• 13/05/2021


Being a cloud-based email management service, MailChimp has rapidly gained popularity since its launch in 2001. The program can be both funny and engaging while maintaining serious marketing features to keep us ahead of the competition. The ESP scene has rarely seen such a powerful service, and it can even come with a free option. Why…

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What is eMarketing and How Can We Use It?

It shouldn’t confuse us that the boom of technology and the Internet have come up with new ways to help us in business development. The more we connect with each other over the Web, the more improvement options arise. Should we choose to take them, of course, the Internet packs some pretty weird and crazy…

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While there are a number of email marketing software today, ConvertKit stands apart from the rest as one of the first email automation software whose intended audience is creative content developers such as podcasters, bloggers, business entrepreneurs, and YouTubers. Created by a blogger named Nathan Barry, this premium mailing list software focuses on building email…

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