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Freedom Debt Relief is a highly respected debt relief brand, with almost a two-decade history and thousands of positive reviews all over the US.

When it comes to proudly named debt consolidation companies, Freedom Debt Relief doesn’t fall away from the perfect center. Their journey began in 2002, thanks to the efforts of Stanford Business School members searching for debt management solutions. Their main goal is to assist people with fewer possibilities to prevent debts from piling on and so far, they seem to be doing a great job. Since their start seventeen years ago, they have managed to reach the heights of debt settlement brands and comfortably continue their run today, leaving many debt free customers in their wake. Freedom Debt Relief is especially popular because of their involvement in various Texas debt consolidations in the past in an effort to clean up the third most indebted state on the national level.

How Much Does it Cost?

The first positive side of going for debt settlement with Freedom Debt Relief is the lack of upfront fees. They operate with the sole idea to first settle your debts and then proceed to charge their fees. All payments to them are placed in monthly funding through a trust account. This is what makes them one of the best debt settlement companies out there.

Depending on your total debt and monthly payment affordability, an ordinary debt management plan lasting between 24 and 48 months is to be expected. The service provider keeps it simple when it comes to enrolment fees – 18%-25% at max so customers can easily calculate how much they would end up paying and saving in all possible outcomes of the program.

With their updated terms of use, Freedom Debt Relief added a 60-month settlement program to their pool of services – it comes with a lower minimum fee of 15%. As for savings, you can expect a number between 15% and 35% at the end of the cycle.

For Example

“Instead of costs, let’s look at a saving example – a $60,000 total debt at an APR of 16.99% can get you a whopping $166,920 debt relief at the end of the program. Each monthly payment, in this case, accounts for $926 over 46 months.”

What Happens After Signing Up?

Signing up is just the first thing to do when engaging Freedom Debt Relief, after the free consultation with one of their debt settlement lawyers, of course. This puts you on a fast track to debt relief. Secondly, customers need to begin saving funds to settle their debts once they are negotiated properly by Freedom Debt Relief. An FDIC-secured trust account is set in place to hold your payments until this moment comes. It is easy to track the statistics in the account as the company’s website is designed to serve online users. It also enables a stop-point in contacting several creditors – Freedom Debt Relief covers each of them if you have added them to the debt list.

Negotiations are up for action after that. The debt relief establishment discusses possible settlements with each creditor separately and this includes credit card debt relief. Once your account state reaches the needed sum, your credit associates contact the companies again to finalize the debt settling. Such a process requires a lot of experience and some tricks up the sleeve so make sure to trust only highly reviewed services when it comes to it. Keep in mind, debt relief attempts rarely succeed on the first try, so keep calm and let the professionals handle it.

Upon reaching a settlement amount, Freedom Debt Relief will inform you of each option for the taking. Only a unique personal authorization will grant them access to the trust account in order to pay off your debts. All that’s left is rebuilding the credit score that took a hit during the debt relief program. This is the credit consolidation part, which is secured through multiple consolidated credit solutions.

Trust and Reputation

Not to raise it as a red flag but Freedom Debt Relief carries an A- BBB rating. This shouldn’t concern you as it is just a thing to mention in order to inform potential customers. Their rating however, comes from a vast sea of customer reviews and this explains why an A+ is harder to reach. Trustpilot, on the other hand, displays thousands of accredited debt relief reviews, with an overall mark of Excellent.

As far as accreditation goes, the company is backed up by the AFCC and is a Platinum Member of the IAPDA. Those two are enough to guarantee transparent services and a high quality of settlement skills alone. Anything further is left for the customer to praise and there have been an astounding amount of praises over time.

And if you are still unsure, read our article on what to avoid when choosing a debt consolidation program.

Customer Support

Polite and friendly customer support employees are available for contact via email and telephone at Freedom Debt Relief, meaning you can call or you can send an email. When you start working with the company, any debt settlement letters will also be sent to this email. There isn’t a live chat function but we don’t see it as needed as both forms are speedy enough to resolve most issues within minutes. Just an advice, the phone option may be more beneficial for swifter solutions.

When you call the Freedom Debt Relief customer support, you aren’t speaking to random outsourced workers. Instead, you get a certified debt consultant that will talk to you about making your life better through getting rid of your debt. These consultants are available seven days a week during working hours. Also, you can call a customer service representative every single day if you need to talk to somebody about problems with the company itself. This is great thinking on Freedom Debt Relief‘s part to make sure that their business always delivers top-notch customer service and that customers always leave happy.

Finally, you can use social media to contact Freedom Debt Relief, as they are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, while using YouTube to host all of their educational videos.

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