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Find people anywhere in the US by entering their name, address, or phone number.

Need assistance with finding an old friend? Or a distant relative? Or maybe just checking if your neighbor has a history of annoying the whole neighborhood? With US Search, you can accomplish all three and many more. They are trustworthy, quick, and offer a variety of searches for each possible information hunt. Be it a quick email search, Facebook people search, reverse number search, or an in-depth criminal check, these guys got you covered.

A well-established company, standing with a high level of recommendations No mobile application option
Reports include a long list of details Required fee to cancel membership
3-day trial period, free of charge
Free to download purchased reports (with an option of digital safekeeping for 1 year, too)


Going deeper in this US Search review, we have to mention that it has a long history of attaining optimal background check results. Their prices vary depending on users’ needs but they maintain an affordable level of service for their clients. If you aren’t looking for an in-depth look at your target’s history, the basic search options will suit you perfectly. On the other hand, more advanced options present you with various options and add-ons to get the full picture of any person’s background.

Basic People Search Report (2-for-1 Deal) $2.95
One-State Criminal Background Check (2-for-1 Deal) $14.95
Detailed Background Report $39.95
OmniSearch Option (Monthly) $19.95
OmniSearch Option (Three Months) $49.95
Instant Nationwide Criminal Report $24.95
Property Report $11.95
Social Media Report $19.95

Is US Search Legit?

As a part of the Intelius family, US Search falls under the category Legitimate business for US people search services. With an excellent ‘A’ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), US Search provides a solid background check service. While it may have suffered from negative feedback, US Search is a trustworthy option, especially for the more basic searches. It is quick, efficient, and it serves its purpose as a proficient background checker company.

What some people may find irritating is the Cancel Subscription fee but this is the good thing about US Search – it lets users conduct background checks without a membership account. Customers are free to use a different report service for the most detailed checks, however, US Search shines in price/value rating when it comes to basic to moderate level of searches.

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Types of Searches Available and Reports Available

As any respectable background checker, US Search offers various search options for their customers. While their advanced search options may not be your cup of tea due to pricing, they are of equal (if not lower) price among their competitors. As a matter of fact, their Basic People Search Report comes at a surprisingly low price. To get a better idea of what each search guarantees, read the list below:

  1. Basic People Search – Grants users full access to full names and aliases, phone numbers, past/present addresses, age, date of birth, relatives, and a list of associates.
  2. One-State Criminal Background Check – This report consists of two parts – the basic People Search features + any criminal history of the person. The latter option is available in 43 states (USA).
  3. Detailed Background Search Report – Grants users the full content of the Basic People Search + Criminal Search, as well as current/past neighbors and address, property report – Ownership + Details, social networks information, marriage/divorce records (Available information from 11 states), judgments, and possible bankruptcy and liens. It can be also used as an employee checking service.
  4. OmniSearch Option – This monthly plan allows users to investigate multiple people (excluding Relatives search), as well as give various discounts to other US Search services.
  5. Instant Nationwide Criminal Report – An upgrade of the 1-State Criminal Report. In addition to searching for information in all 43 states, as it adds a number of more complex criminal activity details. It is best used by professional investigators and detectives. Information retained in this report includes criminal activity – felonies, misdemeanors, DUIs across different states, case numbers and charges, offense dates and details, arrest details and court names, and deposition and sentences. Are you in need to find a person? Turn to US search to get it done!
  6. Property Report – Grants users to full access to addresses (past/current), property ownership, and ownership history.
  7. Social Media Report – US Search covers a variety of social networks and online forums, not limited to, LinkedIn, Facebook, IMDB, Friendster, Wikipedia, MySpace, Yahoo, Youtube, and Flickr.

Ease of Use

Unlike some of its competitors, US Search presents its users with simplified People, Full Background, and Criminal Searches. All information from the reports is synthesized in a user-friendly graph, so you can distinguish what to expect before the actual purchase. Each tier of search function shows what details will be provided in each report.

In addition, it is plainly explained when certain information may stay hidden due to state restrictions. US Search operates in a fast and efficient way to deliver sectioned reports. Even obvious beginners can understand the provided content, and make the best use of it.

Help and Support

The FAQ section of US Search is well-developed, and it answers a great part of the commonly asked questions pool. In addition, their phone customer support (1-800-877-3272) is available on workdays from 6 AM to 6 PM, Pacific time. There is also an email support option in their website. Alternatively, you can write to them at:

PO Box 4145, Bellevue, WA 98009, United States.

About US Search

US Search was established in 1994 in Bellevue, Washington. It is a renowned background check company, relying on constantly expanding research methods. Since their beginning, they have been a reliable option for finding information about old friends, family members, or even a brief neighborhood check. Their drive is to provide accurate and updated information about every user’s target search.

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