• 14/06/2021


Daily Game Sale represents the image of a modern eGame marketplace – swift, mobile optimized, and full of amazing offers.

Daily Game Sale is one of the newest additions to the Game Keys sites pack. They come equipped with a modernistic interface, easy to navigate website and a vast list of gaming titles from leading developers to offer. Mainly aimed at Game selling, the company operates on a Stock Up-scheme. They work directly with famous gaming brands and this lets them have your favorite game in stock. The inventory there is updated daily, with real-time pricing and content adjustments. The in-depth search possibilities here are amazing, too, so let’s dive into the review!

Overview of the Marketplace

Great deals across many game titles can be found at Daily Game Sale. They support Microsoft, Origin, Uplay, Xbox Live, PlayStation, and Steam titles – each of them comes with neat discounts on a scheduled cycle so users can save the most money while purchasing. For example, games like Fallout 4 and Doom have a 70% save-money value at the moment of writing this article.

The amazing inclusion of Windows products enables buying the most recent OS versions at whopping discounts. We can get Windows 10 Professional OEM with an 81% off-value. This can turn any expensive software into a casual purchase at the right time. All Daily Game Sale products are aligned conveniently on the main page. We get to choose a category and proceed with browsing by names. Having such a huge titles list, this may take some time but the results will be worth it.

While there isn’t a dedicated virtual currency at the platform, Daily Game Sale offers a splendid Affiliate program for their customers. Telling our friends about a certain game can earn us real cash depending on the price and sell rate of the title. Starting with under 10% for popular games, we can enhance this percentage to over 60 with OS products and less played titles. For instance, we earn nearly €28 if we manage to “sell” Mass Effect: Andromeda to another gamer. With a current price of €42.23, we get more than the site themselves. All we need to enter the Affiliate action is a verified PayPal account.

Payment Methods

Even if we don’t need transaction providers to collect our Affiliate profits, even simple purchases at Daily Game Sale are covered by the main payment processors in the field. PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, and eCheck are eligible for us.

Picking a game title sends us straight to the Purchase Screen where we see the total price, our fees, and possible discounts. We get to choose a payment method and proceed with completion. Daily Game Sale is regulated in line with modern online payment structures and we didn’t find anything to scare us off while browsing and test-purchasing there.

Buying a game comes with some of the lowest purchase fees we have encountered so far. A simple tax of under one Euro is just a formality while PayPal brings added security element to the process. Credit/Debit cards are also a safe bet to use for expanding our game collection – once we have completed the transfer, game keys and launchers will be sent to us in a matter of minutes.

Tips for Buyers

There is a number of ultimate tips for acquiring games/in-game content at any eGame marketplace. First off, we need to verify the ratings of the vendor. If a thousand customer reviews say that it’s a bad one, chances are the mass is right. However, dualistic reviews may be the result of salty players and spiteful customers. Reaching the higher positive review percentage, we can safely say that Daily Game Sale offers spectacular services.

No item/skin trading is possible here so we wouldn’t discuss it a lot. Just a reminder, however, try to always stick to verified exchange services when going for such actions. On the other hand, the possibility to help the site in their sales opens up a new door to us – be sure to present your gamer friends with an objective feedback on the site. If they like it and join, you will also be benefited!

Help and Support

Keeping it simple, customer support here comes in the form of an email contact. Open seven days a week, with reasonable business hours, the support option is quick to respond and bring issue resolutions of high-efficiency levels.


Daily Game Sale definitely has the means to become an eGame marketplace giant in future years. They are determined, user-friendly, and innovative. The cool Affiliate program lets us earn money, too, and the amazing game variety (along with Windows Products) completes the bright picture in front of us!

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