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Cool wedding gifts ideas are hard to come by, especially when you’re trying to impress a particularly trendy bride and groom that are extra stylish. Below are five wedding gift ideas for friends who like things a little different than wedding gifts found on a conventional registry.
Every Canadian needs to own beautiful blankets, especially an iconic Hudson Bay wool blanket, but some folks might not want to splurge on it for themselves. Treat your friends to a luxurious piece of Canadiana — they’ll be happy snuggling under its warmth on the couch. The Bay, $275 – $474.
A personalised gift is something your groom can treasure for years to come. Give your groom something to complete his outfit on the morning of the big day. These cufflinks from Posh Totty Designs are perfect for the wedding day and can be worn again on special occasions and your anniversary, too. The personal message will also give him reassurance that you’re definitely coming, banishing any last minute nerves.
I’ve been looking for ideas and this is extremely helpful. 🙂 I ended up with some cute little shoe stickers that say “SoulMates”… but the engraved watch is an absolute must have. He will cry… in a good way!
If he has an automatic watch (the kind that is wound my the wrists natural movements) that he doesn’t wear every day, a watch winder is key. This gadget will keep his timepiece wound and ready to go for whenever he needs it. Plus, it’s stylish.
If you want something traditional that you know your groom will love, then you can’t go far wrong with a watch. If he’s an old-school type, then a pocket watch would be a great choice – particularly if you engrave it with his initials or the date of your wedding. For the more modern groom, a wrist watch is the perfect gift for the morning of the wedding. Attach a note with the time of the ceremony (along the lines of ‘See you at 1pm!’) for a cute personal touch. See some of our favourite wedding day watches here.
So, why don’t you do the same thing on your wedding day? You could maybe even announce your first dance by singing “your” song to your man. You need to be a bit brave, and yes – you need to have a good voice. Embarrassing yourself will still be a surprise, but not a very pleasant one. Don’t worry, if you can’t sing – there’s something else you can do.
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​This gay wedding gift idea comes complete with an all-natural wooden crate filled with a Mr. & Mr. cutting board, 2 cooking aprons, 2 ceramic coffee mugs, 2 pairs of festive sunglasses, 4 #lovewins coasters, and 2 koozies.
If your guy is a whiskey connoisseur, we spotted a wedding gift for the groom on your list at Sur La Table he will surely appreciate: A set of 2 Zwiesel 1872 Glace Whiskey Glasses. These are timelessly elegant and made of the finest crystal glassware, making swigging and sipping first-class whiskey that much better.
“Generally, my favorite gifts were actually just things that people picked off my registry. I took a lot of time to pick them out, so they were definitely things I needed and wanted. I’ve been to weddings where it’s clear that the person registered for random crap or just signed up for a generic registry, or worse … had their mom pick out stuff for their registry. I love these glasses. They’re so cool-looking and super durable.” — Michelle Rego, attorney, married January 2015
Handmade in Florence, Italy with full grain calfskin leather, the timeless appeal of a duffel bag will bring a smile to his face the morning of the wedding — even before walking down the aisle. Every guy should have a nice leather duffel bag, and this one has the bravado to match many looks.
Tight on time and searching for inexpensive wedding gift ideas or last-minute wedding gift ideas? You’ve come to the right place! If you’re crafty, check out the creative wedding gifts ideas below (that don’t scream DIY) to discover quick, budget-friendly projects that the couple will love and cherish regardless of the price tag.
When selecting gifts, it’s important to think about each recipient as an individual. There’s no rule that says you have to purchase the same item for everyone. This makes sense, considering that each member of your wedding party is a unique individual with unique interests. You wouldn’t buy a beer stein for a guy who doesn’t drink, would you? Consider the personality of each guy as you’re considering appropriate gift options. The best gifts are the ones that will actually be used rather than placed on a shelf to collect dust. According to The Man Registry, these are some of the more popular tried and true gift categories and the personalities that they match:
If you’re looking for wedding anniversary gifts for your favorite couple, choose from a variety of anniversary ideas they’re sure to love. From picnic sets to personalized throws, celebrate their love with the picture perfect present. We’ve worked diligently to create an assortment of wedding anniversary gifts that will help you express your love on this momentous occasion, making it easy to find a gift for any marriage milestone.
