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Since we’re approaching anniversary number nine (how is that?), I thought it would be super fun to round up a bunch of my favorite ideas for each year of the first ten years of marriage, to put a modern spin on the traditional anniversary gifts, year by year:
Whether you are in the first days of marriage or have already experienced a rich life together, it is important to celebrate milestones. Each year is linked with a gift idea. Below we will provide examples for anniversary gifts by year and briefly explain why each object represents the passage of varying amounts of time.
A quality, convenient travel kit for shaving is the best gift idea for your husband who might be on the go frequently for work. This one includes a razor, blades, shave cream and post-shave balm, and the bag itself is great for carrying the rest of his toiletries too.
I’ve been looking for ideas and this is extremely helpful. 🙂 I ended up with some cute little shoe stickers that say “SoulMates”… but the engraved watch is an absolute must have. He will cry… in a good way!
It’s always a good time for treats, but weddings call for a very special brand of them, like panettone from America’s resident panettone master or, the obvious: 100 oysters. (Imagine your friend’s face when they get this gift and try not to immediately rush out and order them.)
Brides are tough to shop for, and especially when they’re about to get everything they want (ahem, the spouse of their dreams and all the goodies on their registries.) It’s easy to feel stuck when planning a present for one, but fear not—we’re here to help. Is the bride you’re buying for obsessed with accessorizing, or is skincare more of her thing? Does she love sweating it out in fitness classes, or would she rather sit at home and cozy up on the couch? Is she tying the knot soon, or is she about to go on her honeymoon? We know that there are tons of possibilities, which is why we’ve addressed them all.
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18. Surprise him with lunch at his job.  Sync up your lunch time with your hubby’s and make him (or pick up) his favorite lunch and take it to his office.  If you’re not able to stay to enjoy it with him, leave it with a sweet note that makes him smile from ear to ear.
Engraving your groom’s wedding band is such a meaningful idea. Make sure any message you write is short, as there isn’t much room on the inside of a ring. Add your initials, wedding date, or even an inside joke that will make him laugh — I added all three to my husband’s ring!
14. Plan a surprise getaway.  There’s no need to break the bank.  Sign up for local deals from sites like Living Social or Groupon and enter “travel” as something of interest to you.  Every time there is a travel deal, you’ll get an email.  You may have to delete 100 of those emails before the right one comes but give it time and you’ll find a deal you can’t refuse.
Buying something that reflects his hobbies is always a good idea – if he’s mad about football, why not buy him a season ticket to watch his favourite team play? If he loves a certain band, buy him tickets to see their live concert. It may seem obvious, but these touches will show your husband-to-be just what you mean to him.
Slip in a bottle of champagne and some OJ (if you’re feeling fancy), and get a proper brunch-style breakfast into the guys. Your wedding day is all about being stylish and confident — a fancy breakfast will put you in the right mood for the entire day!
Whether they moved into a new home or not, they’re going to need a new doormat complete with their new monogram. It’s the perfect way to welcome guests (and keep the inside of the house clean). The classic, traditional design will add some sophistication to any porch. To clean, just give it a shake every now and then.
5. Hidden stitches. Sew something thoughtful on the inside of her dress (anywhere it won’t show). Could be a heart, your wedding date, her new initials, or even a love note. Use blue thread and you’ve also given your bride her ‘something blue!’
3. King for a day.  Spend an entire day anticipating his wants.  This will blow his mind!  What is his favorite breakfast?  What would he love to see when he comes home?  If he wrote down his perfect day for you, what would be on that list?  Think about that and then do as many things on that list as possible.
Supersizing? So last year. Rosenthal’s Studio Line vases, known for their quirky, playful shapes, now come in diminutive dimensions (three to four inches high). Displayed alone or in clusters, these petite porcelain vessels marry eccentricity and elegance, and their small size makes a disproportionately big impact.
This uber-cool camera has a sleek vintage style. Your new hubby can test it out on your honeymoon and then use it to capture the details of married life! Bonus: Get him a nice leather strap or camera case to make this gift even better.
