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One of the best Antiviruses in existence! With 400+ Million users, this award-winning antivirus is compatible with PC, Mac & Android devices.

Avast is one of the largest internet security companies in the entire world, known for using next-generation technologies to fight cyber attacks. It offers a lot of packages – such as for your home and for your business. What makes it different from the other online security companies is its ‘cloud infrastructure,’ which provides their experts a view into everything that’s happening online, good or bad.

Package Features and Highlights

Internet Security (Windows) – Lowered from $59.99 to $29.99 a year (saving you 30%!) and it comes with the following tools: CyberCapture, Smart Scan, Wi-Fi Inspection, Password Protection, Behavior Shield, Game Mode, Browser Cleanup, Sandbox, Passive Mode, Real Site, Ransomware Shield, Firewall, Anti-spam.

Avast Premier Package (Windows) – Lowered from $69.99 to $34.99 a year (saving you 35%!) and offering you the following tools: CyberCapture, Smart Scan, Wi-Fi Inspection, Password Protection, Behavior Shield, Game Mode, Browser Cleanup, Sandbox, Passive Mode, Real Site, Ransomware Shield, Firewall, Anti-spam, Webcam Shield, Automatic Software Updater and Data Shredder.

Avast Ultimate Package (Windows) – $119.99 per year, provides you with all the online security tools previously mentioned in the other packages, plus Avast Cleanup Premium, SecureLine VPN and Passwords Premium.

Security Pro for Mac – $59.99 a year, offers you all of the tools provided for the free antivirus security package for Mac, plus a Wi-Fi Inspector and a Ransomware Shield.

Most of the tools offered for Android are free, such as Passwords Protection, Mobile Security, Cleanup and Wi-Fi Finder. However, a tool we’d like to highlight, is SecureLine VPN, costing only $19.99 a year and offering you encryption of your internet connection with just a single click, providing complete online privacy.

Internet Security (Windows) $59.99 30% $29.99
Avast Premier Package (Windows) $69.99 35% $34.99
Avast Ultimate Package (Windows) $199.99
Security Pro for Mac $59.99
SecureLine VPN Multi-device $79.99
Passwords $19.99
Cleanup Premium $49.99
Driver Updater $49.99
Anti-Tracker $39.99
Best For

Definitely gamers! Avast’s ‘gaming mode’ tool automatically detects when you’re playing a game and forces both Avast and Windows to reduce its resource footprint, which allows you to play your game unbothered! People who want unparalleled protection that takes care of every little detail – probably things that would get unnoticed by other security plus removal tools.

For everyone bothered with a lot of files piling up – Avast’s powerful Data Shredder feature helps you get rid of unwanted files for good! Businesses and organizations – Avast Business security is top notch – probably one of the best to deploy and manage! If you want to protect your business from any cyber threats, Avast is the way to go!

All of Avast’s packages, offering you a modern and neat user interface and are easy to use. Avast’s Free! Antivirus does give you quite a few ads and pop-up’s, bloating the default system.
Avast Ultimate allows you to control everything that’s going on with your PC, offering a lot of tools. Not all of Avast’s packages contain an anti-ransomware module.
The prices are relatively low for the number of features and also compared to other online security systems.
Good detection capability with supporting secondary components.
What They Offer
  • Avast’s features are unique and effective, offering you the protection that’s beyond good for quite reasonable prices.
  • The Data Shredder tool leaves no data behind and if you’re thinking about selling your PC or perhaps lending it to someone, you’ll be sure that your deleted files are gone indefinitely with an Avast subscription.
  • The Automatic Software Updater keeps your apps and programs up to date with the latest safety patches and upgrades, preventing hackers from finding security holes in the previous versions.
  • Ransomware Shield
  • Webcam Shield
Ease of Use

Avast’s sleek design is really simple, providing a modern and easy to use user interface. Also, it should be noted that it’s really easy for businesses and organizations to use. The Business tools that come with Avast, provides maximum protection for their cyber activity. The ease of use and effectiveness against threats is definitely proven, so all that’s left for you to do is just press a few buttons and you’ll get the best protection. Additionally, Avast Passwords is a powerful option to protect your login details. All in all, this antivirus is very compatible for people not that interested in the intricacies of technology.

Detection Rates and Reliability

Avast’s ratings and reviews have never gone down, and most of its users say that since installing this antivirus software, they haven’t been infected once. We can’t guarantee anything, but we can confirm Avast is safe and reliable. The Avast removal tool is proven to have the highest detection rates in the world, scoring between 99.9% and 100% in detection rates, which provides almost foolproof security – and in 2018, they reached the full 100 percent! When combined with its amazing performance, you can be sure that Avast will take care of every single threat to your devices!

Avast VS AVG

When it comes to the battle of massive antivirus providers, Avast and AVG make a great battle to watch. The good thing about it is that users can be winners no matter who they support here. Starting with the core, both Avast and AVG cover full antivirus protection for your system but they have some differences, though.

Avast is a tad cheaper than its competitor and this may be the catalyst for the next comparison component we have listed. In terms of usage, Avast is trusted by more users overall but this doesn’t discredit AVG at all. It’s just that Avast offers more features, both in-built and customizable – a factor weighing in on the decision to go with them instead of AVG.

However, AVG grants users advanced anti-data theft and anti-spying tools which Avast lacks. Also, being able to delete a malicious file for good comes easier with AVG rather than its rival. At the end of the line, choosing the better antivirus protection out of the two depends solely on your preferences. Both brands offer incredible deals and quality coverage – with Avast coming slightly ahead in some categories.

Help and Support

Avast offers you great help and support by having a blog where you can discuss some of the problems you might face with other users and Avast moderators. You can contact Avast by sending them a message on their official website, but also by calling their contact number or visiting some of their worldwide offices.

Their UK and US addresses are:

  • 110 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6JS, United Kingdom
  • 2625 Broadway Street, Redwood City, CA 94063, USA
About Avast

Avast is a top-ranked antivirus focused on upgrading its features constantly. Their tools are capable and provide all the core security essentials for Windows, Android, and Mac.  Finally, their real-time detection capabilities help them get rid of threats as soon as they appear, as well as providing you with full protection for all of your devices.

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