• 12/04/2021


If you’re in search of a mid-range garage opener for your home, then Chamberlain B550 is the perfect solution for you.

Consider Chamberlain B550 as the younger sibling of Chamberlain B970 which comes with added features and a higher price tag. But it retains most of the core features like built-in Wi-Fi, remote control and access, and quiet operation. This is a full-fledged garage door opener with each component delivered to you separately. You would have to take some pain and assemble it yourself from scratch which can be fun.


Smartphone-Enabled Remote Control

One of the best features of Chamberlain B550 is the fact that you can easily operate this garage door opener remotely. All you need to do is use the company’s proprietary mobile app, myQ, and you will be able to control the garage door on the go.

Upon reaching the garage doorstep, simply tap the screen of the app and the door will open for you. You can control it irrespective of whether you’re near the garage, inside your house, or thousands of kilometers away. You can also receive alerts on the opening and closing of the garage door through app. What’s more, you can also set a recurring schedule option to set schedules. Doing this will close the garage door and lights at a particular time automatically.

MED Lift Power

The motor delivers an equivalent of ½-horsepower and can easily lift a standard aluminum door. This is certainly better than some of its competitors which operate on 1¼-horsepower and ¾-horsepower.

The company further claims that the motor can do a lot more than lifting strong loads. It lasts longer due to its strong mechanical structure. With an extension kit, you can even lift 10-ft doors. The extra-strong belt system also claims to keep operations free from noise and vibrations.

Wireless Keypad

The wireless keypad allows you to access the garage even when you don’t have the remote control or key with you. You are just required to enter the confidential four-digit code and the door will open automatically. The door opener comes with the highest level of encryption technology and is weather-resistant.

Safety and Security

From a smart-home point of view, the Chamberlain B550 is definitely one of the best garage door openers in the market (especially in the price range). The door opener comes with an array of sensors which can sense the garage environment and take precautions.

For example, the pressure sensor senses the pressure automatically and lifts itself immediately in case of any hindrance. The electronic lock provided in the B550 model provides safety against forced opening. This way, whenever someone tries to open the garage door, the system will send an automatic alert message with a unique security code. The user then needs to enter the code thus received to be able to access the garage.

Secure Garage Delivery

If you’re an Amazon Prime user and order frequently, then this might be the best garage door opener. You can get parcels delivered straight into your garage when you aren’t available. myQ app will let you track the delivery process and you won’t miss out on any parcel deliveries because of your unavailability.

Easy Operations

Although the garage door opener is extremely easy to use and operate, it is not as quiet as it is claimed to be. It does make some noise while opening and closing.


The product comes in an unassembled state which means you would have to put things together on your own, doing so is no child’s play. It takes a level of expertise to install the garage door opener in your garage and have it working safely and securely. If you don’t possess much prior experience in handling such belt drive equipment, it’s best to get a helping hand and hire a professional.


When it comes to warranty, we feel, Chamberlain could perform better. When compared to other premium models of the brand, this garage door opener offers a shorter warranty. The motor comes with a coverage of 10 years, and the belt has a warranty of 15 years. Although the provided warranty coverage is satisfactory, it is not in line with the industry’s standards.


Concluding, we have mixed thoughts regarding this product.  But given the comparatively lower cost and an amazing range of features that it comes with, not to forget the 15-year belt warranty and 10-year motor warranty, this product is worth trying. Certainly, it is one of the best garage door openers available under $200 which comes with high-end features like quite operations, and built-in Wi-Fi along with the wireless keypad.

What are your views on this? What is your experience with Chamberlain B550? Let us know in the comments below!

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