• 13/04/2021


Step into the world of RuneScape and join millions of other players from around the world. This award-winning free to play Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Fantasy Game produced by Jagex provides you with enough content to keep you entertained for a lifetime and always wanting to come back for more.

Whether you prefer the fast-paced action of player-versus-player combat, or the tactical decision making required to succeed in Player Vs Environment activities, there’s something everyone will enjoy.

Game Concept

Step into the mythical world of Runescape where you will come face to face with goblins, giants and even demons. You will decide what you will become through more than twenty unique skills. You will have to negotiate and fight with other players, complete quests for others and collect resources in order to become the ultimate player.

Runescape is an open-world browser game MMORPG (Massively-Multiplayer-Online Role-Playing-Game) where you will decide how you want to play. Within hours of playing you could find yourself in scenarios no other games can offer.

If you see yourself as more of an adventurer, you could journey to the Troll infested mountains in the north or compete with archaeologists and other explorers to seek hidden treasures in the vast Kharidian deserts.
If you are looking for more relaxed gameplay you can earn your riches by trading in the markets of Varrock, or simply relax by the oceans and catch prize-worthy fish.

There are also plenty of options to satisfy the warrior in you; risk it all for limitless riches by fighting against other players in the Wilderness or by testing your skill in evenly matched duels against opponents in the Duel Arena (if you’re feeling especially daring, you have the option to place bets on yourself or other players fights).

Much of the game is based on player interactions; whether that be setting up a trade, questing or fighting. You’ll find that teaming up with or paying other players with your gold coins will cut a lot of the grinding out. You could even open up shop yourself and craft goods for others to pay you for!

In RuneScape there are dozens of different skills to use and level up, including; Archery, Hunting, Magic, Melee, Thieving, and Smithing. There’s simply always something to do!

Special Features


  • Play wherever you want – With the options to play in your browser, download the client to play straight from your desktop, or even download and play RuneScape on your mobile phone, you’ll always be able to access the game and keep playing.
  • Regular updates – The world of RuneScape is always evolving, the already near-endless adventures receive frequent new content from the developers, so there’s always more to look forward to!
  • Rewarding progression system – level up your hero to access bigger and better items, every skill you progress in will unlock you to unlock more content and even help you to conquer the more difficult regions of the world.
  • Character Creation – Design your hero how you want, which hundreds of customization options to choose from to make your character as unique as you are.
  • Social system – Add friends to chat privately and level up together or join a clan to tackle quests and challenges with entire groups of other players.
  • Massive servers – Each server allows up to 2,000 players to join at any given time, meaning you’re always likely to meet other players
  • Premium Membership – Unlock access to premium content and gameplay by subscribing to become a member and open the gates to even more adventures.

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