• 12/04/2021


amersGate is one of the finest pioneers on the eGame marketplace scene – they are experienced, determined, and treat their customers with respect and frequent bonus discounts.

GamersGate is among the leading names in online game keys sites. Mainly focusing on PC and Mac titles (as well as some Linux/Android ones), the vendor operates with great excellence and tons of experience. Founded in 2006, they have been around long enough to provide customers with titles from EA, Bethesda Softworks, Ubisoft, SEGA, Epic Games, and many more. While some famous game titles are not to be found on their site, the niche gaming is highly supported. With over 6,000 purchasable games here, we doubt that dedicated gamers won’t find what they are looking for!

Overview of the Marketplace

The overall market volume at GamersGate consists of Client-Free and DRM-free games. No need to download a launcher as we can engage any game directly after purchasing. Being one of the first settlers in the eGame selling business, they rely on simplicity and quality content. The website is easily navigated to find the right title, and just a verified account is needed to reach the Buying Land.

Discount offers are always in place here, with an array of titles being in the list for long periods of time. There is even a $1 or Less Section packing some respected titles to acquire for a minimum price. In addition, the platform introduced a Free Games policy back in 2011. In return to watching a series of advertisements, users get to earn cash-free purchases just by sitting back while the ads do their thing.

Although GamersGate still falls a bit short from grand competitors like Steam, the site is incredibly helpful for searcher gamers. Yes, we can get almost anything at Steam but the smaller guys also have a lot to offer. In many cases, the prices here are more tempting and it always feels good to support the underdogs. Even if the underdog is massive in their own way.

Payment Methods

Going over to payment options, GamersGate doesn’t pack a lot of them. However, unlike other industries, we don’t need much to complete a simple purchase here. PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and Razer zGold are the four eligible cashier methods here. The fees are standard at €4 per purchase, and while Razer purchases are non-refundable, using the other three providers comes with an insurance.

This adds the extra safety needed to trust GamersGate as a vendor. Customer reviews on many sites also contribute to the nice image of the company. Although their main focus lands solely on Games (no in-game items), the eMarketplace introduces a unique feature for all users.

The Blue Coins scheme enables gamers to collect virtual currency. Yes, not World of Warcraft gold but Blue Coins to use while purchasing. Every game-buy results in a certain amount of BC rewarded to our account. Furthermore, enthusiasts can write game reviews, rank games, and take part in the Game Tutor Program. All of those accumulate Blue Coins which we can later use as a replacement of real cash. But be it by money or by Coins, finding and claiming a chosen item at GamersGate is breezeless. Everything on the site is located within a few clicks so we shouldn’t experience issues on that end.

Tips for Buyers

While having purchase insurance, we advise users to avoid Razer zGold as a payment method. It is still good but why not have the extra safety value added? GamersGate ratings can be checked in many Customer Review websites while each game in their catalog comes with statistics – user rating, extended reviews, and all system requirements needed.

Help and Support

Keeping it old-school, GamersGate doesn’t offer a Live Chat support feature. However, they are more than happy to aid you via an email form. Account concerns, payments, download/install issues and more are covered by the dedicated Support team so gamers have the needed assistance if needed. There is also an FAQ page suited to answer an extensive list of commonly asked questions.


GamersGate is somewhat of a unique eGame marketplace. They have a twelve-year history in the biz, with many additions to their site over the years. The constant expansion and development put them in the high ranks of virtual game purchasing. The incredible game volume is enough to start our spark while gathering Blue Coins left and right. Constant discounts and easily navigated buying process are two of the most special features of the site. An overall trustworthy place to acquire our gaming goods!

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