the Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II is a worthy addition to a household with a shedding pet and frequently-made messes.

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