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“The most cherished gift that I received at my bridal shower was a beautiful pair of toasting flutes from my aunt. I hadn’t thought to register for these on my Zola — bonus points for a surprise off-the-registry gift! — but my husband and I ended up using them on our wedding day, and also pulled them out to celebrate our one-month anniversary and our one-year anniversary.” — Jess Kelly, health-care director, married October 2015
10th Tin, 25th Silver, 40th Ruby & 50th Gold. Mr Right & Mrs Always Right. More Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas. Quality Gift Boxed Mug set. Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas. Gift Box Size approx. 10″ w …
Honeymoons are only the beginning of a life of destination-hopping (hopefully), so they’ll definitely need a set of swank luggage + all the travel tips. Here are our best wedding gift ideas for the traveler (or aspiring globetrotter) in your life.
I love the ‘Open Later’ letter ideas. I actually ordered cufflinks for a holiday gift so he can plan to wear them on our wedding day. One less thing he needs to coordinate and I know he would want something special.
If he has an automatic watch (the kind that is wound my the wrists natural movements) that he doesn’t wear every day, a watch winder is key. This gadget will keep his timepiece wound and ready to go for whenever he needs it. Plus, it’s stylish.
“Generally, my favorite gifts were actually just things that people picked off my registry. I took a lot of time to pick them out, so they were definitely things I needed and wanted. I’ve been to weddings where it’s clear that the person registered for random crap or just signed up for a generic registry, or worse … had their mom pick out stuff for their registry. I love these glasses. They’re so cool-looking and super durable.” — Michelle Rego, attorney, married January 2015
You’re getting married. There will be comments (jokes, hopefully) about your soon-to-evaporate social life, how soon you’re expecting children, how you tricked your spouse to-be into matrimony and so on. There are a great many items to consider before wedded life begins — not chief among them (that would be your spouse), but still tremendously important, is the wedding registry.
12. Video messages from loved ones. I absolutely love this DIY gift! Come up with the list of people who mean the world to your fiancé and think of a few questions you can ask each of them: -Why do you love (insert fiancé)? -What’s the key to a happy marriage? -What’s the greatest memory you have with (insert fiancé)? Send these questions to everyone on your list and ask them to record their answers. They can just use their phones. Once you’ve received all the videos, use a simple movie editor to create a compilation. Set up a special wedding day viewing—before your fiancé starts getting ready (they’ll probably cry, after all). 13. A DIY scrapbook. Create a scrapbook filled with memories. Notes, photos, movie stubs, plane tickets, and anything else that tells your love story.
8. Turn your husband gratitude list into a keepsake.  You’ve written down all the things you love about your hubby, right?  Great!  Now, take that list and turn it into a beautiful gift for him.  If you’re like me and haven’t been bit by the “creative bug” just Google the term: Free Printable and you’ll get plenty of DIY options.
*This is a post that contains affiliate links through Etsy. While we can receive commission through affiliate links, opinions are entirely our own.* Whether you want to be funny or romantic, spend a lot or a little, buy or DIY, there is something for everyone.
“We received a selection of these acrylic frames in different sizes, and they just make life easier. The clear, sleek lines make all your photos look cooler, from goofy Polaroids and vintage Kodak prints to splashy wedding pics. Since the edges are borderless, images don’t have to be sized perfectly, yet still look chic — almost like they’re floating — and strong, foolproof magnets make for easy photo switch-outs. We have them all over our apartment, and no matter how many times we overhaul our décor or furniture over the years, they always fit in.” — Rachel Rosenblit, writer, married March 2014
Are you searching for anniversary ideas? Look no further, because our selection of anniversary gifts is unmatched. Whether you’re celebrating a 25-year wedding anniversary or searching for the perfect present for a one-year anniversary, you’ll find an ideal item for that special someone at
These hand-sewn, nautical-feel canvas pop-up desk trays unsnap to store flat when not in use, making them ideal for a new couple’s first (read: small) apartment. But since they are hand-made to order in Vermont and take up to two weeks to make, they’re not last-minute gifts. Available in three sizes.
