• 13/04/2021


This all-in-one travel app searches millions of flights over 1,200 travel partners in seconds. A winner of many, many awards.

SkyScanner is an Edinburgh based travel search site that lists cheap flights, hotels, and cars. The website has over thirty languages to switch from and has a monthly usage of 60 million people. SkyScanner offers fewer options compared to other travel search sites, though it is ideal for travelers with limited funds for their travel expedition. Their website is straightforward with the front page showing a flight price filter based on the visitors’ ideal destination and departure date.


It is absolutely free to use SkyScanner for travel search. Visitors to this site will not be asked for a subscription fee or any other kind of charge. There are numerous discounts, promos and other cost-saving deals advertised to take advantage of at SkyScanner. Actually, at the time of writing, there wasn’t a single promo. However, for best prices industry experts recommend you delete your computer cookies to prevent biased price results.

Simple and easy to use website Limited options – the site doesn’t have cruises and other options
Has a free mobile app for both Android and IOs Limited filters on search parameters
Multiple international sites
The website loads faster during search compared to its rivals

Customer Support

Unlike other travel comparison sites, SkyScanner allows its users to type in their issue or query in a search bar where dozens of articles with possible answers will come up. For example, if the customer types in ‘flights’, these results appear:

  • When are flights least expensive?
  • Direct flights
  • How do I search one-way flights?
  • Connecting flights

Alternatively, users can choose any one of the following categories:

  • Searching
  • Bookings
  • Prices
  • Traveling

When customers click on one of these categories, they will be taken to another page where a list of related and commonly asked questions await.

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