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With a dozen lifestyle dating options, you are guaranteed to meet your harmonious match in no time. They could be anywhere in the country, or even in the same region.

eHarmony launched way back in 2000, and despite going through numerous user interfaces upgrades over the year – the guts of the site, the trademarked 29 Dimensions of Compatibility – remains unchanged and untouched. Almost two decades later, it is still one of the most popular dating sites around, therefore they must be doing something right.

Sign Up


The first stage of the sign-up process involves selecting your own sexual orientation and the sex of who you are seeking. You then enter your email, verify your password, and you’re in!

Remember the 29 Dimensions of Compatibility we mentioned above? Well, eHarmony needs a lot of details from you for this process to work. Expect to spend up to 45 minutes answering a lot of questions about yourself (some of which are quite in depth, and do require a bit of thinking over). Once it’s done, however, that’s it. You’re taken to your new profile’s homepage and can start looking at the matches E-Harmony will already be lining up.


  • 29 Dimensions of Compatibility (This software uses things like traits and similarities that it can detect to partner you up with a range of matches)
  • Intentional Restriction (As eHarmony are the experts, they will actively search for your matches, there’s no search function available)
  • Personalized Interface
  • Guided Communication (Whilst sorry can be the hardest word, “hello” comes a close second. eHarmony essentially works as a kind of wingman, offering conversation prompts between the two of you that can really help to break the ice)
  • Market Leader

Ease of Use

eHarmony have clearly spent a lot of time and energy making a homepage that will be pleasant for you to use, and a place you will be happy to explore. If this is your first dip into the world of online dating, then you’ll likely be surprised how easy it all is.

Everything you need spins off neatly from your profile homepage, and as we mentioned above, the message system is also superb. If you’ve ever used other dating sites, you will probably be pleasantly surprised with eHarmony’s simple layout and frankly, just how much better it is than an average site.

Safety and Security

The site itself is very secure, with all the high-level encryption you would expect when making payments. eHarmony has never been hit with any of the security issues or data leaks (unlike some other sites), and whilst you should take the usual precautions this is a broadly speaking site you can trust.

There are some useful features that can keep you safe when interacting with people too. The eHarmony Secure Call feature is a good example of this. It allows you to call your profile matches through the site. That means you can speak directly to them (if you want to that is) without having to give out your real phone number.


eHarmony gives you the chance to try the site for free. You will not have access to all of the site’s features, but you will be able to get an idea of how it works. You can create an account, take the free Relationship Questionnaire, explore some matches, and even send a smile to other users. However, you will need a subscription in order to access more than this. Once you are a fully paid member you will be able to view all photos of your matches, send and receive unlimited messages, see who has been looking at your profile, and much more.

While the prices are a little bit higher than other dating sites, we cannot disagree that users are getting great value for money. As a matter of fact, some of their features cannot be found elsewhere. It is also worth mentioning that they offer an eHarmony Guarantee. If you are not happy with your matches within the first three months then they will give you an additional three months free.

Three Month $59.95 $179.85
Six Months $34.95 $150 $209.70
Twelve Months $19.95 $480 $239.40

eHarmony also offer a Premium Plan. This has a number of added benefits including a phone call to get personalized help from an expert, the ability to browse matches anonymously, read receipts for your messages, and to be featured for one day every month. The prices of the Premium Plans are as follows:

Three Months $69.95 $209.65
Six Months $41.95 $167.60 $251.70
Twelve Months $24.95 $539.20 $299.40


eHarmony boasts over 1 million members from the USA of which over 90,000 are active on a weekly basis so there are plenty of potential matches and activity on the site. It seems that a broad age range uses the site. Most members are aged 25 and above, and there are plenty of members who are 50+. Thanks to this, not only young people who can benefit from the site as it is also a great resource for over 50 dating. Better yet, the site’s users are fairly evenly split between male and female. This range of members and even divide of gender help to make eHarmony one of the best paid dating sites.

Comparison to Other Dating Services

eHarmony strives to give its users a more focused, and therefore more effective, experience than other dating websites. You will only be able to see members that the site has identified as a potentially good match, meaning that you cannot browse or search for other members. One way in which this is apparent is the different sections available on the site. You will see that there are sections for Asian dating, Jewish dating, Christian dating, Muslim dating, widower dating, and so on. This limiting of users abilities does mean that you will not be sending out as many messages as at some other sites, but the idea is that the messages that you do send will reach matches that are far more suitable.

The site has a couple of other special features that help to make it one of the top dating sites. One is the eHarmony Book of You. This is an analysis of your personality that you receive after finishing the relationship questionnaire. It is designed to give you an in-depth view of yourself and your personality traits in order to help you date more successfully.  The other feature is called SecureCall. It gives you the ability to set up a call with a match without having to reveal any of your personal contact information. It means you can chat with a match and even arrange to meet them, while having full control of how much information is revealed.

A number of other things make eHarmony noteworthy. Over the years, it has won numerous awards for many different aspects of its service. The eHarmony Customer Service won the Customer Service Department of the Year Award at the Stevies, the Best in Class Call Center award at the Call Center Excellence Awards, and the Silver Gartner 1:1 Award for Organizational Transformation at the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Excellence Awards. In 2016 eHarmony was named the Most Innovative Company by the online dating industry at the iDate Awards and it also received an award for the Best Marketing Campaign of 2015 for its series of broadcast spots featuring founder and CEO, Dr. Neil Clark Warren.


It speaks volumes that the only real complaint to be leveled against this site relates to the price – and even then, it’s actually lower than several other dating sites out there. What’s more, none of those sites are going to deliver what eHarmony does. It’s aesthetically pleasing, it’s well designed and works hard to assist you at every step of the journey. Frankly, it’s no wonder it’s the market leader.

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