• 13/04/2021


World of Tanks is a strategy themed, massively multiplayer online game. Teams can accommodate up to 30 players who are then required to fight each other. The game was first released for Microsoft Windows but is now available on Xbox 360 and PS4.

Playing is completely free, but you have an option of buying additional content with real money. That includes premium weapons and cosmetic changes for your tanks, weapons, and crew.

The game takes the scenery of World War II and players are required to take part in epic battles that involve mostly tank weapons. Tank destroyers and different artillery weapons are also included.

To gain more traction in the war, you need to advance through several stages of the game. Progressing will give you access to more tanks, tank customizations, crew members and stronger battalion.

Game Concept

The game depicts World War II with nations such as USSR, UK, Germany, USA, France, Japan, and China, all involved in the battle. There is no automatic downfall of Japan since the game isn’t pre-calculated.

Players can choose different tanks, anti-tanks and artillery weapons to play as. There are five different types of vehicles included in the game:

  • Light Tanks
  • Medium Tanks
  • Heavy Tanks
  • Tank Destroyers
  • Artillery Guns

There are 10 tiers for each available weapon type. Each tier is stronger than the previous ones and contains a wide range of vehicles, all within the same power difference.

All of the available tank and weapon models are based on real historical samples. Some only existed as prototypes and designs, but the majority of them were actually used.

World of Tanks includes a unique tech tree. From there you can discover different weapon upgrades and bonuses, which are then available for upgrading your tanks. You can apply up to three different upgrades. Those include camouflage, fire-rate improvements, damage improvements and movement bonuses.

Three additional consumable items are also implemented. Those are items which will provide you with a one-time immediate bonus during battles. You will be required to repurchase them for a small price each time you decide to use them again.

When the battle starts you can control the movement and the firing of your weaponized vehicle. Voice communication with other members of your team is also possible, although you can opt out of it.

Special Features

  • Different Game Modes – there are different game modes such as random battles, team-training battles, tank-company battles, team battles, stronghold battles and special battles.
  • Historic Mimic – Real battles are depicted which happened between the actual fighting nations of the World War II.
  • Competitive Scene – there is an eSports scene which introduces many professional players. You can watch tournaments on twitch.tv and learn new skills by observing the experts in action.
  • Vehicle Customization – You can use in-game resources or real money to upgrade your tanks and weapons.
  • Clans and Clan Wars – Players can form clans and begin to cooperate from there. Sharing resources, building a stronghold together and fighting in wars, are just some of the possible activities.

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