Whether she travels for work or pleasure, she needs a trustworthy suitcase—and this is it. Raden is essentially the iPhone of luggage, meaning it does everything for you: It connects to bluetooth so you can track it down if it goes missing, it doubles as a phone charger, and the carry handle acts as a scale so you’ll never have an overweight bag. Plus, the pastel color is pretty sweet, too.
Feeling extra generous? This wooden mid-century bar cart with antique brass finish details is on the pricier side, but is a unique wedding gift idea that will certainly leave a memorable impression.  
This uber-cool camera has a sleek vintage style. Your new hubby can test it out on your honeymoon and then use it to capture the details of married life! Bonus: Get him a nice leather strap or camera case to make this gift even better.
This popular Alessi kettle is a classic, and any couple would be happy to show it off on their stovetop or afternoon tea. You could also opt to include the super cute matching creamer and sugar bowl to make the perfect cup of tea. Alessi, $180.
It’s always great to have an anniversary card as the starting point but from here it’s totally up to you. We’ve carefully curated a selection of gifts that your partner is sure to love. Maybe you want to pop the cork on a bottle of personalised champagne or just surprise them with a gorgeous piece of jewellery, we’ve got you covered.
A good cake dome is one of those entertaining items that most people just don’t up and buy for themselves. It’s also one of those pieces that once you do have it, you can’t imagine how you ever got through birthdays and holidays without it.
Engraving your groom’s wedding band is such a meaningful idea. Make sure any message you write is short, as there isn’t much room on the inside of a ring. Add your initials, wedding date, or even an inside joke that will make him laugh — I added all three to my husband’s ring!
“We received a gift for both of us that we never expected, but it was actually amazing. It’s a wearable sleeping bag! We are huge camping fans, and one of our friends decided that this was super cool — he was completely right. We have done a couple of camping trips, and I don’t even take the thing off. We even use them around the house. The coolest gift we received by far.” — Cristobal Velasco, designer, married March 2017
You thought you were done, didn’t you? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you have one more present to buy. Not only do you need to promise to love them for better or worse, but you’re getting them a wedding day gift. I know what you’re thinking…Do I have to spend a lot of money? Of course not! You just need to put a little thought and love into the bride and groom gift exchange. To help you pick out the perfect present, I’ve come up with 23 ideas.
“We got a lot of art for wedding presents and those were my favorite gifts. The No. 1 was from my friend Mauricio, who commissioned a pink neon heart for us. He knew that I LOVED pink neon and wanted my wedding to feel like Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, so he sent it to the venue. It’s given every place we’ve lived a warm red-light-district glow. Urban does a very similar one!” — Tasha Green Spice, stylist, married October 2012
Alright, there you have it. I know there are many more wedding morning gifts that we could include, but I will have to stop here. Would love to hear back from you, let me know in the comment section what you plan on buying for your groom!
A hip flask is another traditional groom’s gift – we particularly like this modern version from David-Louise Designs. You can also engrave it with your groom’s name and a personal message –  wrap it with a bottle of your man’s favourite spirit for a gift he’ll cherish.
​Ideas for wedding gifts from the heart are hard to come by, but look no further! Pay tribute to the moment the bride and groom’s paths first crossed with an individualized art print made just for them.
Find unique bride gift ideas among our selection of personalized wedding presents. How about a custom wedding hanger for her precious gown, or a keepsake box for mementos of the occasion? Stylish wall art displays true love with personalized tree etchings and writings in the sand. Check out all the personalized bridal shower gifts to find the perfect present for her.
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Did you scroll all this way to get facts about wedding gift husband? Well you’re in luck, because here they come. There are 43229 wedding gift husband for sale on Etsy, and they cost $42.81 on average. The most common wedding gift husband material is metal. The most popular color? You guessed it: black.