“This is actually my new favorite thing because it obviously gets the job done, but there’s something satisfying about watching it move around the room. It’s like a dog you can turn off.” — Kelly Yeung, physician assistant, marrying August 2017
If you want to treat your groom to something a little saucy, then you should definitely consider booking in for a boudoir photoshoot. Companies like FYEO Portraits do sexy shoots especially for brides, and package the photographs in a gorgeous keepsake album for you and your groom. Leave it in his bedroom with a note reading ‘Meet me at the altar!’ and he’s sure to be feeling ready for the honeymoon!
The Vitamix 5200 is not just a blender. The blades in the 64-ounce container are capable of spinning fast enough to create enough friction to heat and make soups, pulverize seeds and easily make your own peanut butter. And yes, it will make a smoothie smoother than any machine out there.
Your friends are married, so why would you let them continue existence with a buffet that isn’t a carved woodland creature, or sans diffuser spouting NYC fashion folks’ fragrance du jour, Le Labo Santal 26? I mean, don’t you love them? (Price points, um, vary.)
Engraving your groom’s wedding band is such a meaningful idea. Make sure any message you write is short, as there isn’t much room on the inside of a ring. Add your initials, wedding date, or even an inside joke that will make him laugh — I added all three to my husband’s ring!
Some ideas to give the couple might be a personalized 25th anniversary gift, silver jewelry, a silver horseshoe decorated with flowers for good luck, an engraved silver keepsake, silver home decor, or a silver framed picture of the couple or family are all appropriate gifts for this occasion.
“I didn’t know I wanted one of these things until I got one as a wedding gift. We LOVE this thing. You can transport it easily; it’s simple to set up anywhere you have two trees; and it’s super comfortable. I swear, each time I set up this hammock, it transforms my day. I joke with the friends who gifted it to us that it’s the gift that keeps on giving.” — Laura Snizek Ramirez
Seeing as you’ll be wearing your beautiful new dress, and likely new jewellery and shoes, it’s only fair that your groom gets a little something special on the wedding day – apart from the gift of marrying you, of course! There are traditional options for the groom’s gift the morning of the wedding, but never underestimate the appeal of something small but meaningful to your man.
Bean Boots have been around for decades, thanks to their impressive durability. He’ll love these if he has to walk to work—they expertly protect from rain and snow. Try this version for extra comfort.
Stuck on what to write? Try these anniversary message ideas from Hallmark writers. Hallmark also has a great selection of anniversary gifts, and we proudly offer same-day in-store pickup for your last-minute needs.
Probably the ultimate gift for beer lovers! We love the look of this bad boy, with copper plate, dispenser tap, and a pressure gauge. Be warned, gift this to him on the morning of your wedding at your own risk!
Help the happy couple travel in style—for richer, for poorer, in sea sickness or in health. These sturdy canvas bags are handy for the honeymoon but will also—like the marriage, knock on wood—go the distance. Interior pockets help with storage and organization. Available in a variety of colors and patterns.
An AI security camera that can tell the difference between shadows, pets, your children, you and … strangers. You can set it up to send you as much or as little information as you want, from when someone walks up to your front door to a full recounting of what your dog did all day.
Natalie Schack is an Oahu-based brunch enthusiast, full-time glutton, and freelance writer on the side, who’s constantly pumping out pages on topics ranging from all the pretty things, to some of the not-so-pretty ones. If she’s not in bed daydreaming about birthday party themes or biking through Honolulu with her untamable, impossibly lovable, rascal of a husband, you’ll find her locked in a heated debate about this or that science fiction film, hiking *all* the mountains, or drooling over a new, sexy slice of design that found its way over to her cozy corner of the Internet.”