After reading this article, ive just jumped onto ebay and bought him our song on vinyl! I will have it framed so it can be hung on our bedroom wall…he will love it and a cheaper and more romantic idea than the watch I was going to buy him that he would only wear for special occasions (not a watch wearer normally).
For those who want to go the romantic route, a journal filled with love notes and letters is the ultimate wedding day gift. There’s nothing better than being reminded of all the wonderful reasons why you’re getting married in the first place, especially if he happens to be jittery with nerves the morning of. This could be a collection of letters you’ve written over a period of time, or just notes and lists of all the reasons why you love him. This is the type of heartfelt and personal gift that is absolutely priceless.
Our sons stayed with their friends for the weekend and we headed off for a bed & breakfast in the mountains! My husband gave me a very beautiful pair of silver earrings while we were drinking some wine under the stars with candlelight. What can I say? It was a perfect anniversary.
After months and months of planning and running around, the bride will be in need of a good pampering. What better way to spoil your bestie bride than with a luxurious 75-minute full-body massage at a high-end spa? She will definitely thank you for this wedding gift!
You’re getting married. There will be comments (jokes, hopefully) about your soon-to-evaporate social life, how soon you’re expecting children, how you tricked your spouse to-be into matrimony and so on. There are a great many items to consider before wedded life begins — not chief among them (that would be your spouse), but still tremendously important, is the wedding registry.
Cook’s Illustrated called the Teak end-grain cutting board “the last cutting board you’ll ever need.” We’re calling it a damn good-looking kitchen essential that doubles as a rustic charcuterie platter.
Bean Boots have been around for decades, thanks to their impressive durability. He’ll love these if he has to walk to work—they expertly protect from rain and snow. Try this version for extra comfort.
Natalie Schack is an Oahu-based brunch enthusiast, full-time glutton, and freelance writer on the side, who’s constantly pumping out pages on topics ranging from all the pretty things, to some of the not-so-pretty ones. If she’s not in bed daydreaming about birthday party themes or biking through Honolulu with her untamable, impossibly lovable, rascal of a husband, you’ll find her locked in a heated debate about this or that science fiction film, hiking *all* the mountains, or drooling over a new, sexy slice of design that found its way over to her cozy corner of the Internet.”

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Traditionally, a wedding registry is a collection of one to a small handful of stores where the engaged couple has registered. Larger retailers may offer discounts, dedicated registry customer service or benefits for registering there. The couple then makes a list of wants and needs from the stores and distributes that to the attendees. Upon visiting those stores (online or in-person), the attendees should be able to alert the store that their purchase is for the couple’s registry and both receive whatever discount they may be entitled to and be alerted if the item they’re buying has already been bought by another guest.
We’ve all run into an imaginative rut when thinking of gifts for our loved ones. There’s even more pressure when you’re shopping for your groom, especially if it’s for a present he’ll open on the day that you’re getting married. If you decide to honor the tradition of surprising him with a groom’s gift on your wedding day, it should be a bit more special than your average birthday goodie. But don’t stress! We’re here to make your hunt for the perfect present as easy as possible.
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3. For those of us who are still learning to cook The Newlywed Cookbook ($34.99). Or if you’ve got the cooking thing on lock, fancy hardcover versions of your favorite books anyone? Or maybe fancy cocktails?
7. A new “little black book.” Want to make him blush? Have a boudoir photo shoot and compile the prints in a black book. I bet he won’t regret throwing the old one away! 8. Cozy socks. Help him out with his “cold feet”—see what I did there? Buy a few funky pairs and give them to the groomsmen! You’ll love the photos.
Treat your friends to a custom piece of playful artwork featuring their names embroidered in a tree. What a perfect, personal way to signify their everlasting love. Remember to have it shipped with enough time to have it professionally framed. You’ll want to present it to them framed and ready to hang. This also makes a good bridal shower gift idea.  Etsy, $32.