“Although my fiancé would have rather registered at Guitar Center, we really needed to upgrade our kitchen and household items. The one thing that I was most looking forward to is a new vacuum! I’ve only had one real vacuum and it is now over 7 years old, sounds like a jet engine, and isn’t working so well. We went with the Dyson Ball vacuum so that we can easily clean up without lugging our dated and heavy vacuum around our new house.” — Jenna Caswell, PR account executive, marrying August 2017
Maybe your husband’s a certified boxing “pro,” or he’s just looking to pick up a new hobby. Either way, a cool pair of boxing gloves are the perfect gift for a guy interested in testing out his skills in the ring.
Personalised Anniversary Heart Print. Personalise your own word art / typography heart. Our designs include 1st Paper, 5th Wood, 10th Tin, 20th China, 25th Silver, 30th Pearl, 35th Coral, 40th Ruby, 4…
Wedding gifts truly span much more than what the bride and groom give each other. If it’s your wedding, don’t just think about registering with for your wedding presents, there’s the entire wedding party that need to come up with wedding gift ideas as well. If you’re attending the special occasion and need to find the perfect wedding gift for the happy couple, we’ve got the best wedding gifts you could imagine.
6. Exchange an obligation for a date.  I love this one!  Ask him to do a mundane task like picking up milk from the store.  Then surprise him at the store with tickets to a movie he’s been wanting to see (or tickets to anything) and whisk him away for a special date night he never saw coming.
Our one year anniversary gift ideas make ringing in your first wedding anniversary simple and fun. Choose from gorgeous wall clocks, vibrant red roses, home décor, and more to track down the perfect gift for your sweetheart. You’ll find an ideal gift for even the hardest of people to shop for. Peruse our 5 year anniversary gift ideas for her and select from delicious chocolate dipped treats, bountiful bouquets, and wall art with meaning.
A pour-over kettle used by professional coffee brewers (it’s a thing) and for the most precisely-heated tea you can conjure up in a home kitchen. It doesn’t hurt that it looks better than any other kettle on the market.
The hearts will be made from a single piece of solid Oak, mahogany beech or ash and finished using lemon oil. If you have chosen the “Other anniversary year” option: the number of the year you would l…
“One of the best gifts we received was a Phillips Micro Juicer. It’s smaller than most of the huge masticating juicers out there so we can keep it on our counter, but it’s still powerful and quick. My husband made me an apple, pear, and mint juice yesterday and it was tasty as hell.” — Emily Mlot, certified registered nurse anesthetist, married May 2017
23. # of days you’ve loved them. It’s small, but sweet. Whether you include this in your letter, art, or whatever wedding day gift you decide to give them, letting them know how many days you’ve loved them will bring a tear to their eye.
Welcome to If you prefer a simplified shopping experience, try the mobile web version of Amazon at The mobile web version is similar to the mobile app. Stay on for access to all the features of the main Amazon website.
Finally, your officiant or clergy member is not to be forgotten. While technically optional, it’s a recommended gesture for the groom to offer a tip in the 10% to 20% range of their fee, which typically averages between $150 and $200.
The origins of the current gift conventions date to 1937. Before that, only the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 50th, and 75th anniversaries had an associated gift. In 1937, the American National Retail Jeweler Association (now known as Jewelers of America as a result of an organizational merger) introduced an expanded list of gifts. The revamped list gave a gift for each year up to the 25th, and then for every fifth anniversary after that.[9]
Made In blends the low prices of a direct-to-consumer model with the reliability of a company that’s been run for decades. Its stainless steel cookware starter kit is made from premium, five-ply steel that’s fast to heat, and both oven- and dishwasher-safe.
13. Take your hubby on a passport adventure.  This one, we usually do with friends, but you can tailor it to just you and your hubby.  Create passports.  Choose the countries you will visit.  Most of all, have fun! 

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This one’s bound to get a few chuckles from his fellow groomsmen if he opens it in front of them. ‘Cause lets face it, as a married hetero male, you don’t hear other guys asking too often, “Wow, nice manicure set! I’m gonna have to come over and borrow it some time.”
​Help a special couple commemorate their wedding day with a beautiful personalized keepsake. This paper-cut art piece will warm the hearts of the newlyweds and is a unique wedding gift idea with a price tag that’s below $100.  

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