• 01/03/2021


The Ninja Professional blender has a large capacity and professional appearance that will look nice in any kitchen. It is among the best blenders you can find for making smoothies and has a nice, sleek design. The NJ600 Ninja Professional blender has a 72-ounce pitcher, much more than the typical 60-ounce pitcher found on competitors.

The NJ600 has been replaced by the BL610, which is very similar but a bit more modern and costs $90 to $100. As such, you can typically find the NJ600 for $80 to $90. The blender measures 14.5 by 13.1 by 9.4 inches, making it a bit larger in size than most other blenders. As such, shoppers should carefully consider the space in their kitchen before buying.

The Ninja Professional blender is high-powered with 1,000 watts and lets you choose from three speeds or the pulse option when using it. According to Ninja, this blender is great for pureeing, controlled processing, blending, and ice crushing.

Features of the Ninja Professional NJ600 Blender

The Ninja Professional blender has a good amount of power with 1,000 wats, placing it on the middle or high end of the spectrum of potential power in blenders. Among just units within the same price range, it is one of the more powerful blenders. There are three speeds for the blender along with a pulse option. This is fewer options than most other blenders offer but should still be enough for the average owner.

As with most competitors, the Ninja Professional’s six blades are stainless steel, a material known for its durability and capabilities. The pitcher is an impressive 72 ounces, which makes the Ninja Professional one of the larger blenders. That is excellent from the standpoint of convenience but does come with a sacrifice in terms of space required. The pitcher is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. The stainless-steel blade assembly is also dishwasher-safe, as is the lid. The blade assembly is stacked, which helps ensure whole vegetables and fruits are processed quickly, including frozen fruits.

For added convenience, the pitcher features clearly marked measuring lines. While most blenders do feature measuring lines on their pitchers, those of the Ninja Professional are much clearer than those on competitors, one of the strong points in favor of this appliance.

The base of this blender from Ninja is smooth with a sleek design. The smoothness helps with easy cleanup as you can just wipe it down and then place the various dishwasher-safe components in your machine. The two-foot cord ensures there is always an electrical outlet within reach.

Most people who use the Ninja Professional agree that it truly excels at making smoothies. This is among the best blenders you will find for that purpose and its large capacity lets you make enough for multiple people or for the full week. It does not do as well, however, with recipes containing high levels of vegetables or butter. That being said, those recipes come out well enough for those who plan on only using the blender for that purpose occasionally and instead focusing on smoothies.

The warranty for the Ninja Blender is just for one year, which is on the low end of average for the segment. Given that this Ninja Professional is more affordable than many units with a longer warranty, however, that warranty still contributes to its value.

The latest version of the Ninja Professional, the BL610, is very similar with a 72-ounce pitcher, 1,000-watt base, stacked blade assembly, and an “inspiration guide” with 25 recipes.


The price of the Ninja Professional blender puts it among the more affordable of the high-quality blender options available. This unit is certainly worth it, thanks to its large capacity and ability to handle a range of items, including frozen fruits. To add value to the unit, the warranty lasts for a year, long enough to give you peace of mind about the quality of the machine. The NJ600 Ninja Professional is also more affordable than it was a few months ago, thanks to the introduction of the latest BL610, the newer version of the Ninja Professional. With minimal upgrades on the newest unit, most people will be happy to save a little and buy the NJ600.

The Ninja Professional beats out other blenders when it comes to preparing smoothies or frozen drinks, especially for a large crowd of people. Few other units have a 72-ounce pitcher, especially not with such a reasonably-sized base and such clear measuring lines on the pitcher.

The Ninja Professional would be a great choice for those who regularly host parties and like to prepare large batches of frozen or blended drinks for those events. It is also a great option for those who enjoy preparing a large batch of smoothies for the whole week at once.

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