• 13/04/2021


G2A is an online gaming repository that allows you to access, browse, and purchase any of the games that you love at the most affordable prices around, and all of it happens from the convenience of your mobile device.

Just to make it clear from the start, G2A is a Game Key site aimed towards user interactions. They don’t sell games on their own but rather let customer offer and purchase game keys/content via their platform. This is the first positive side of G2A as it eliminates the risk of too-good-to-be-true prices. Some gamers can look at an item skeptically at first but keep in mind, different games are valued at different prices across the globe. So we can easily find an expensive title for way less (than we expected) right here!

Overview of the Marketplace

The G2A Marketplace offers an easy-to-use and remarkably fast service with top-notch security for both sellers and buyers, ensuring every customer on G2A is safe and satisfied. The large number of sellers makes the marketplace very competitive, allowing for exceptionally low prices and affordability.

There’s no bigger marketplace for digital products or virtual items in the world than G2A. Over 19 million G2A customers have access to over 75 thousand digital or virtual products and items. All the products and items on the website come from over 400 thousand manufacturers.

And this is just the beginning. At G2A, gamers will find a long list of beneficial features to take benefit from. G2A Direct offers developers and publishers, among other benefits, a customized storefront with a dedicated account manager on G2A.COM. G2A Plus gets us premium subscription service that boosts our shopping experience. G2A News lets us in on the latest gaming industry updates for the G2A community – reviews of the newest releases, contests, and more.

The G2A Loot enables collecting Loot Point by doing various actions on the site but most of all – opening video game loot cases in exchange for them. Moving on to the G2A Goldmine, the affiliate program lets customers earn money for promotion products available with the brand. Other options to explore are also the G2A Arena and the G2A Esports. We would keep a close eye on the last one as the eSports field is vastly expanding and we wouldn’t miss being a part of it!

Payment Methods

Having such an expansive list of sellers, G2A takes Item Updates seriously. Each new seller gets a spot on the block, and game purchasers can quickly locate the best deals for their preferred titles. With prices starting at less than a dollar, there is surely a nice deal for you to grasp.

As for payments, we get to use over 200+ transaction vendors – PayPal, Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, and Bitcoin are just a few of the existing options. What is more, each G2A purchase comes with an insurance. The security plus costs around a Euro but defends us against fake or incorrect codes.

Tips for Buyers

Buying directly from another player rather than the trusted site can be frustrating for some. The main things to remember are the Rating of the Seller, Feedback, and Purchase Insurance. We have the last one on-demand at G2A while the other two can be easily checked. Whenever we choose an item, we can inspect the sellers’ profile, see their overall rating, and even add a feedback of our own – to praise them or warn other buyers about them.

Help and Support

Customer support consists mainly of a knowledge base where you will click through pages of frequently asked questions or FAQs. To be fair, the knowledge base can help you in some instances, but if you have a query that is not covered in the FAQs, then you will need to send in a support ticket and wait for a relatively long time to get a response.


G2A.com is the world’s largest marketplace for trading in-game digital items. It is a gamer-to-gamer marketplace where you can purchase from other players’ virtual currency, items, boosting services and trading cards for nearly 50 MMORPG and online games, including Metro Exodus, Darksiders III, Call of Duty, ArcheAge, Aion, FIFA 16, Counter Strike, Final Fantasy XIV, League of Legends, Clash of Clans, Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic and World of Warcraft. You can also sell the above items to g2g.com and earn money from playing your favorite game!

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