• 01/03/2021


Travian: Legends (previously known as just ‘Travian’) is a browser-based free multiplayer game. As a player, you will found a city and try to survive in a hostile series of islands.

However, other players are in the same boat and you will have to use all your diplomacy and strategy to work out which you want on your side and which are building your future home for you. Who you choose to trust and how strong your alliance is will likely determine how long you will survive.

Game Concept

Travian is a browser-based MMO where you will build your settlement from a humble hamlet to a sprawling city. However, you are not alone! Other players will

You will begin by choosing your Tribe, each of which provides different advantages and traits. There are the Romans – a balanced tribe good at both attacking and defending, the Gaul’s – a defense focused tribe and the Teutons – the best at offensive raiding. The Gaul’s are usually the beginner’s choice, as they are the most newbie friendly tribe and offer the best defensive bonuses. Choose wisely as your choice at this early stage can have long-term effects on your game style.

The aim of Travian is to build a level 100 wonder which requires industrial levels of resources as well as plans. The best way to gain the resources to do this is through a combination of looting them from other players and farming them in your own settlements. While juggling these methods, you will also be responsible for defending those resources too, as other players clamour to achieve the same goal. Because of the flexibility needed to do well on the game, players tend to group themselves into guilds and alliances so they can pool resources and raid or defend a bigger area.

our first goal should be to build up your city and to begin dialogues with surrounding players. You’ll want to make friends with a few, but keep in mind which are weaker as invading a pre-built settlement is a faster way to have better upgrades than others. Knowing who to attack and who to befriend will be key both long and short term.

As we played this game, we quickly realized that the longer you remain playing for, the more interesting things get. In the early game managing a single city requires no more effort than logging in every few hours to remain at maximum efficiency. However, when alliances begin to grow, players expand their individual tribal empires and more advanced buildings and soldiers come into play, things begin to pick up quickly and you will find yourself trying to efficiently run your settlements while maintaining your alliance and fending off attackers – it gets very tense and extremely exciting!

Special Features


  • Gather Resources – Compete and gather resources to train new units and build up your city.
  • Lead an Alliance – Get to know the friendly players near you and combine forces to dominate your region.
  • Train your Army – Train your soldiers and maybe you’ll discover a Hero in your ranks…
  • Win the Game – Build and defend wonders with your alliance to win the server.

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