• 13/05/2021


Dirt Devil Accucharge hand vacuum is one of the first models to enter the industry as a cordless handheld vacuum with decent battery life. It is made from pure, hard plastic casing to protect it from damage and ensure durability. This review will help you understand its features and functionality.

This particular handheld vacuum is no stranger to online criticism from both the customers and critics alike. The opaque casing and design depict a vacuum cleaner of the earlier generations, therefore, it is one of the least visually-appealing handheld vacuums. But functionally, it gets the work done and is highly-recommended for those with health conditions like Asthma.


The Dirt Devil Classic is a cordless handheld vacuum and is useful for lifting different debris sizes from a range of home furniture, car seats, beddings, staircases and more. However, its performance varies depending on the dirt and surface that is being vacuumed. For instance, the Dirt Devil Accucharge was not as efficient for cleaning animal hair as it required multiple passes and yet, was still unable to remove half of the fur. For vacuuming hard flooring and flat surfaces, the results were satisfactory as the majority of the mess was cleaned within a few short passes.

Unfortunately, despite the device having a crevice tool fitted on the mouth of the vacuum, the Dirt Devil classic hand vacuum still does not do an excellent job in cleaning the crevices.



This vacuum cleaner has a 15.6 cadmium battery that supplies adequate power for the motor to run for seventeen continuous minutes, this amount of time is longer than the majority of other standard cordless handheld vacuums. Overall, it provides the user with a sufficient duration time to complete chores before the battery fully depletes.

Furthermore, it has an impressive recharge time of only six hours, courtesy of the Accucharge technology which reduces the charging rate as the battery charge nears full capacity and prevents the battery from being damaged by overcharging. As such, you can leave the vacuum on-charge for the whole day without damaging the batteries.

Accessories and Parts

This vacuum comes with a brush and crevice tool that helps remove stubborn debris which is lodged in tight crevices. The brush is considerably outdated as it needs to be used manually, as opposed to other handheld vacuums that are fitted with automated brushes.

Inside the opaque casing, there is a filter and dirt collection bag that can be removed, emptied, washed, and then re-used several times. This high-efficiency particulate air filter in the Dirt Devil Accucharge hand vacuum can remove up to 99.6% of all the particles in the air before release, making it incredibly user-friendly to asthmatics and homeowners with allergies.

One standout feature that this vacuum lacks is a hose. The importance of a hose is that it makes the hand vacuum more flexible to use, however, the absence of this useful tool is likely to keep the hand vacuum lightweight at three pounds.

Customer Service and Warranty

If help is needed, customers can contact the support team via the telephone and email. Unfortunately, the official website lacks a FAQ section, blogs, and instruction and maintenance videos, all of which are popular guides on competitor sites. However, one exceptional feature in their customer service is the brand’s generous three-year warranty for this vacuum cleaner which is more than what is provided from other major companies.


Dirt Devil Accucharge BD10045RED is a unique portable handheld vacuum with a reasonably decent battery life. Regarding its performance, the Dirt Devil classic hand vacuum can use some improvements, such as it has a low suction power and lacks a hose. From our trials, the vacuum was seen to only clean approximately half of the animal hair on the surface which is a below-average performance.

But on the plus side, it is fitted with a high-efficiency particulate air filter. Even with the average performance in many areas, the HEPA filter comes as a huge advantage as very few handheld vacuums exclusively include this feature. This handheld vacuum is highly-recommended for asthmatics and people allergic to dust. Finally, the Dirt Devil warranty is available longer than most brands at an impressive three years.

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