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Thrive Life is a competitive, emergency food source that offers an ideal balance between long-term food storage options and good flavor. This article is going to review its top features, pros, cons, as well as its usage.

Thrive Life began with the mission of motivating families to consume healthier meals, as well as to get more people in the kitchen. Owned by Shelf Reliance, the company was founded in 2004 with the initial aim of selling food storage shelves, and in 2007, they launched their own line of foods. Two years later, they started a direct sales method for the food line. Its new headquarters in American Fork was opened in 2011. Thrive Life stores its food in cans instead of food storage containers and packets to retain its excellent flavors for a reasonable period of time (20 years).


Thrive Life packages its own food and sells them through portable cans. They have a large variety of tasty ingredients that can be used to cook your own meals to meet your preference.


The company proudly offers the common food pyramid essentials i.e. vegetables, fruits, dairy products, a small selection of high in fat options, and more. In addition, there are canned seeds available, for corn, squash, red beets, lettuce, and a lot of other vegetables. They have meal options for vegetarian and gluten-free diets, this is an important addition because the market is increasingly becoming more health-conscious. Their model of selling a lot of ingredients makes it easy to incorporate individual ingredients into your daily life, so your storage is constantly used and renewed. Their single ingredient products are flash-frozen, dried, and put into a can with an oxygen absorber without preservatives for a longer shelf life.


Their shelving helps keep your cans organized because the oldest cans stay in front so they can be used first. This is important because their food has a shorter life span (20 years) when compared to its competitors. While it isn’t entirely necessary to buy their specialized Thrive Life shelving, it makes the process easier. The shelving is front-loading and uses gravity to make the newer cans stay at the back to ensure the ones in front are older.

Food Quality

When checking the quality, some foods such as beans, sugar, rice, wheat, rolled oats, and other whole grains don’t really vary between brands. This is different for other products like powdered milk and frozen dried produce i.e. meat and cheese. Generally, Thrive foods are flash frozen within 12-24 hours after harvesting, which conserves the nutrients and freshness, for example, blueberries. This aligns with the statistics that says flash frozen blueberries have up to 40% more calcium than store-bought. When their products are bought, it is guaranteed that their cans are always full. Some other brands sell their products half-full which increases the cost per serving.

Additional USP features

Extra services provided by Thrive Life includes a recipe archive which shares various recipes from chefs, consultants, and customers. This feature is popular amongst the industry, as it effectively teaches customers how to expand their cooking skills, as well as guides them on how to correctly use the company’s products.

The majority of their foods do not contain preservatives, additives, or artificial flavors. These Thrive survival foods can essentially save your life when you are hard-pressed to go out and buy for yourself.

Shipping and Pricing

Thrive food may not the cheapest brand, but it is definitely not among the most expensive brands. There are opportunities and methods to purchase their food for less. Their shipping rates are applied as follows:

  • 12% for orders with subtotals of $300 and under
  • 7% for orders with a subtotal $300+

The above rates are only for destinations in the contiguous US. Shipping. For outside of the contiguous U.S, a minimum shipping cost per order of $8 will be charged.

They offer a full refund on all items returned within 30 days of delivery, provided that the order is in its original packaging and condition. One minor downside is that the customer will be responsible for the return fees.

Customer Support

Thrive Life hosts a wholesome and comprehensive support structure, for example, the brand hosts a monthly cooking show, and there is plenty of details on their products via YouTube videos, as well as the essentials to have in an emergency food kit. This is all available directly on the website. A standout feature is the inventive online tool, Thrive Q, which enhances the shopping experience at Thrive Life. This allows customers to select a product queue that can be easily managed and set delivery in line with the budget and schedule of the customer.

Their site is very easy to navigate with a lot of informative articles and a FAQ section. However, if your query is not answered on the site, the support team are readily available to assist through three different contact methods: live chat, a toll-free number/telephone (877-743-5373) between the hours of 2 pm and 5 pm, and through email ([email protected]).


Based on our Thrive life review, we highly recommend the food storage company.  The company has continued to grow increasingly since its launch in 2004, to which they credit their success to their affordable, healthy and convenient food line. Their products are stored in thick cans that are double-lined to prevent rust from building up from the outside and to keep the food tasting fresh. Lastly, their customer support team is regarded as one of the best in the industry because of its education information and nutritious cooking shows and recipes. If you are too busy to buy ingredients to cook or are going on a long camping trip, then Thrive Life is going to make your life easier and save you a lot of time and money while doing so.


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