• 13/05/2021


BePrepared Emergency Essentials is a very unique company that handles the provision of the essentials that people need during natural disasters. This review aims to highlight the brand’s top features, customer support, and the benefits offered.

BePrepared Emergency Essentials has proven to be one of the best and most established companies offering long-term food storage services to the public. Since it was founded in 1987 by Emergency Essentials Inc, the number of employees and products has grown rapidly. Today, it provides the essentials that people may be in desperate need of during natural disasters. These essentials include water, survival food, entrées, cereals, vegetables, egg, fruits, desserts, drinks, and many more. It exhibits the art of preserving food that is both satisfying and delicious. The company sells meals ready to eat (MRE) and also provides water storage, including filters and purification products, barrels, and tanks.



Despite having a wide range of affordable products available, it is not overwhelming to explore the website as everything can be easily filtered to best match your needs and requirements. Food products are specially crafted and come in the form of freeze-dried, dried, and dehydrated foods. Some of these products come in a variety of packages from large and small cans to food buckets, and meal pouches to pails of grains, legumes, and other bulk foods.

Food supplies are not the only products offered by the company. In fact, auto kits, bug-out bags, and emergency kits are also provided, and featured frequently in the sale section are camping and emergency gears.

Each product comes with a 30-day guarantee so you can be sure that any problems you have with their materials can be resolved as soon as possible.

Food & Nutritional Options

Food is always readily available for purchase. Each food supply is made to deliver a whole lot of nutritional values, with the majority having a long shelf life of up to 25 years. In fact, they go a long way in ranging from bulk mres (meals ready to eat) to survival food.

Water is not left out as the store does provides both clean fluids and filtering equipment, a combination of the two could make all the difference between life and death during a serious emergency.

Shipping & Pricing

Despite selling affordable products, BePrepared offers discounts on selected items, some of these discounts are as high as 62% off the market value. For new customers, a 15% discount will be applied on their first order, a generous offer like this is not easy to find in the industry.

Shipping rates of the company is considered low. When customers order the minimum quantity of any Group Special, the shipping rates are free. However, depending on the customer’s total price of their order, the shipping rates vary between prices, the rates are as follows:

  • Total Price: $60.00 =$6.00 (shipping)
  • Total Price: $60.01-$120.00 =$9.00 (shipping)
  • Total Price: $120.01+ = $12.00 (shipping)

If customers’ orders are damaged upon arrival, notify the company immediately and they will send a replacement package pronto.

Customer Support

BePrepared Emergency Essentials provides its customers with the right level of support. The opening hours for the customer support team are from Monday-Friday 8 am to 5 pm. On the company’s official website, there is a thorough support center where customers can open a ticket which will get them in contact with a representative within minutes, they can also use this to track the process i.e. how long is left to be connected to a company agent, and the responses. Alternatively, there are two contact support telephone numbers available which are: 800-999-1863 and 855-411-3161 (preparedness specialist).

There’s also an FAQ page (‘Help’), located in the footer of the website which discusses several topics relating to the brand and its products, not limited to Non-GMO and Gluten-Free, orders and shipments, and nutritional facts, ingredients, and manufacturing process, and more. Lastly, by subscribing to their email service, customers could enjoy the latest Prep guide, articles, and helpful tools.


One thing that makes BePrepared Emergency Essentials stand out is the product variety it offers which range from packages of little cans to larger food buckets, and from freeze-dried to dehydrated foods. Their speed of service is also something of worth as bulk MRES ensure their products remain readily available to customers, and coupled with a mouth-watering discount system, it’s plain to see how this company betters its competitors. Customers on a budget can rely on BePrepared Emergency Essentials as they offer survival products at very cheap prices and provide great discounts via promo codes. Water filtering equipment, desalination tools, and emergency stoves serve as great ways to ensure you do not lack clean drinking water during an emergency. Finally, should customers have a question or concern, they can get in touch the customer support team through two different methods, in addition to reading the FAQ section, and the articles and blogs on the website.


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