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My Patriot Supply, is a company that deals with food storage provider. It provides a lot of food supplies including emergency food supplies and dietary meals. This My Patriot Supply review will provide a concise and detailed analysis of the company’s products and services.

My Patriot Supply is a company that specializes in the production and sale of various emergency food ingredients, fulfilling a wide range of dietary demands, as well as online survival information. Launched in 2000 and based in the United States, the company was founded by Steven Shenk, who believes that all emergency supplies should be easily accessible and stored by everyone across the country. Two decades later, it has made great progress in the provision of products and the successful running of its e-commerce website, offering both freeze-dried and canned foods which can come in handy in times of crisis, natural disasters, and even scarcity.


The company’s top features and services on survival information serve as main contributions to its success, the following will discuss how My Patriot Supply distinguishes itself from its competitors.


My Patriot Supply understands the need for variety and therefore has made a wide range of unique emergency products and supplies that suit both the dietary needs and emergency needs of its customers. The company’s official website also provides survival information that helps people prepare for unforeseen events such as disasters or crisis that could lead to a loss of food supplies. Aside from food products, it also offers water purification systems, sources of heating, water filtrations, and many more.

Customers can purchase what they need from the user-friendly e-commerce website with little-to-no difficulty.

Food & Nutritional Options

Food supplies provided by My Patriot Supply are in the form of freeze-dried, dehydrated or canned. Although they come in a wide selection of dietary choices, most of them can easily be prepared by adding water. Due to the special packaging of food supplies, the company is able to provide products that can last for a month and up to a year.

Food Supply

Unlike a lot of companies that offer the same services, My Patriot Supply ensures it puts customers first in terms of expenses and diet. In addition to a large number of recipes, ingredients, and food supplies that the company provides, My Patriot Supply offers packages with complete meals for one month, two months, six months, and one year supply. Furthermore, the company features an Emergency Food Estimator tool that assists customers in planning survival meals and managing food supplies for a large number of people which is helpful in times of a catastrophe.

Shipping & Pricing

Shipping with My Patriot Supply is available anywhere through contiguous United States. Through special discounts, clients are able to get free shipping on purchases that are $99 and over, whereas purchases less than $99 will face a charge of $7.95.

In Alaska and Hawaii, free shipping is not available, instead, the charge is based on the weight of the order and varies accordingly.

Customer Support

Customers can get in touch with the support team through a range of methods, including:

  • Online Form
  • Telephone: 0160 337 9154
  • Fax: 0161 335 0829
  • Email: [email protected]

In addition, the company has a few social media handles, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, where customers can message the company’s representatives directly and get the latest news, information, and events (this also applies to the company’s newsletter).



19+ years since its launch and My Patriot Supply is still regarded as being one of the best available companies to meet the survival and emergency food needs of people across America, this is through continuously providing high-quality food and water goods to those who need it most. Its amazing choice of products includes fruits, essential meats, and vegetarian and gluten-free food. Due to the food sold being dehydrated or freeze-dried, they are made to last for a reasonable amount of time (though it is shorter in comparison to other brands that guarantee 20 to 25 shelf life). Ultimately, My Patriot Supply enables people to easily and efficiently make out survival meal plans which are most helpful during a crisis and emergency situation.

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