• 28/02/2021


The MetroVac Vac N Go AM-2B is a sleek jet-black handheld corded vacuum cleaner with a unique design that outshines ordinary vacuum cleaners, for example, it is made of steel with a long steel hose as opposed to the plastic handheld vacs.

This handheld vacuum’s classy appearance is attributed to its unique design as it does not conform to the norms of the conventional model, thus making it stand out in the market. The MetroVac includes fancy attachments for added utility which will be addressed in this MetroVac review, as well as examine its usability and features to help customers decide if this is the best vacuum cleaner for their cleaning needs.


The MetroVac is made mostly for indoor cleaning and this is due to the lack of a rechargeable battery. From doing a test-run with the product, we found that cleaning debris off the carpet was almost as good as the other vacuums, but when it came to hardwood, the MetroVac needed almost twice the number of passes than an average vacuum cleaner. This means that when cleaning using the MetroVac, customers would require several attempts to vacuum the same area to achieve the desired results.

The performance is below standard when it comes to cleaning after pets, this is because pet hair is stubborn and demands a really good vacuum to effectively remove it from fabric. The MetroVac was only able to remove a third of the hair found on the surface, therefore this vacuum cleaner may not be the best choice for pet users.



The body, together with the hose of this vacuum, is made from stainless steel, making it one of the most durable vacuum cleaners available in the market today. Despite the material used to construct the body, the vacuum still weighs an impressive four pounds. This is way less than some of the handheld vacuums which are constructed from plastic.

The MetroVac has a 500-watt motor that is powered by the mainline electric circuit, it features a long cord for users to get some more distance and freedom of cleaning away from the plug. Due to its powerful motor, the MetroVac Vac makes a bit of noise when in use, which makes it non-recommendable for people who are looking to clean quietly.

Accessories and Parts

The product comes with a variety of accessories ranging from a brush nozzle to a hose nozzle, allowing users more flexibility when using the vacuum. One notable accessory that the collection is lacking is a crevice tool which usually comes in handy for removing heavily-trapped debris from tight places.

Customer Service and Warranty

The MetroVac has a very simple and easy-to-use website. Customers can contact the support team via an online form, the toll-free phone number (800 822 1602) and email address ([email protected]). Alternatively, the site features a detailed FAQ section that discusses over a dozen common queries from returning an unused item to payment methods accepted to pricing.

Furthermore, the company outdoes itself on the generous five-year warranty offered to its customers. This is above the average one-year warranty given by other big-name brands in the industry.


The MetroVac Vac N Go AM-2B is aesthetically excellent with its unique model design and the sleek jet-black appearance. On their official website, it is said to be one of the best handheld vacuums in the market, and while it has slightly fallen short on occasion during our testing, the results were still satisfactory. Being a corded vacuum with a 500-watt motor, it did generally outshine the other vacuums in terms of suction power. However, we would not recommend it to pet owners as the product did not remove as much of the pet hair as desired.

Generally, if you are looking for a great and unique design, durability, light weight, and a long power cord, then this is the vacuum cleaner for you.

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