• 13/04/2021


Host Havoc is a hosting service that aims to bring the best experience for the smallest prices to its consumers by keeping up with and surpassing technology used in the hosting industry.

Host Havoc is a hosting company founded in 2014 in Ottawa, Canada. They offer web hosting, Teamspeak hosting as well as game hosting for a great number of games, including Ark: Survival Evolved. Host Havoc provides all the necessary features to make sure that all of their customers have a great time when using their servers with as little downtime as possible. In the past few years, Host Havoc has added a great deal of options to their already-wide array of impressive features, making them one of the best Ark: Survival Evolved server hosting services.


Compatible with all Ark downloadable content and mods High number of minimum slots (30)
Incredibly cheap slots at 50 cents per slot No automatic backups for your server
Readily available customer support at any time
Automatic updates

Configuration Options

Host Havoc has very competitive rates and they surpass almost their entire competition. When it comes to Ark server hosting, you always know what you’re buying because every slot has a flat price of 50 cents up to 100 slots. They have a three-day money-back guarantee and you can pay in USD using major credit and debit cards, PayPal and various cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin. They offer a minimum of 30 slots and a maximum of 100 slots per server.

30 $15
35 $17.50
40 $20
45 $22.50
50 $25
55 $27.50
60 $30
65 $32.50
70 $35
75 $37.50
80 $40
85 $42.50
90 $45
95 $47.50
100 $50


Host Havoc supports Ark dedicated server hosting on all platforms and since the introduction of cross-playing, players with both PC and consoles can play on the same servers. They have a TCAdmin control panel which helps with managing your server incredibly efficiently. Also, Host Havoc has free DDoS protection to protect your server from outside attacks, keeping your game and your progress safe. Also, Host Havoc provides free debranding if you ask for it. Additionally, this company offers a 70% discount on BattleMetrics RCON for only $3, and it’s a cloud-based service that lets you monitor your server more efficiently.

ARK: Survival Evolved Exclusive Features

If Host Havoc is to be considered for the title of ‘best Ark server hosting service’, it has to include the exclusive features, and it does. This company has integrated cluster support into their offer, so you can easily group your servers together and transfer items and materials across servers. Furthermore, Host Havoc also provides procedural map generation, which lets you create random maps or maps designed to your specifications. You don’t have to stay stuck on The Island during your entire gameplay! Build your own biomes to your measure, control the spawn rate of dinos and pretty much everything else, or just be a god of your own world by using (not abusing!) the cheat system through the command line.


Host Havoc has everything you may expect from a top-tier Ark server host. They provide mod support for all possible mods, and if they don’t have something you want but you know how to get it, they will integrate it so that other players may install it with a single click as well. Also, Host Havoc integrates a mod manager GUI that lets you manage your mods at will. That’s all fine, but what happens when new updates are released for your existing mods? That may be a problem for other companies but not for Host Havoc – they have an automatic update system in place so you don’t even have to think about mod updates – you will notice there was an update when you enter your game and only then.


Automatic Backups No
Automatic Updates Yes
Location Switching No
FTP Access Yes

Customer Support

This is the area where Host Havoc truly shines. This company has done everything they can to build and maintain an image of trustworthiness and customer satisfaction and they are succeeding. They offer 24/7 communication through live chat, email or their ticket system. If you have an issue, message them at any time and their professional customer response team will be with you immediately.


Host Havoc may not be a free Ark server hosting service, but every penny spent with them will be put to good use. They have very cheap player slots and fantastic infrastructure and options in regards to the price. Most companies wouldn’t find ways to make their product so cheap while providing so many features and advantages, but Host Havoc makes it happen every single day.

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