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The Arccos Golf Tracking System is one of the few fusions of golf and technology that can give genuine insights for your game. It’s a set of 14 light and tiny sensors that twist individually into the top of your clubs. You link each one to your iPhone (or Apple Watch) over Bluetooth 4.0 — Arccos says a official Android release isn’t far away — make sure that phone’s GPS is on, then play your round.
Looking for a Father’s Day gift for a dad who consistently goes above and beyond? That’s no easy task. Luckily, our editors have done the leg work for you, scouring the Internet to deliver some of the most unique gifts that are just a click away. Here, you’ll find gift ideas for every kind of dad, at every price point. The perfect card? That one’s on you.
While a drop of water brings out the flavors of whisky, no one wants a diluted drink. Whisky stones solve that conundrum. He can keep these stones in the freezer and when he’s craving a nightcap, all he has to do is drop them into his drink and they will chill the whisky, sans dilution. When finished, rinse them off (no soap, please!) and pop them back in the freezer.
Since every Father is unique in his nature, we want to make sure that we have Father’s Day unique and creative gifts for all Dads out there. For your emotional Father, we have the perfect photo frames and coffee mugs to choose from. If your Dad loves to travel, gift him a personalized diary and planner to make his travels organized. For your superhero Dad, gift him a personalized cushion to tell him how much he means to you.
Police officers are often thought of having one of the most difficult jobs. This .999 fine Silver round honors those who choose to enter this dangerous field with a simple, elegant design anyone would appreciate. Read More
This father’s day wish your dad in a thoughtful manner. Make his day wonderful by planning short surprises with Fathers Day gifts Online. Tell him how much he means to you and thank him for all that he has done for you. Gifts are a great way to express your undying love for your hero, whom you love to call Dad.
When is the last time he received something in the mail that wasn’t a stack of bills? Cue Bespoke Post, a subscription service that curates monthly boxes for the modern gentleman, with each one stuffed to the brim with small-batch luxury products. Each box has a specific theme, ranging from cocktail curation to grilling essentials to top-quality grooming products.
Looking for a great Father’s Day gift basket for a special dad? Find Father’s Day gift basket ideas filled with all of his favorite things and make this Father’s Day celebration one to remember. If you’re in the market for Father’s Day baskets with food gifts for dad, grandpa, brothers and more, look no further: these gift baskets can be delivered just in time for Father’s Day.
For the fry-up loving dad, this kit comes with all you need to get curing (except the pork, you’ll have to head to the butcher for that). Having made plenty of bacon at home, I cannot promise the uniform, smooth pinkness of shop-bought stuff. But for rustic charm and pride in curing your own bacon, it does the trick. 
The great thing about gift sets for dads, who are notorious for “not wanting anything,” is that an assortment of little bits and bobs means chances are that he’ll find at least one of them useful. Here, we’ve rounded up the best gift sets for a whole range of fussy dads for Father’s Day, whether they’re wine lovers, golf dads, Wall Street guys, or partial to a white sneaker.
Even worse than gag clothing gifts for dads are some of the clothes that givers actually expect dad to wear—and that cause him extraordinary discomfort as a result. Sure, traditional dad fashion may be embarrassing (black socks and sandals anyone?), but it’s even more embarrassing to see a blissfully uncool, out-of-it dad try to pull off donning the latest trends, be it skinny jeans, floral prints, or whatever else someone deems as “hip” at the moment. Or rather, to see a dad being forced to wear such clothing because one of his children decides it’s in his best interest.
A “smart” notebook that lets him digitize his hand-scrawled notes electronically via email or Google Docs. Once he’s gone through the whole thing, he can microwave it to reset it and start all over again (up to five times).
What to Get Instead: Some piece of technology that’s actually useful, and that dad actually wants. Dads aren’t tech idiots. They just like what they like, and they’re skeptical (for good reason) about the value of any hot new “must have.” Father’s Day, which should be a day of relaxation and enjoyment, isn’t the day to prod dad into embracing something unfamiliar. That’s sorta like giving a high school student homework on the day he graduates. It’s cruel.
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For the Dad who has a gadget for just about everything, there’s a new way to make his exercise routine high tech, too. This LED rope not only counts jumps, but it also syncs with an app to give calorie readings. Available in a variety of colors and sizes.
You can buy creative gifts for dad online such as a relaxing foot hammock or an anti-snoring strap. If your father loves to keep his things organized, you can gift him various organizers and mini-drawers available at bigsmall.in. A wooden key hanger, a multi-function clip holder or a magnetic car holder could be great gifts for fathers who always want to see their things arranged in an orderly fashion.
If you’d like to celebrate your husband and thank him for all he does for your family, browse Father’s Day gifts from wives to find something he’ll adore. He provides you and your little ones with love, support, and care all year long, and Father’s Day is the perfect day to show your gratitude. Whether you opt for custom Father’s Day picture frames with a sentimental touch or personalized husband gifts like an engraved football, he’s sure to love our tailor-made gift ideas.
If your husband has recently been a dad, make him happy about his fatherhood by looking out for some creative gift ideas at bigsmall.in. Gift him a dumbbell water bottle which promises a thirst-quenching workout or an uncanny fruit infuser bottle. You can also buy unique presents such as the walking man wall clock or a wooden live love laugh frame.
If your father considers himself a grillmaster, this meat thermometer will modernize his grilling game. When this hi-tech thermometer is attached to the grill, Dad can remotely monitor up to four meat probes (two probes are included in the set) via a free app. An alert will buzz when the target temp is reached, so the chef won’t have to miss the party as he’s busy manning the grill.
It is impossible to ignore the importance of a father. Dads are superheroes who play an influential role in the life of their children. They are the ones who inspire our dreams, motivate us and support us through thick and thin. 
If you’re drawing a blank on what to buy the father figure in you life for June 19, we found 22 presents to help inspire you. They run the gamut, from premium earbuds to leather wallets, from old-school turntables to fly fishing kits. Scroll down and see if anything catches your eye.
Say it with cookies® – This Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th and this is the year to grab the perfect gift for the best dad! Our Father’s Day gifts feature “King of the Grill”, “Tee-rific Dad”, and many more Father’s Day gift ideas. Be unique this year while still taking time to be creative and design a cool and personalized Father’s Day arrangement that is fun and meaningful to the father figure in your life!

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