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New Era Debt Solutions is among the Titans of the debt relief industry and it seems they aren’t planning on leaving it anytime soon.

Established in 1999, New Era Debt Solutions has landed a suitable name to enter the new millennia of debt consolidation companies. In their own claims, they have managed to settle over $200 million for their in-debt clients so far, which is certainly an impressive figure! They claim to be fully dedicated to all customers, with one specific goal in mind – ridding them of the burden of debt forever. The company shines with its transparency and reachability across the US, making it one of the best debt settlement companies.

Since they have been around longer than most competitors, they are some of the most competent debt settlement lawyers, aiming to make as many of their customers debt free. They explain every aspect of debt settlement clearly so that every customer can understand their options and possible outcomes. Most unsecured debts are accepted there, with lower fees and shorter turnaround time frames.

How Much Does it Cost?

Being one of the oldest figures in debt relief services, New Era Debt Solutions offers noticeably lower charging fees compared to almost all rival brands in the industry. Starting at 16% and going up only to 20%, the settlement service establishment also treats military members and veterans with special terms on each contract. Also, enrollment fees are only applied in the case of a successful negotiation process.

Saving with New Era Debt Solutions, on the other hand, is quite beneficial for their customers. An astounding over 56% savings rate can be accomplished by them due to their proven excellence and negotiation skills. This allows debts of $600 or more to be considered as tax incomes after a positive negotiation outcome.

For Example

“$10,000 in total debt can result in a growth of $14,489 for the full duration of the settlement program. This adds up to over $8,000 in possible maximum savings for US citizens before applying fees.”

What Happens After Signing Up?

Instead of letting you explore the debt settlement environment on your own, New Era Debt Solutions keeps their counseling close. A team of debt relief experts will be assigned to your account after finalizing the sign-up process. These experts will provide you with a debt management plan. In addition, a welcome package is in place to provide program clarifications and a dedicated Contacts Directory to maintain contact with your credit associates.

The second step here is to start saving up funds. Negotiations are void if you don’t have enough to pay the settled amount once it arrives. An escrow account will keep any monthly payments accumulating until it’s time to withdraw them. This is also the turning point in multiple creditor payments on a monthly basis. You are free to keep those on hold and just charge funds in your trust account.

You can choose to send monthly payments to New Era Debt Solutions or pick an automated function and link your paycheck with the escrow account at their company. Both cases result in the start of overcoming your debts and credit consolidation.

Next, negotiations – New Era teams will strive to bring the needed debt to be paid to a minimum amount. Even a small funding towards creditors is perceived in a positive way so they can reach the optimal target in the future. Furthermore, the settlement company doesn’t stop just yet. They will work towards acquiring the desired savings percentage at all costs. Once an agreement is in place, they will ask for permission to transfer the funds to creditors, take away their fees, and leave you debtless.

Trust and Reputation

The A+ BBB rating on New Era Debt Solutions speaks enough by itself and the fact that it’s updated daily speaks even louder! The vast percentage of customer reviews on the Internet show positive experiences with them, and there are quite enough reasons why. They’re a helpful, professional brand with some of the highest savings accomplishments out there. All popular debt settlement forums back up the mass opinion that New Era Debt Solutions are to be trusted. The IAPDA and USAAB accreditations don’t hurt either.

NEDS is 100% compliant with FTC TSR ruling and provides full disclosure and transparency in all matters, including success rates. With this, they’ve presented hundreds of 100% completed clients, assuring your trust in their company and its capability to deliver on its promises. This isn’t simply one sided, as customers have given impressive testimonials about the work conducted by New Era Debt Solutions.

If you’re unsure about it, read this article to help you decide if debt consolidation is the right choice for you.

Other services offered

Aside from the regular debt consolidation services, New Era Debt Solutions also offers a plethora of other services, covering the entire field of debt management in any form. Some of these services are:

  • Filing for bankruptcy
  • Debt solutions
  • Debt relief programs
  • Debt reduction services
  • Debt negotiation services
  • Debt consolidation with bad credit
  • Credit debt consolidation
  • Credit card debt consolidation
  • Credit card debt relief
  • Credit card debt reduction
  • Consumer debt negotiation

You can use any or all of these services as you see fit. Before choosing a service though, you may want to go through their free debt analysis to find out exactly which service would be best fitted for your needs and how much time and money you can save by choosing their services instead of just doing it yourself or picking another company. To get the analysis, just visit NEDS’ website and scroll down. While New Era Debt Solutions will do whatever it takes to avoid going to court over specific fees, they still have a number of professional attorneys ready to negotiate your debts even in court!

The debts taken on by this company can include credit cards, old repossessions or judgments, signature loans, department store cards, private student loans in default or other unsecured debts. Also, New Era Debt Solutions cannot take on any car loans, federal student loans, credit union debts, medical or hospital bills, home mortgages or other secured debts.


New Era Debt Solutions offers a number of educative materials via their blog. This information may help their customers and readers as it is focused on keeping you afloat instead of indebted. How to negotiate a raise at work, how to manage your finances more responsibly or even how to avoid getting into any debt in the first place – all of this is covered in their blog and will assist you in making good financial decisions. Currently, their blog offers over 160 articles, blog posts, videos and all kinds of informational content to help you make it on your own, without the need for a debt settlement company!

Customer Support

The support team at New Era Debt Solutions has come a long way since the beginning. They are extremely thorough when it comes to resolving issues and can be reached by phone or email. Both contact forms are open at all times, with the first one being faster in response times. It is also toll-free, which is just a neat addition to their efficiency and dedication.

New Era Debt Solutions also has a few alternative methods of contact, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, which they use to host their educational videos and various video materials for your use.

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