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Intelius provides users with accurate and updated information from billions of records.

Gathering information about people by yourself may turn up some interesting results but you will rarely collect all pieces of the puzzle that way. Intelius are reliable, they give you more details than the average expectation, and their search prices start from less than a dollar. They simply push to present you with the full picture. If you want to find a person, they are among the top picks to turn to.

Accurate searches based on name, email, or phone number Rather an expensive service if you need more than one criminal background report per month
Detailed criminal history checks Reports include many ads, which may interfere with customer experience
Fast and efficient search system – users don’t have to wait a lot of time for their reports to be done
An honest desire to become better through customer feedback


Intelius offers their users one of the cheapest US people search option in the market. With starting prices of under a dollar, they present you with a variety of background check possibilities according to your budget, such as a reverse directory i.e. Reverse number search and reverse lookup address, and email search. With years of experience in the field, the company knows how to attend every user’s need – from basic searches to greatly detailed reports, Intelius delivers on their promise for excellent service. Be it a one-time thing or a long-term subscription, they are a great choice for finding any hidden facts about a chosen individual.

Upon signing up for a monthly membership, users get various discounts for different individual reports, these are listed below:

  • Intelius People Search – $0.95
  • Intelius People Search Plus – $6.95

Users can cancel their membership within 7 days of starting date but they will still be charged $7.95.

24-hour People Search $19.95
Background Reports (Regular Account) $49.95
Background Reports (Premier Plus) $39.95
Intelius Premier (per month + 2 days free trial) $19.95
Intelius Premier Plus (per month) $29.95

Is Intelius Legit?

When we speak of background search websites, Intelius comes among the most legitimate. Their data is all sourced from public records, obtained with the aid of various research techniques. Their reputation is respectable, as they have been in the industry for over ten years. Intelius delivers as much information as possible, has overall acceptable fees, and, of course, drives to get better at what they do. True people search doesn’t come much easier than by using their service.

Intelius provides a worthy and respectable service, they are professionals with a lot of experience and dedicated report methods. The pickiest users can also try the 2-day free trial version – you can always cancel your membership if you are not satisfied with the way they operate.

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Types of Searches and Reports Available

We will start off with the most basic searches available with Intelius – People Search and People Search Plus. As one could imagine, these reports include the informational core of the chosen individual. If you need to check this data only, these are the options for you.

  1. People Search Report – Grants users full access to full names and aliases, phone numbers, past/present addresses, age, date of birth, and relatives.
  2. People Search Plus Report – Grants users all of the above with added social network information and email addresses. Address lookup is also possible.
  3. 24-hour People Search Option Pass – Users get an unlimited amount of People Search Reports for a 24-hour period. In addition to all the data that will be collected above, you can get guaranteed current phone numbers and addresses for a small extra fee of $9.95.
  4. Background Check Report – Covers all basic information points while adding in-depth records of the desired individual, such as state criminal record check, judgments, bankruptcies and liens, lawsuits (past and ongoing if enclosed in the public record) and marriage/divorce records. Additionally, you can add federal and nationwide criminal checks for only $19.95.
  5. Criminal Records Check – With this option, users have the ability to track criminal activity separately from the full background check. You can also choose between statewide and nationwide searches (in which prices vary accordingly). Criminal Check Reports include a detailed picture of one’s criminal activity including felonies, misdemeanors, DUIs, offense dates, case numbers, court names, as well as outcomes, and more.
  6. Mobile Reports – Available for both iOS and Android, and perfect for if you need a quick check on the go. As expected, it adds a few new features to the already existing service like caller ID (reverse phone lookup), regular reverse phone lookup, and people search and a background check in mobile mode. You can get a monthly mobile plan for just $9,99.

Ease of Use

As with most background check companies, the user-service experience relies on the customers. Intelius can provide accurate results only if the user knows what they are searching for. The website platform is user-friendly but there are a few optional add-ons to every search. It may feel a bit tricky if you don’t have a certain idea of your desired results. Other than that, Intelius provides easy to use background check system.

Help and Support

As one of the most renown names in the business, Intelius provides an adequate customer support. They have a toll-free number for customer calls, available at all hours (1-877-974-1500 / 425-974-6100). Their staff is friendly and ready to help you with any question. While their support center doesn’t present out-of-this-world options, it works at an excellent proficiency rate. Alternatively, you can write to them at:

500 108th Avenue NE, 16th Floor, Bellevue, WA 98004, United States

About Intelius

Intelius is a background check service brand, founded in 2003, with a headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States. They provide various searches including basic information, people, property details, as well as thorough background checks, reverse phone lookup, and more. Furthermore, maneuvering through the site is incredibly easy, and either package you decide to purchase is completely affordable.

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