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HomeDNA is a high-resolution DNA test kit providing precise information on the history of your family, the geographical location, and the migration pattern of your ancestors throughout the world.

HomeDNA is considered today as one of the most accurate DNA ancestry test kits on the market. Using DNA collected from a simple cheek swab, more than 1000 reference populations, and 41 gene pools, HomeDNA offers you the chance, not only to identify the genetic composition of your ancestry, but also to geographically estimate the location and the origins of your DNA back to 1000 years ago.

One of the most precise and accessible DNA ancestry tests The test does not distinguish maternal and paternal lines
Uses 80,000 genetic markers, 41 gene pools, and more than 1000 reference populations This test will not provide answers for drawing a pedigree and matching possible relatives
Identifies a specific geographic location for each of your ancestral gene pools (discover and to learn about the lives of your earliest ancestors, where they lived, their circumstances, and their history)
Features an interactive map

Pricing and Collection

HomeDNA provides the HomeDNA ancestry test kit for $199. Included in the price are cotton swabs to collect buccal DNA samples, user instructions, a postage-paid envelope to mail the DNA samples back to the company’s lab, and the DNA analysis results. Shipping is free in the USA but extra shipping charges apply for international orders. These charges vary between $30 and $75 according to countries.

There are two additional versions of the HomeDNA ancestry test, for the price of $199: A HomeDNA ancestry test-African edition specifically intended for individuals of African descent, and a HomeDNA ancestry test-Asian edition for individuals with Asian descent. These two tests use respectively African-specific and Asian-specific gene pools for the DNA ancestry analysis.

In case you have data available from a previous DNA test, there’s no need to submit new DNA samples, you can simply upload your DNA data to be analysed by the DNA origins algorithm for the mere price of 39$. HomeDNA accepts data from the following companies: 23andMe, Ancestry.com, National Geographic Geno 2.0, and the Family Tree DNA Family Finder test.

DNA origins Ancestry Test $199
DNA origins Ancestry Test-African Edition $199
DNA origins Ancestry Test-Asian Edition $199
DNA origins Algorithm-Upload Your Raw Data $39

How do I take the test?

  1. Purchase the HomeDNA ancestry test from the online store at Homedna.com.
  2. You will subsequently receive a kit containing cheek swabs, a detailed user information, and a kit’s unique barcode.
  3. Register your kit’s barcode online at Homedna.com.
  4. Proceed to collect your DNA by using the cheek swabs
  5. Mail the samples back to the company’s lab with the provided and prepaid envelope.
  6. You will be notified by an email as soon as the lab receives your samples.
  7. The processing of the DNA and the genetic analysis by the scientific team will take up to six weeks. When the report is ready and uploaded online, you will receive another email to access your secure account and view your results.

Features and Reports

Once the DNA samples are obtained from the cheek swabs, they are screened for more than 80,000 autosomal genetic markers, which consist of highly conserved DNA points of variation that are inherited through generations. The result is a unique genetic code for each individual. Using the HomeDNA algorithm, this personal genetic code is then cross-checked with more than 9000 reference populations and 41 gene pools. Reference populations are publicly available referenced datasets representing samples of individuals at a specific time range. Each population consists of a distinct mixture of gene pools, the collective genetic information which defined ancestral populations living in a specific region and with no contact with other populations.

The results of the test include an online and printable report with a gene pool profile and the DNA percentages you inherited from each ancestral population, maps of the top three ancestral origins with the corresponding DNA percentages, and a map detailing the geographical migration patterns of your maternal and paternal lineage highlighted by the historical migration stories and the circumstances that your ancestors survived.

An online interactive map is also available. It enables you to zoom into the geographical location of your ancestors and to discover the cities where they lived or migrated to.

Security and Privacy

Private information and DNA profiles are not sold or distributed to any other company or third party. No additional testing or data processing, other than the experiments, are used to generate the DNA profile of the client. Furthermore, you can request the company at any time to destroy your raw data.

Help and Support

If you’ve got questions, HomeDNA has the answers. The site features a detailed FAQ section with pre-answered to popular questions like My Account and Results, Privacy, Genetics Basics etc. However, if you prefer to get in contact with a representative from the Customer Support team, you can do so by filling out an online form on the site or calling them on 1-800-281-2916. The customer support team is available during business hours from Monday–Friday from 8 am to 5 pm EST. Alternatively, you can write to them at:

DNA Diagnostics Center, 1 DDC Way, Fairfield, OH 45014

About HomeDNA

HomeDNA’s Ancestry test is a DNA testing kit providing accurate information on your genetic ancestry, the precise geographical location of your ancestors and their migration pattern throughout history.

Comparison to Competitors in the Market

Unlike AncestryDNA and 23andMe who focus on countries while tracking the gene pool, HomeDNA primarily focusses on ancestry DNA regions. It is so advanced in its search that it sometimes tracks DNA back to a particular town or village. In addition, HomeDNA serves your need for finding out where you come from rather than what you are made up of. Thus, you can trace your ancestors and their migratory journeys. However, if you are interested in your genetic makeup, you might want to consider other online at home DNA tests. Further, like 23andMe, it does not have any provisions for uploading your own family tree. We can only hope that changes soon!

The most striking feature of HomeDNA is its pet sensitivity tests and its home paternity tests. Starting from identifying the breed of the dog to its health, skin care and so on, HomeDNA does it all! What makes HomeDNA more of a favorite is that it you can upload raw DNA data from companies like 23andMe, Ancestry.com, and many others and processes results according to the test selected by the user. Though it has its privacy policies in place, you can ask for your information to be removed from their database at any point in time.


Thus, if you are on a quest to trace your lineage, HomeDNA is your one-stop solution. Though the cost of the DNA test is more than Familyfinder DNA, It has won people all over the world with its accurate DNA testing results, its unique DNA facts and a wide database of gene pools. It also caters to nonprofessionals with its visually interactive maps and graphs and projects results simply yet effectively.



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