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BeenVerified carries over several different checks at affordable prices! This includes known associates, bankruptcies, and social media and website.

BeenVerified is a company that aims to make carrying out background checks affordable, fast and easy. They offer a number of different types of searches, each of which delves into public records to return an astonishing amount of information. The service is perfect for those looking to carry out numerous searches as they charge per month, rather than per search. From reverse number search all the way to a thorough criminal record, BeenVerified has it covered.

No limit on number of monthly searches Only available in the US
Very easy to use interface Premium searches do not always return much additional information
Live court runner service for non-digital records
Free apps for iOS and Android


BeenVerified is one of the most affordable background checking services around, and the longer you subscribe, the cheaper it becomes. If offers a basic monthly membership which includes unlimited searches. If you know that you will be using the service for longer, then you can opt for a three-month membership package, also including unlimited searches. The relative finder option is also something to consider as not all background check services offer it.

BeenVerified also offers some add-ons, such as their court runner service, which sends a real person to courthouses to locate records. These add-ons have additional costs, for instance, a typical request to a county criminal court is $19.95. You can also opt to access additional databases that provide more comprehensive information for an extra $9.95 per report.

One Month $26.89
Three Months $17.48

Is BeenVerified Legit?

BeenVerified is an entirely legitimate operation. It gathers publicly available information from sources that are accessible to almost anyone. Theoretically, anyone could put together the reports that BeenVerified does, and there is nothing illegal about it. However, not everyone will have the skill set or time required to do so, and that is mostly what you are paying for. In summary, we have been verified by numerous independent reviews that the service is trustworthy. Read now the different myths surrounding background checks which we will bust in this article, including misconceptions about pre-employment checks.

Types of Searches Available and Reports that BeenVerified Offers

Continuing the BeenVerified review offers a number of unique searches. Their standard searches are so extensive, it is highly unlikely that you will need to pay for deeper searches. Each of the searches available focuses on a specific area and returns different information. However, they are all extremely straightforward.

The most basic type of search is the People Search. All this requires is a person’s legal name and it will return information such as known aliases and other names, marital status, current and former addresses, phone numbers, arrest history, conviction record, and more. If you want to find a person, the People Search produces a report that is divided into a number of sections:

  1. Overview – This includes the basic information you need to ensure that it is the right person, such as full name, date of birth, current address, contact information and so on.
  2. Known Associates – If you are not sure that the information in the overview is accurate then this section, which contains information about relatives, can help reaffirm it.
  3. Criminal & Civil – A huge number of jurisdictions have digital records so BeenVerified can include information about arrests, civil and criminal records, and court proceedings. If the person is in an area without digital records, BeenVerified has a court runner service that will allow you to obtain these records directly from a courthouse.
  4. Bankruptcies – This contains filing records, dates and creditor information.
  5. Professional – This section contains information about the target’s educational and professional background.
  6. Social Media & Website – Here you will find information on social media profiles, blogs, websites, and so on.
  7. Premium Data – This is an optional add-on that could return information such as additional languages spoken, place of birth, judgments or liens, and more.

Ease of Use

One of BeenVerified’s best features is its ease of use. They really have made background checks as quick and easy as possible. All you need to do is enter a few basic details of the person you are looking into, such as their name, and it will get to work.

Their user-friendliness is evident from the moment you visit the website. The sign-up process is very quick and easy, and you can even run a few searches first so you can get used to the interface. Those who are hoping to use the service on the go will find that the iOS and Android apps are just as user-friendly, and if you are a developer, their API integration is very straightforward.

Help and Support

BeenVerified has an excellent support section on its website. You can search a huge knowledge base that covers an impressive range of issues, from basic help with signing up and using the service, to information on where the service gathers data from and what to do if you feel that your reports are lacking data.

In addition to the knowledge base, there is also a large FAQ section. The FAQs have been sorted into easy to manage sections, such as Billing, Opt Out, and Privacy. Each section has a number of very well written answers to the most common questions and concerns. Between the FAQ and the knowledge base, it is most likely that you will find the answers you need.

If you don’t find the answers to your questions on the BeenVerified website then you can phone them on 1-888-579-5910 from 8 am to 10 pm EST on weekdays and from 10 am to 8 pm EST on weekends. Alternatively, you can email them ([email protected]), or write to them at:

BeenVerified, 48 W 38th Street – 8th Floor, New York, NY 10018

About BeenVerified

Josh Levy and Ross Cohen founded BeenVerified in 2007. They aim to provide everyone with quick and easy access to public records for the purpose of background checks and US people search. The company now has over 10 million users and handles close to 40 million individual searches every month. Inc Magazine has voted the company the fastest growing in New York City and the twenty-sixth fastest growing company in the US.

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