Leave it to an aerospace engineer to make an ice cream scoop that’s actually helpful. Crafted with aerospace-grade aluminum, the Midnight Scoop acts more like a shovel than a spoon, granting you less time scooping and more time binging.
On a day focused primarily on the bride, it’s important to make your groom feel equally as special. After all, it’s his big day too! Many brides are starting to embrace the idea of wedding day gifts for their grooms, whether it’s a small surprise or an extravagant gift. Of course, you can purchase bridal lingerie or something that acts as a gift for both of you, but giving him something that’s just for him will make him feel really special. He’ll love your thoughtfulness and the excitement of receiving a present on this special day. Try one of these 8 incredible wedding day gift ideas for your groom.
No, all that glitters isn’t gold, but sometimes it sure looks like it. Case in point: This shimmery oval tray is made of aluminum, but its soft rose-gold shade makes everything it holds—from fruit to keys and business cards—look elevated. This handcrafted and hand-polished décor piece will be a staple in any new couple’s home.
And if it’s your big day, visit us for all your good groomsmen gifts as well as your bridesmaids’ needs. Whether it’s a copper mule mug, pocket knife or funny happy camper t-shirts, you won’t find a wider, more exclusive selection of unique wedding gifts than what we have to offer.
This retro-chic bar cart (think Studio 54 circa 1977) is a portable thirst-quencher and a statement piece all in one. Adding a little glitz and glam to even unexceptional abodes, this shiny chrome cart on wheels, complete with interchangeable mirror and tempered glass shelves, brings new meaning to the term “on a roll.”
Are you searching for anniversary ideas? Look no further, because our selection of anniversary gifts is unmatched. Whether you’re celebrating a 25-year wedding anniversary or searching for the perfect present for a one-year anniversary, you’ll find an ideal item for that special someone at
Whether you’re serving a big batch of pasta or a seafood boil, this eight-quart stainless steel pot—complete with a perforated insert for easy draining—will more than take the heat. (It can be used for canning fruits and vegetables, too.) Add the couple’s new monogram for an extra special touch.
One of the coolest wedding surprises for your new husband would be to plan something really nice for him. Planning your honeymoon as a complete surprise is of course the first thing that comes up in your mind, right?
Well, you’ll have all the attention, the beautiful dress and the perfect hair. Most likely, you will choose how everything will look like, as well. Give something in return – prepare a couple of cool wedding surprises for your new husband. I’m giving you my top 5. can help you handle every facet of the wedding, from start to finish. Peruse our wonderful selection of engagement present ideas to congratulate the happy couple after the initial announcement. Help with the planning procedure of the big day and offer personalized wedding prints that will serve as wonderful mementos for years to come and as the perfect décor in their new home.
Maybe your husband’s a certified boxing “pro,” or he’s just looking to pick up a new hobby. Either way, a cool pair of boxing gloves are the perfect gift for a guy interested in testing out his skills in the ring.
This exact set of double old fashioned glasses are only available from third-party sellers on Amazon, but there are other sizes of this style from Bormioli Rocco — including these cooler glasses and these tasting glasses.
“It’s a risky gift because you can’t return it but is something that really makes the house nice and we’ll keep forever,” says one bride. Says another: “A friend framed a sketch from a well-known Southern artist, titled ‘June,’ the month we were married.” You can also buy a less expensive print from Etsy and have it framed.
Help them put down roots (of fittonia, arrowhead, and philodendron) with this mix of six mini plants delivered to their door. It makes for a fun weekend project: just pop them out and plant them in a trendy terrarium. Don’t worry, no green thumb needed—terrariums are low-maintenance.
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“I seriously love this thing because it reminds me of when I spent time in Japan, since I used my rice cooker daily while living there. It plays a cute little jingle when it starts and ends, and it makes perfect rice every time. It also has settings for different kinds of rice (white, brown, sushi), which is convenient.” — Laura Snizek Ramirez, physician assistant, married June 2014