While building a registry is important, looking like you give a damn is inarguably more so. Apart from remembering vows and rings, few things at your wedding are more important and less understood than a clean, sharp tux. That’s where The Black Tux comes in — it’s a one-stop shop for renting made-to-order, quality tuxedos and modern-cut suits but at half the price of what even the budget rental companies offer. If you don’t want to look like a box with curtains draped over it on your wedding day, The Black Tux is worth a click. Learn More: Here
Everything about wonderful weddings is exciting: the dress, the ceremony, the vows, the first dance, the socializing, the gifts. If you’re a guest at a wedding this year, it’s time to start thinking about what wedding gift to buy the lucky couple. There’s no doubt they’ll enjoy a gift from their registry, but it’s also OK to think outside the box and present your friends with a gift you know they’ll love. Here are a few routes to take when deciding on a wedding gift for the bride and groom.
​This unique wedding gift idea is perfect for the foodie-focused couple that appreciates sweet, artisanal goods. The gift set is packed with deluxe handmade treats including; rich caramels, decadent pecan brittle, buttery shortbreads, and a unique slate serving board.   
When you’re looking for good anniversary gifts for her, or trying to pin down an assortment of anniversary presents for him, has what you need to make this a celebration they will never forget. You can find gifts for any wedding anniversary and every personality. Choose from 10th anniversary gift ideas for him or personalized gifts that he’s sure to love.
Consider this octagonal stunner the Porsche of pans. A favorite of Real Simple food editors, the weighty, handcrafted cast iron skillet-and-lid combo is an heirloom in the making. The pretty pan is practical, too: The unique shape allows you to pour from six different directions and a quick-cool steel spring handle makes it easy to manage.
“I’m typically a very calm person, but wedding planning threw me for a loop. I super appreciated the gifts I received that helped me feel my best up until the big day, including this ashwagandha antioxidant powder. A half-teaspoon of powder in hot tea lifted my mood and made my skin glow.” — Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth, blogger, married November 2016
The happy couple will want to document their life together, so why not give them the tool to do just that. They’ll love the Panasonic Lumix. It’s compact and easy to carry around, and is definitely a high performer. Photography enthusiasts and novices both will love it after reading a few home printing tips. Blacks, $500.
This popular Alessi kettle is a classic, and any couple would be happy to show it off on their stovetop or afternoon tea. You could also opt to include the super cute matching creamer and sugar bowl to make the perfect cup of tea. Alessi, $180.
8. Turn your husband gratitude list into a keepsake.  You’ve written down all the things you love about your hubby, right?  Great!  Now, take that list and turn it into a beautiful gift for him.  If you’re like me and haven’t been bit by the “creative bug” just Google the term: Free Printable and you’ll get plenty of DIY options.

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“We got a lot of art for wedding presents and those were my favorite gifts. The No. 1 was from my friend Mauricio, who commissioned a pink neon heart for us. He knew that I LOVED pink neon and wanted my wedding to feel like Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, so he sent it to the venue. It’s given every place we’ve lived a warm red-light-district glow. Urban does a very similar one!” — Tasha Green Spice, stylist, married October 2012
Hand-glazed, heirloom-quality nesting bowls to dress up dinners. Each has a lid that doubles as a trivet. The covered ceramic bowls can also be used to easily transport dishes to potlucks or dinner parties and keep leftovers fresh. Bonus: The bowls can be stacked for convenient storage in small kitchens.
This soft linen find, in a classic blue and white stripe, will be a favorite for eternity. Beyond the pool or bath, it works as a beach blanket or soft throw. It comes with a matching drawstring tote so it’s easy to take on beach trips or summer vacations. When it gets dirty, just toss it in the washer and dryer.
Give the wedding gift they’ll always remember by making it personalized. Our collection has elegant, whimsical, and joyful gifts for engagements, weddings, showers, and bridal parties. Personalized coasters, picture frames, wall art, cake cutters, champagne flutes, and tree ornaments all celebrate and commemorate the happy day and couple.

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